Thursday, September 19, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fifty-first Shloka

sarasatara-sarasiruha-sadrisha-drishi deve  |
mada-mudita-vadana-shashi-madhurimani liye  ||51||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Triumphs Over the Gopis

My mind is absorbed in the Lord, whose eyes are endowed with the luscious beauty of lotuses gently blooming under the rays of a youthful sun, the One whose face is exhilirated with delight at having triumphed over the milkmaids in lovers' quarrels, and whose moonlike face is full of charming sweetness.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna's Lotus Eyes Bloom on Seeing the Gopis' Flushed Faces

By  'ahimakara' Bilamangal ji means the countenance of charming gopis. The lovable eyes of Krishna have been called lotuses. A lotus does not blossom by the moon so it was not appropriate to compare their faces to the moon. If he had referred to them as the sun or used a synonymous word it would indicate the intense heat of the sun. The faces of gopis are certainly heated at this point of time, the heat of their inflamed aroused hearts, and the heat of their kindled desires which bestow coolness, is marked on their faces. That is why their countenances are flushed. The Supreme Lover Krishna's lotus eyes begin blooming with the  rasa cascading from  the mild sun's rays of the gopis' sweet faces, blushing with tender feelings. Therefore, being the confluence site of heat and coolness Shri Bilavmangal ji has called the faces of gopis 'ahmikara.'

Dark-hued Krishna Dallies with a Gopi

This interpersonal romantic exchange is from both sides, and arouses the longing for a romantic dalliance, which soon turns into a squabble. Its unrestrained outcome is the tender triumph of Krishna over the gopis because of this love play.

Shri Radha-Krishna

Even Shri Radha is helpless and has to say in front of a sakhi, “What can I say sakhi! After all he is a purusha or the power of heaven and I am  , the power of earth.' All men and women in the world are spiritually women and the Lord alone is male.

 The Mishcievous Love Play of Krishna

In the 'Gita Govinda' Jaidev says that Krishna is 'nirdaya hridaya kapatam '  and 'chanchalkar yugshali'.Therefore, Krishna who is mischievous in love play, fickle, and a strong doer is not satisfied even on making full use of His playful capriciousness. The large heart of Krishna who dallies with Shri has also become merciless. 

The Sidelong Glance of the Supreme Lover

Darting arrows of sidelong glances from His eyes, the Supreme Lover has made His beloveds swoon. Repeatedly, He makes them conscious with His various clever moves and then relishing the rasa of their conscious state makes them faint again. How could those lotus tender maidens possibly win from this Supreme Lover. Lord Krishna enjoyed His triumph over them as He wished. And splashed the lively juicy laughing moonbeams of His joyful moonlike face as if He was blowing the bugle of His triumph.

Shri Bilavmangal ji is Steeped in the Rasa of Krishna

Shri Bilavmangal ji's heart is getting steeped in such a mischievous clever Shiromani, who is forever triumphant, and who romantically dalies in Braj.

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beautiful pictures!!
pics are telling all about this shloka.This shloka is the real picture of the relation of gopika-Madhava.Really Great!!