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Prem Sudha Dhara: Pushpaji

(page 6)

Shri Radha Rani or Kishoriji

Sri Hari

Shri Barsana Dhaam

9thSeptember 1984

Dear Puspaji,

With Love Jai Shri Hari!

I received your postcard. You must have also got respected Bahinji’s card. I wanted to write earlier but could not due to circumstances and fatigue.

Sri Dharamji must have given you a visual record of the merriment, cheering crowds and gaiety of Sri Radha Rani’s birth celebrations. I remembered you off and on that day. Sri Radha, personifying maternal tenderness, would have certainly cheered you up.

The lively frolicking of Vrashbhanu Bhavan, tinkling anklets, delighted gopis’ giggling, blessings of priests, and melodious auspicious songs sung with parental fondness, were ecstatic …Ah! The ambience still resonates with the bustle of that charming commotion; the rejoicing Brajbalas'-their constant chatter…the sweet delightful sound of their laughter. Hordes of Braj residents decked in the best of their finery …loaded with gifts…wearing tinkling anklets…surge ahead on the birth celebrations of their adulated darling Sri Radha. The site, narrow lanes, Bhavan and courtyard resonating with their mellifluous songs.

Kirtida, Radha Rani’s mother and Sri Rohini are delighted. Awfully busy…their beaming faces are not fatigued… but rather awash with enthused exaltation. All of a sudden on hearing a birthday song accounting her adorable Radhika’s lovely childhood, Mother Kirtida halts before entering the kitchen. The platter loaded with assorted delicacies held in her hands, as she stands stupefied. She has forgotten that now her pampered Radha is stepping into youth. Memories of infant Radhika; her delighted cries as she swings her tender arms and tiny feet…cradled in Kiritda's lap… and hugged by her, tug at her heartstrings. When baby Radha gaily prances around, the sweet tinkling of her anklets and armlets instantly draws everyone with dedicated devotion. Mother Kirtida is already in such a state of bliss…Mothers Yashoda and Rohini also seem steeped in the joyous abandon of her infancy.

At times one can hear prattle from baby Radha’s tender parted lips, putting the melodious sound of hundreds of vinas to shame. And soon enough a gentle smile spreads across her red lips. Kirtida’s eyes are doting as she savours her childhood innocence. How can she possibly guess that charming Radha by the loveliness of her youth, the sweetness of her limbs is busy gratifying the new essence of her life-its terrifying rush of love; at the back of the bhavan in dense bowers amidst whispering ferns, engrossed in a romantic dalliance with Lord Krishna. Some close sakhis also involved in this romantic escapade, delight in the amorous frolic. Joy and laughter pervade the environs.

The women of Braj have not the slightest inkling of beautiful young Radhika 's whereabouts in such a huge palace, engrossed as they are in festive songs…presenting gifts…and merriment. The divine play of the mischievous pair, Sri Radha-Krishna, is eternal…when the mother frantically searches around for Kishoriji …her maternal tenderness eagerly desirous to bless her, she sights…Sri Radha heading towards her with a faint smile. Hugging her daughter, she kisses her forehead and pats her; blessing her from the core of her heart. Now when the males are desirous to behold Sri Radha they see soon enough…she stands smiling…holding the corner of Sri Vrashbhanu Baba’s sash, seeming intimidated with her fair-complexioned moon like face beaming. Soon after there is a cascade of blessings and good wishes.

Sri Radha, the blissful energy or hladini shakti of Lord Krishna, gives darshan or manifests for everyone as per their bhavas (love flowing towards her), delighting and showering happiness on her devotees.

Youthful Radhika reigning supreme amidst her sakhis, thrills in amorous frolics with her supreme lover Lord Krishna in the very same garden. Ah! A heart-stirring celebratory function arrayed with several glimpses under one roof. One never knows when Kirtida came out of her delightful haze of memories and forayed into the conscious world…! Once again the same sweet state of affairs-joyous association-the same hospitality, arranging for the feast and drinks…this ecstasy knows no bounds.

Okay, Jai Hari!

With Love,

Yours very own Usha

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