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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-ninth Shloka

nirajitagra-caranaih karunamburasheh: 
ardrani venu-ninadaih pratinada-purair:,
akarna-yami mani-nupura-sishjitani 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Comes Dancing

Brimming with the resonance of His bejewelled tinkling anklets and every musical note of His flute play, casting a playful glance on His forefeet, the ocean of mercy Lord Krishna comes dancing. It seems as if Krishna is worshipping His forefeet  through the sport of His flirtatious glance. Because of coming in this  posture, the tinkling of His anklets is sweetened, and I am hearing it with my ears.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

  Lord Krishna Manifests with His Tinkling Anklets & Flute Play

Seeing Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj sink in the ocean of anguish, Lord Krishna's heart is moved by compassion(as a result he hears the tinkling of Krishna's bejewelled anklets.) The ocean of mercy Lord Krishna could not bear to see Bilavmangal ji's sorrow and so dancing speedily He quickly manifests in front of him.

Lord Krishna Appears in Front of Bilavmangal ji

Soon after, Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj exults, “The Lord is so merciful. He could not bear to see my wretched state-Ah! The sweet tinkling of His bejewelled anklets is falling in my ears-not just this sound but the sweet melodious notes of His flute play can also be heard.”

The Supreme Lover, Lord Krishna

Please look at how His sweet sportive sight Self is manifesting in front of Lilashuk ji. Steeped in the gopi bhava, Lilashuk looks with adulation. Today, the intoxicating nectarous glance gushed from the wide lotus eyes of the Supreme Lover and  so overwhelmed were the maidens by rasa or emotion that they could not stand. More and more fragrance was exuding from the fragrant youthful body of Krishna. Plunging in that fragrant water the maidens were beside themselves with joy. Seeing their sentimental state, the Supreme Lover smiled.

Blue-hued Krishna with Gopis in Nikunjas

The charming shower gushing from His passionate eyes was planning to steep the maidens in some new romantic dalliance. Laughing and smiling, He came and stood  amidst them in joyous abandon. They all came close to Him. The Supreme Lover took every maiden to different secluded nikunjas, one by one.

Lord Krishna & a Gopi Adulating Each Other

Some maiden had talked about the rasa being showered from His eyes so looking into her eyes one doesn't know what He did to her that her eyes shut with the weight of love and His eyes became even more intoxicated. He alone knows how He relished rasa from those closed eyes. Such a unique Supreme Lover is He.

The Battle of Love

Some other maiden had sung the glories of His tinkling anklets. So He posited both His feet in her lap, one doesn't know what He was upto. The feet were becoming flirtatious and the anklets were making them more dynamic.They were doing the work of a military strategy to make them more and more vigilant in the battle of love.

Rasa Cascades from Krishna's Eyes
alola-locana-vilokita-keli-dhara: At the other end such rasa was cascading from Krishna's eyes that the maiden was stupefied. 

Lord Krishna's Tinkling Anklets

Laughter and smile cooperated and made the  playfulness of His feet more dynamic. A little later picking her up from those same flirtatious pair of feet Krishna created a new clue. Absorbed in that new silent love the tinkling of those anklets became dumb. How are these blue-hued lotus feet and anklets of Lord Krishna's feet. Their lustre lights up our hearts and lives, inviting us to be steeped in madhurasa or sweet love. The anklets of His feet sing and affectionately entreat us to take respite in those very feet.

The Melodious Sound of Lord Krishna's Flute Play

Shri Bilavmangal ji is drowning in the rasa of this sweet playfull dalliance. He is getting enchanted by the sound of Krishna's, the ocean of Mercy, tinkling anklets and the rhythmic melodious sound of His flute play. Those feet are being worshipped by the sportive gush of His playfull eyes. This ethereal scene makes Shri Lilashuk lose his senses.

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Kitne sunder ras ka pan kar rahen hai
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