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Vinay Patrika: Shri Ram Naam Japa [66]

Raag Bhairav

Chant the Name of Lord Ram

ram japu, ram japu, ram japu baavre |

ghor bhav-neer-nidhi naam nij naav re ||1||

ek hee saadhan sab riddhi-siddhi saadhi re |

grase kali-rog jog-samjam-samaadhi re ||2||

bhalo jo haai, poch jo haai, daahino jo, baam re |

ram-naam hee son anth sab hee ko kaam re ||3||

jag nabh-baatikaa rahee haai phali phooli re |

dhuvaan kaaise dhaaurhar dekhi too na bhooli re ||4||

ram-naam chhadhi jo bharoso karaai aaur re |

tulsee paroso tyaagi maangaai koor kaaur re ||5||

The Name of Shri Ram is the Boat which Makes us Cross the Ocean of this Material World

Oh insane man! Repeatedly recite the name of Ram, do japa of Ram and chant Ram. The name of Shri Ram is the sole boat which can help us cross over the terrifying ocean of this mundane world. In other words by sitting in this boat of Ram Naam,whenever a person wants he can instantly get across the ocean of existence, because this is his prerogative ||1||

One Acquires all the Riddhis & Siddhis by Chanting the Name of Shri Ram

By the power of Ram Naam, acquire all the *riddhis and *siddhis, because the various means of *yoga, abstinence, *samadhi etcetera, have been devoured by the disease of Kaliyuga (the age of spiritual darkness) ||2||

All Beings Rely on the Sole Name of Lord Ram

Whether a person is righteous or wicked, wrong-headed or straightforward, everyone will ultimately have to rely on the sole name of Ram ||3||

The Flourishing Garden of Life

You must not forget this fact on seeing worldly objects which are momentarily perceptible but vanish soon after, like billowing palaces of smoke. This world is completely deceptive just like the *mirage of a flourishing garden of life, sighted in the universe ||4||

Goswami Tulsidas Adulating Lord Ram
O Tulsidas, a person who abandons the name of Ram and has faith in someone else! Is equivalent to that fool who discarding the food which has been served in front, roams around like a dog from one house to another, begging for every morsel ||5||

riddhis: spiritual prosperity

siddhis: spiritual powers attained by one who has been perfected and sanctified as if by penance

yoga: a practice of abstract meditation undertaken to bring the soul towards union with the supreme spirit

samadhi: profound meditation esp with the mind successfully fixed on the ultimate being, and with the senses completely restrained in the final trance like stage of yoga

mirage: The emptiness of our universe is in all actuality a flourishing garden of life.Therefore the emptiness is an illusion to our eyes that makes the human spirit strive to see that garden which is hidden by our own ignorance.

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