Friday, June 21, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Forty-fifth Shloka

lilayitabhyam rasa-shitalabhyam ,
nilarunabhyam nayanambujabhyam  |
alokayed adbhuta-vibhramabhyam ,
kale kada karunikah kishorah ||45||

Simple Meaning:

 Lotus Eyes of Merciful Krishna

When will that merciful Krishna, the icon of youthfulness, look upon me with His budding playful lotus eyes, cooling and soothing with rasa or divine love, reddish at the corners and bluish at the irises, dancing and flirting wonderfully.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Fickle Eyes of Blue-hued Krishna

It is a distinctive trait of this compassionate Youth, that His lotus eyes are huge because of playful dalliance ( lilayitabhyam ), soothing due to rasa or divine love, red and flirtatious due to intoxication (madvidhoornit lochan). These eyes are bluish red. There is bluishness in the centre portion of the eyes and redness in the bordering portion of the eyes. These remarkable roving eyes seem to be forever fickle like wagtails. The eyes are decorated with lampblack on the holy lotus face.

The Ineffable Beauty of Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Shri Lilashuk is thirsting for the sweet ineffable beauty of Lord Krishna.
He says with an ardent longing, “ Will I attain the great good fortune of relishing the rasa of that sweet innefable beauty of blue-hued Krishna? When will that merciful Krishna look at me?”

The Bluish-Red Eyes of Krishna, Loaded with Rasa
In this shloka there is a description of Krishna's beauty and a prayer too. Shri Bilavmangal Maharaj is saying...when will he able to have a vision of that merciful Youth whose pair of eyes are steeped in new sweet lilas or divine plays everyday? Who are becoming extremely cool and juicy because of communicating love. Being moist with rasa they have a faint blueness, red red streaks in the pupils are expressing the intoxications of those eyes to the fullest.

The Roving eyes of Krishna Adulate His Beloved

How are the eyes! These two extremely beautiful blooming lotuses are loaded with the rasa of nectar and are sprinkling the rasa of amorous love.These twin eyes are startled at the slightest sound. The fickle eyes with unique facial expressions are looking here and there...probably looking for, yes waiting for the arrival of some very dear beloved of Krishna, they are roving around. And even on the slightest rustling they agitatedly dart towards the road...they are becoming so very fickle...innocence in the glance, sidelong glance...and one does'nt know what other bhavas they are loaded with. Ah! When willl that time come when this compassionate Kishore will make us reslish the cool, sweet nectarous intoxication constantly spilling from His lotus eyes?

Relishing the Joy of Krishna's Closeness

What a heart-rending prayer it is. Steeped, immersed, drowned and soaked in that beauteous form, Bilvamangal entreats in a timid tone-the joy he is asking for is a very remote possibility.
Enough! We pray to Lord Krishna only that He fills our hearts with humility so that delighted by it the Lord grants the sweet intoxicating joy of His closeness and makes our lives successful.


Anonymous said...

Kindly share who painted the painting with caption "The Ineffable Beauty of Krishna, the Supreme Lover"

Thank you so much !

HariHarji said...

I have taken the painting from Google Images! The depiction surely showcases the beauty of Lord Krishna so beautifully!