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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-seventh Shloka

adhiram alokitam ardra-jalpitam ,
gatam ca gambhira-vilasa-mantharam 
amandam alingitam akulonmada-
smitam ca te natha vadanti gopikah 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Ardently Longs to Meet His Beloved

O Lord! Only the Vraja gopis (and no one else) gave give an account of Your fickle glance (loaded with an ardently longing to meet Your beloved),Your tenderly fresh witty talk (words),Your profound, slow and sensuous gait,your firm eager embraces and Your distracting, agitating, intoxicating smile.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Radha & the Sakhis Waiting for Krishna

These cowherdesses, the wealth of Vraja, are the ones who truly relish the joy of every drop of Krishna, the icon of rasa.They have drunk every swelling emotion of that blue-hued sweetness (Krishna) with every limb and fiber of their being. Shri Bilavmangal is saying the truth that these gopikas are the ones who have tasted that madhurya-divine nectar.The mischievous Krishna has been beautifully exposed in this shloka by revealing the secret of His passionate love play. It is not as if Shri Radha and the sakhis are restlessly waiting for Him to come. The darling son of Nanda, the supreme lover, also ardently longs for His sweetheart Shri Radha and beloveds.

Lord Krishna Desirous to Meet Shri Radha

rachyati shayanam sachkitam nayanam pashyati tav panthanam-He is arranging the bed, over and over again with astonished and fascinated fawn like eyes,waiting for the arrival of His beloved Radha, curiously and impatiently waiting for Her.Those pair of eyes dart again and again towards that path. Ah! He eagerly desirous to meet Priya.

And at times He becomes restless even when He is in the proximity(beatific state in which the soul attends on God) of His beloved.Highly revered Sakha ji has reiterated this fact not in one but in many lilas.
gambhira-vilasa-mantharam: Calmly  relishing the rasa is an indicator of a profound and lazy romantic dalliance. At this point of time, capriciousness has also assumed the guise of seriousness and arrived. If there is no earnestness in the fickleness of amorous love, shallowness creeps in and there is no depth.Capriciousness and seriousnnes have their own respective stands. It has been seen that the more joyous or pleasurable a thing is  the more calmy it has to be relished.

Shri Radha- Krishna Dally in a Nikunja

While going to see the romantic dalliance of nikunjas, Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj paints a picture of Krishna walking with a slow and serious gait in this shloka. The rapture of love has probably slackened His pace.His heart is loaded with the intoxication of love, which is spilling over and thus He can not walk fast.

The Intimate Moments of Shri Radha-Krishna

ardra-jalpitam: His tender freshly witty words are  also due to an ardent longing. He begs Shri Radha for the gift of love with compassionate and humble  words.madhurya gir valguvakyya: Making various kinds of love entreaties either in the absence or in front of His beloved...these Vraja maidens have heard them several times over. Above all, these beauties of Vraja fully know  every endeavour, attempt and blandishment of Krishna.They have relished it themselves and simultaneoulsy looked at Him with adulation. amandmalingitam-yuktam madhuram,muktam madhuram :endowed with plus free from madhuram or sweetness, both are firmly and fully incorporated in Him.The offering of amorous love is a supremely strong noose in which being firmly bound, an ardent longing for more and more of it is evident. Where intimacy prevails in every pore one's being,even the vanamala and chandan seem like impediments.

A Smile Merrily Plays on Krishna's Red Lips

akulonmada-smitam: What a lively description.A smile is merrily playing on those red lips-the miscievous Krishna smiles after making Radha drool in delicous anguish, to relish the rasa of a new dalliance. But that smile is loaded with an ardent longing which is certainly the sister of restlessness.

Shri Radha-Krishna Surrounded by the Gopis

onmada-Only the gopikas know the sweetness of that smile  impassioned and loaded with restlessness. Apart from personal experience they have seen Shri Radha-Krishna smitten by love many times. Surrounded by a cluster of gopis, Krishna would have smiled on seeing Priyaji several times. These sakhis would have caught that intimate moment when signs of' an ardent longing,passion, and other signs would be hidden in that smile.Then the sakhis would have joked amongst themselves and gone away, giving these two a golden chance and time to go ahead with their amorous frolics.

Reaching the Heights of Religious Rapture

Thus Shri Bilavmanga ji rights says-Only the young gopis know of His fickle glance, fresh witty words, deep slow dalliance and distracting intoxicating smile.If we get a fragment of this experience we are sure to reach the heights of religious rapture.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Such hi kaha hai ki unki purna muskan
ko bus gopiyan hi janti thi.Thakurji
hum par kripa karen inke anubhav ka
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Kitana sunder bhav hai iss shloka main aur pictures to purna bhav ko jaise prakat hi kar rahin hon!!