Friday, April 9, 2010

Chapter 31: Ushaji's Ardent Longing to Have Darshan of Shri Giriraj,Ethereal Experiences, Harmony Between a Sacred Site and Lord Krishna's Divine Play

Proclaiming that I am Giriraj, Shri Krishna honoured Govardhan Hill and made it worthy of worship. Shri Giriraj is a living presence of Krishna and simultaneously a character of his lila.Krishna arranges for the intimate romantic dalliances with his beloved Shri Radha and sakhis in the caverns and bowers of this mountain alongwith grazing cows,dalliances of daan(extolling tribute), maan (pride), and wrangling.Saints sight these lilas and like the kalpavriksha it fulfils all the cherished wishes of its devotees.

Relishing the amorous frolics of Radha-Krishna, revered Bobo was residing in the idyllic environs of Vrindavan. These days she wished to have darshan of Shri Giriraj.She ventured there accompanied by Shri Rama Devi, Sushilaji, Darshan, Uma, Urmila, Tripta, Kapoor, Sumitra, Saroj,Vimla Kapoor, Kaki,Narang, Pushpa and others.

Joyous on circumambulating Giriraj, roaming in the sites there, adulating the enchanting trees and creepers, and listening to the vast repertoire of the ashtachap kavis, Bobo was absorbed.

Bobo was ecstatic on recollecting the playful dalliances of Shri Nathji amidst these dark-fair hued boulders.Often she was lost while sighting the fluttering flag of Shri Nathji's Temple at a distance.

At times she was enchanted by Govind Kund on the parikrama path. At Jatipura was the residence of Shri Chaturbhuj Dasji on on side of the parikrama and a horde of sakhis sitting along with Bobo were hearing padas amidst a cluster of trees. While listening her condition rose above the mundane. At one end Bobo kept listening to the verses sitting right there and alongside was engrossed in adulating a lila.

"A peacock in search of food was heading towards that enchanting site. Everyone could see the peacock but Bobo could hear the sound of tinkling anklets by the fortunate peacock's side.Instantly wearing a sky blue lehenga (having broad zardosi work)and a dupatta covering her head with both ends tucked in front of her kanchuki,Priyaji was coming along.

Shri Radha with seeds held in her fair-coloured hand was strutting in front of that lucky peacock; positing the seeds on one boulder after another.Several times the peacock lagged behind and Kishoriji waited for him.

Fluttering its beautiful feathers, enchantingly the peacock would hastily go close to Priyaji and circling around her, peck at the grains again. At times Priyai caressed him with her affectionately loving touch.

Leaning against an evergreen tree, Priyaji lifted her hands and held the peacock. The intoxicating grandeur of that moment...Standing in a charming fashion Priyaji looked stunning..That tree is actually present there.

The handsome god saw this captivaing scene and tiptoing from behind caught both of Radha's lotus hands, and stood adjacent to her on the the right side. Initially startled, Radha was thrilled on identifying the touch.The sweet smile of Priyaji, flushed cheeks, pearly teeth peeping between slightly parted lips... the supreme lover played with the zone of bells around her waist with his left arm... with infinite showers or rasa.

After a while Priyatam joined his right lotus hand with Radha's left and both began feeding seeds to the peacock. Bobo was engrossed in seeing the grandeur of blue-hued and fair-hued lotuses.

In another episode Sushila Bahenji, Bahen Darshan, Uma, Uthma and Vijay were sitting in the dense bowers of Shri Giriraj and narrating the legends of Krishna. Suddenly Bobo asked Darshan Bahen to sing a pada and Bobo saw in front,

"Dressed charmingly with a turban tied around his head, the supreme lover with his lakuti ( a small club especially that held by Krishna) propped on a boulder, stood smiling. When she sang that he should not abandon conventional norms and resort to spirited antics he thumped his right foot on the boulder and teased," I will for certain!" Hearing this retort, Bobo smiled and when asked about the matter she narrated the incident.

Revered Bobo never considered nitya lila (eternal or daily) and prakat lila (visible) as separate.She opined that the eternal Vrindavan where the god forever dwells manifests in the earthly streams and fields of Vrindavan where we have seen Krishna and the gopis play. According to Vaishnava doctrine the material world is a manifestation of brahman and as such is true and not illusory or maya. Wordly form being in essence of the same nature of the Lord, is not viewed as different from him but as expressional variations of form.

Thus this whole land with its sites, idyllic character, forest birds, herds of deer is ultimately only a symbol displaying Krishna's presence and power. Prakriti the power of the earth, and purusha, the power of heaven are the same but appear as two distinctive identities due to limitations of our worldly vision. There is a difference only in word...They have two bodies but the soul is identical...Krishna created her for the sake of joy. Vrindavan has the constant competence to conceive ordinary life here as parallel with the other, cosmic life of Krishna.

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