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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XVII

Shri Yamuna & Parikrama Marg of Vrindavan
Manohar Baba could sight Yamuna ji and the parikrama marg of Vrindavan from the terrace of his hut. Everyday without fail, Baba would come for some time to the Gopal Mandir to pay his respects to Shri Maharaj ji. After sitting quietly for a while, he would go back. Regarding Baba, highly revered Shri Maharaj ji would tell the members of his parikar (circle of devotees), “He should not have left but rather endured everything by staying right here.”

Did Maharaj ji want to teach Baba, his close associate, how to deal with honour and dishonour with the same dignity? Baba used to say that this was a crucial time for him when he was tested by fire (agni pariksha) or assayed by his guru or spiritual preceptor (guru pariksha).

The food-prasad (remnants of food offered to an idol) was certainly sent from Gopal Mandir to Baba's hut by saint Albeli Sharan ji and members of the parikar. Once it so happened that highly revered Shri Maharaj ji went and hid somewhere in Vrindavan. Baba tossed about miserably at the unbearable anguish of being separated from him.

Shri Vrindavan

Baba complained to one Shri Soni ji (Rasik Bhushan ji) who was extremely dear to Shri Maharaj ji, “How come you people can not find the whereabouts of Bal Krishna Das ji Maharaj in Vrindavan itself.” On this remark,Shri Soni ji found Maharaj ji staying in Shri Sitaram ji's hut posited in Fogla Ashram. When Baba came to know of this development he instantly went to Maharaj ji.

Shri Bal Krishan Das ji Maharaj

But as soon as Maharaj ji saw him, he vent his anger upon him. Baba listened to the violent outburst silently. When he calmed down, Baba coaxed him, “You have hidden here just because of me and are bearing such hardships. Kindly get up now and come to your abode.” It is really astonishing that Shri Maharaj ji who was fuming with rage just two minutes back, got up obediently like a child on Baba's suggestion and went along with him. Initially he went to Baba's kutiya and then proceeded to Gopal Mandir.

Shri Krishna

The conduct and actions of saints and great men who have attained the Divine, is absolutely different from ordinary people. This is precisely what the inconceivable actions of Shri Maharaj ji were like.

Shri Manohar Baba Pained on Being Separated from Maharaj ji

The days and nights of Manohar Baba were passing like ages because he was living separately from Bal Krishan Das ji Maharaj. Invariably, he would weep hysterically when he was all by himself.

One fine day Devi ji came to his hut to meet Baba. Astounded he asked her , “Why have you come here? ” Revered Devi ji replied, soon after, “ Yesterday Shri Maharaj ji had asked why I didn't go to your kutiya to meet you? When I answered that he was the one who had stopped all of us from going to you, he confirmed that there was no ban on my visiting you.” Another such day, higly revered Maharaj ji had sent Devi ji's father to meet Manohar Baba at his kutiya. But how can the parched throat of a thirsty person be quenched by a drop of water? (page 367 of 'Smriti Kaumudi,'the memoirs of Manohar Baba)

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