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Vinay Patrika: Shri Ram Naam Japa [65]

Raag Bhairav

Shri Ram Naam Japa

ram ram-ramu, ram ram ratu, ram ram japu jeehaa |

ramnaam-navneh-mehko, man! hathi hohi papeehaa ||1||

sab saadhan-phal koop-sarit-sar, saagar-salil-niraasaa |

ramnaam-rati-svaati-sudhaa-subh-seekar prempiyaasaa ||2||

garji, tarji, paashaan barshi pavi, preeti parkhi jiya jaanaai |

adhik adhik anuraag umang ur, par parmiti pahichaanaai ||3||

ramnaam-gati, ramnaam-mati, ram-naam-anuraagee |

havaai gaye, haain, je hohinge, tei tribhuvan ganiyat badhbhaagee ||4||

ek ang mag agamu gavan kar, bilmu na chhin chhin chhaahaain |

tulsee hit apno apnee disi, nirupadhi nem nibaahaain ||5||

Repeatedly Chant the Name of Lord Ram

O tongue of mine! You must always be engrossed in Ram Ram, repeatedly chant Ram Ram and do *japa of Ram Ram. Oh heart of mine! By persistence, you also become a papiha or the pied crest cuckoo for the constant-fresh cloud of affection for the name of Ram||1||

The Ambrosian Drop of Love for the Name of Shri Ram

Just as the papiha ardently longs for a just a raindrop of love falling in the *svati asterism and does not have the slightest desire for the water of a well, river, pond and ocean, in the same manner not having hope in any other means and their fruition, you must solely show affection for the ambrosian drop of Shri Ram Naam's love||2||

The Pied Crest Cuckoo Longs for Raindrops of the Svati Asterism

Its beloved cloud thunders, threatens, showers hailstorms and strikes the pied crest cuckoo with lightning. Making the papiha go through the toughest of tests in this fashion and completely assessing the intensely devoted love of the cuckoo, when it comes to know that the love of this papiha increases in proportion to the successive tests it undergoes (then he is given the raindrop of svati asterism)||3||

Become Solely Attached to the Name of Ram

In precisely the same manner (whichever calamities may befall you and strive to deviate you, with God's grace) you must seek the refuge of Shri Ram Naam (with an intent mindset), focus your intellect on the name of Ram and become attached solely to the name of Ram.

Shri Hanuman a Dedicated Devotee of Lord Ram

Only those bhaktas who have been adherents to Shr Ram Naam in the past, are relying on Him at present and are going to depend on Him in the future, should be considered extremely fortunate in the three lokas ||4||

Goswami Tulsidas

This one-sided path (of intensely loving the name of Ram) is very tough, in case you turn to this path, then do not delay by waiting to faintly relish (worldly joys) every other moment. O Tulsidas! Your good will come about by carrying on the sincere and honest loving relationship with Shri Ram Naam, from your end.

Japa: repetition in a low tone of an incantation

svati asterism : the pied crested cuckoo is supposed to live only on rain-drops esp those falling in the autumn asterism svati.

Three lokas: heaven, earth and the lower regions

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