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SRI NARSINGH JAYANTI is on 18th May, 2008, a Sunday

Bhakta Prahlad Praying to Narsingh Bhagwan

Sri Narsingh Bhagwan is:

  • One of the ten famous incarnations or Dashavtars of Vishnuji, Narsingh Bhagwan appeared on earth to kill Hriniyakashipu, the king of asuras or demons., and please devotee Prahalda. If Lord Rama and Krishna are hailed as Purnavtars or full incarnations, the rest eight of them are, Narasimhan Avtaar ..... January 2007 special edition is just wonderful!
  • India is acclaimed as the most fortunate land or Devbhoomi since Lord Sri Hari took as many as 24 incarnations here and the Sri Narsingh Bhagwan incarnation is one of them ... Lord Sri Hari's 24 incarnations

Prahlada is a character from the
Puranic texts of the Hindu pantheon wherein he is famed for his exclusive devotion or bhakti to Vishnu. The story refers to desperate attempts by Hiranyakashipu, his father, to instigate Prahlada against the Lord. Deadly snakes, mighty elephants, being thrown off a cliff, Holika and deadly poison are proved futile in harming Bhakta Prahlada. Hailed as a mahajana, or great devotee by followers of Vaishnava traditions Prahlada is of prime importance to devotees of Narasimha avatar. A philosophical treatise is attributed to him in the ‘Bhagavata Purana’ wherein Prahlada meticulously describes the process of loving worship to his Lord Vishnu. Most of the stories in the Puranas are woven around the activities of Prahlada as a young boy, and therefore he is usually illustrated as a youngster in paintings and illustrations. After bearing severe torture from his father Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada is eventually rescued by Vishnu in the form of Narasimha, whose look was neither beast nor man.( part-man-part-lion avatar) .

In the Holy Scripture ‘Bhagavad Gita’ (10th chapter, verse.30) Lord Krishna applauds Prahlada for his indefatigable devotion:

"Among the Daitya demons I am the devoted Prahlada, among subduers I am time,
Among beasts I am the lion, and among birds I am Garuda.

Prahlada falls under the category of demons because of the nature of his father Hiranyakashipu.

The great devotee Prahlada affirms, "To be equal in all conditions, is the worship of Achyuta."

( part 12 --Lord Vishnu’s names 308 to 362)

...358.... Samayajnah – Means, "Knower of all six systems of philosophy," or, "One who knows the exact time (samaya) for creation, preservation and destruction." The statement could imply, "One whose worship (Yajna) is nothing more than keeping an equal vision of the mind by the devotee"

In Chapter X of the ‘Bhagwad Gita’, Lord Krishna describes His Divine Manifestations:

“Just like Prahalada in demons, Time in reckoners , Lion in quadrupeds , Garuda in birds , Lord Vishnu in sons of Aditi ,Sun among luminaries, Lord Shiva among Rudras , Lord Kartikeya among army-Generals , OM among sacred syllables , sage Narada among Devrishis , Lord Kapila among Sidhdhas , king among men, Lord Sheshnaag among serpents , Lord Rama among warriors , holy Ganges among streams ,spirituality among sciences , holy Gayatri mantra among hymns , Arjuna amongst Pandavas , Lord Vedvyasa among Munis.”

In fact this coming Sunday, 18th May , 2008 is SRI NARSINGH JAYANTI, or when Lord Vishnu became Narsingh Bhagwan to kill Hiranyakashipu for saving Bhakta Prahaladji.. ... humble bowing to God , His vibhutis alone can longer our healthy life , wisdom & intellect

Sri Narsing Bhagwan is the family-deity of Saint Manoharji .. 6 am stuti of Sri Nathji fame and thus Manoharji keeps a fast to celebrate Narsingh Jayanti. He along with all devotees also visit Sri Narsingh Temple in Vrindavan ... even at age of 88 ! . Its location is near Sri Banke Bihariji or Radharamanji temple :Sri Hitharivanshji Jayanti of Radhavallabhji temple fame

It so happened that once Vivekanandaji asked Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa that why does Lord Narasimha not appear when there are so many demons much worse than Hiranyakashipu in the world as of now ? Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa answered with a smile, "We can not boast of a single Prahlada in modern day times to invoke Him. Prahlada had implicit faith in God being omnipresent in everything including the pillar which Lord Vishnu tore open to emerge in the form of Narasimha. We are not blessed with such absolute faith!"

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