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Prem Sudha Dhara: Pratibhaji

(Page 233)

Shri Radha-Krishna on Banks of the Yamuna

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dham

3rd October 1974

Dear Pratibha,

Lots of love.

I received your postcard. While corresponding with Uthma, some lines were for you, which you must have read!

Not having time earlier, I plan to pen some divine play of the Yugal Sarkar(Shri Radha-Krishna.) It is virtually impossible to savour their cosmic world by living out stories woven around them until the loving couple so wants. In case we are eagerly desirous, they inspire us through the countless legends of the playful dalliance of Radha and Krishna.

Since you remember the Raas Lila, let us talk about Diwali today, which is just round the corner. Merely ten days are left.

Kishori Shri Radhika arrived at the banks of Shri Yamuna along with her sakhis; in the dark-hued evening of a pleasantly cold season. The day sets early therefore lighting a lamp in her bhavan, she had come to worship Shri Yamuna; certain of a tryst with Lord Krishna. Now the entire gang of sakhis jingling along (with tinkling anklets and bells), singing the glories of Shri Yamuna reached the site and the handsome young god Krishna playing the melodious flute...adding the breath of love to their notes arrived right then.The sakhis and Shri Radhika Rani were irresistibly attracted by his compelling beauty and he too was delighted on spotting them.

Centering Shri Radha-Krishna in their midst; half of the sakhis gathered in one direction and the other half in the opposite. Donas or leaf baskets loaded with deepaks (lamps), flowers and rice were set down on the holy river by the group's lotus hands. Soon after the sakhis did Shri Yamuna's stuti or sang her glories with Shri Shyam and Shri Radhika adding on with flute play and clapping hands. Passionately beauteous forms now dallied on the banks of the Yamuna amongst the fusions of music and merriment.

Encapsulating the swamini bhava, Shri Yamunaji is the devotional ideal. Unlike everyone else. she has regular, exclusive company of the Lord. It is no wonder that pushti margis place great emphasis on memorizing the forty-one padas of Shri Yamunaji early on in life.

Yamunaji comes to Krishna on every 12th waning and waxing of the moon and on that day he wears a sahara, a headdress signifying union. A row of countless deepaks, the floating lamps perched on gentle waves looked ethereal.

Jamuna jal badhi deep chavi bhari.

Pratibimbit pratibimb lahar prati tanh rajat piya pyari.'

Shri Yamuna seemed to perform arti (of Shri Radha-Krishna). The pitch dark night of amavasya (the last day of the dark fortnight of a lunar month) had an unprecedented radiance; the moon was not perceptible and the twinkling flickering stars in the pristine blue sky above had their reflection mirrored in the Yamuna waters below.

We awaken to the blackness of a pitch dark night transforming into a flashy glitter; with lamps dazzling the entire ambience! The resplendent Yugal constantly look at the deepaks...with joyous abandon, and the sakhis' peals of laughter resonate in the banks and the verdant kunjas-nikunjas closeby

God knows, how long the entire lot bestowed and absorbed the ecstatic bliss! Soon after they proceeded to their respective bhavans. The sakhis or cowherdesses and their Shyam Sundar or supreme lover also ventured to Shri Radha's bhavan and began playing chaupad (a game like causar, played with dice on a cloth or board of cross-shaped layout) More about this game play later.

With love and blessings from Bauji. Jai Ramji to all the rest.

With love

Yours Bobo.

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