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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixty-sixth Shloka

vaksha-sthale ca vipulam nayanotpale ca ,
ca mridulam mada-jalpite ca |
bimbadhare ca madhuram murali-rave ca ,
vilasa-nidhim akalaye kada nu ||66||

Simple Meaning:

Youthful Krishna Playing the Flute

Oh! when will I be able to see that young boy (Krishna), Who is the storehouse of playful dalliances ? Whose chest and lotus eyes are broad, Whose gentle smiles and passionate talks are gentle,Whose bimba fruit red lips and flute song is sweet!

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 Shri Billavmangalji Adulating Krishna

 Inspired by the sakhi bhava Shri Billavmangalji is adulating his beloved Krishna standing in front. He is not able to gauge the depth of this infinite ocean of beauteous form. Gazing at the treasure trove of madhurya or sweetness he is thrilled with delight.

Gopis Seek Refuge in Krishna's Chest

 vaksha-sthale ca vipulam: The One whose chest is broad and who never tires of granting shelter to countless maidens wandering in Braj; similarly these Braj maidens find refuge in Krishna's supremely generous bosom.The flood-tide of their tender feelings is pacified on coming here.

Dark-hued Krishna's chest is the centre of love. The entire love and attachment of the gopis' hearts is impassioned on this very broad chest. Being in contact with His chest, the vanamala is fascinated and thrilled, and thus swings affectedly with intoxication.

 Lotus Eyes of Krishna

nayanotpale ca: His lotus eyes are large, generous and red-hued. The redness of passion is obvious in these eyes painted with collyrium. These pair of eyes are forever exhilarated with intoxication, always laden with the languor of love.

Gopis Move in Delicious Anguish to Krishna's Side

The tinkling of anklets startles these intoxicated eyes, they bloom with delight and come to know that His beloveds are coming this way. The gopis gaze at Him slightly and entrust their entire being to Him.

 Gopis Waiting for Krishna at the Hour of Cowdust

In the evening when Lord Krishna comes to Braj from the forest, the capriciousness of these eyes are doubled. The mischievous One makes these maidens standing at their doors and windows relish such potions of love that they stand dumbfounded. In these mutual love exchanges Krishna gives them such messages and hints that enraptured and ecstatic the gopis go inside.

The Gentle Smile of Lord Krishna

manda-smite ca:
Sakhi do not talk of that mild gentle smile of His. The sweetness of that smile which makes us beside ourselves with joy, that tender smile playing on His red lips.

'dekh sakhi muskan madhuri |
kamal pankhuri sam ati komal, surbhit sunder adhar sumanjul ,
ati prafull arunnim manmohak, jinko madhumakrand paan kari
chhedat madat taan bansuri |'
(Madhuras Nirjhar, Part-2)

 Highly Revered Usha Behanji

 Venerable Usha Behanji says that how should she describe the gentle smile playing on His lips which are tender like lotus petals. On relishing the rasa of this gentle smile the flute strikes such an exhilarating note that all the Braj gopis are drawn in delicious anguish to this Supreme Lover, the intoxicating looter, who seizes their entire being.

Gopis  are Drawn by Krishna's Talk

mada-jalpite ca:
His intoxicating talk. Whom will His exhilarating, gentle, intoxicating talk conversation not charm?
The gopis say in the 'Gopi Geet:'
' ammadhurayaa gira valgu-vakyayaa
budha-manognaya pushkare kshana ||8|| '


'O Lotus-eyed One! We, your maids are bewildered by Your sweet voice, replete with sweet, enchanting words. Even the wise and learned get engrossed in it and sacrifice everything for it.'

Yamuna Banks Resounding with Krishna's Sweet Talk

Hearing His sentences steeped in love the gopis are thrilled at times and hard to please at other times. Krishna incites them to relish the rasa of His amusing conversation.The water wells and sandy banks of the Yamuna are all resounding with His sweet gentle talk.

Krishna's Flute, the Breath of Love

 bimbadhare ca madhuram murali-rave ca:
His petal like lips are supremely tender and red-hued like the bimba fruit.When His budding lips bloom the entire forest becomes fragrant. The beauty of His sweet lips is worth seeing, with moonbeams of His smile splashed on top of it. Ah! It is the strong noose which binds loving hearts.How does the beauty of Krishna's tender lips look when He fills the breath of love into the flute which plays affectedly on these very tender red lips.The drawing together of Krishna's lips, the emanating sound loaded with love which gushes forth and enters the holes of the flute, its mellifluous notes which splash forth from the flute.The love nooses of Krishna, a treasury of amorous frolics, are endless.Sakhi, how many of them should I count?

Shri Lilashuk Ardently Longs for Krishna

 Ardently longing for Krishna, Shri Lilashukh asks that when will he able to behold Krishna, the storehouse of playfulness. The One whose chest is broad, eyes are like blossoming lotuses, Who is budding fully because of some romantic dalliance, a gently smile is playing on whose lips, Who forever creates tender intoxicating sentences.Melodious flute play cascading from His sweet lips is soothing our bodies minds and souls. When will such an adolescent youthful form of Krishna make me the recipient of His gaze.

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