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Chapter 47: Special Pilgrimage to Nandgram in 1990

As always Krishna Janamashtami was celebrated in Vrindavan. Soon after revered Bobo,Shri Thakurji, Sushila Bahenji along with Vijay and Omi came to Goverdhan. The bahens had insisted several times to visit Nandgaon or some other site in Braj known for Krishna's divine play and hence Bobo came to Giriraj for some days.

The tinkling anklets of Priya-Priyatam dancing on the dark plus fair smooth boulders filled her with inspiration and delight. Krishna's exaction of tribute from the herdgirls of Braj as they go with their milk-curd to market and Krishna dallying with Radha in the caverns of Giriraj, tugged at her heartstrings.

The dark god's spirited antics with his sakhas when he goes to graze cows... and deceiving them to fix a tryst with his beloved cowherdesses, teasing them and arranging for a dalliance, hinting at an amorous frolic in the night, along with his winsome manners, made Bobo ardently long for Krishna. Relishing his rasa she roamed and took part in his lila absorbed in the sentiment of sweet romance.

Well! Rasa or passion has been spilling over the peak of Giriraj, its dense groves mushrooming with durva grass, in seclusion amidst tree clusters and on the banks of its lakes.Krishna creates a furore with romantic dalliances and rasikas are forever charmed by the scene.

“Once leaping over the high peaks of Giriraj, the handsome Krishna stopped all of a sudden.Leaning against a tree he took out the flute from his waistband and playing it charmed everyone. Animals and birds of the forest stood still entranced.The trees and creeper swayed to express their delight. Probably all this happened in a second due to the secret rush of love in the dark god's eyes. And soon after a crowd of sakhis could be seen coming in front. The flute was played on a slightly higher scale now.Sighting Radharani amidst the sakhis, he was rapturous.

Startled Priyaji looked up and saw her heart's beloved, the impassioned dark god adulating her bewilderment, relaxed gait and beaming face. Momentarily she was taken aback but her gestures clearly revealed her enchanted state to the supreme lover. And guess what! Krishna losing his patience, strode ahead speedily and met Priyaji amongst the herd of sakhis. Who can possibly describe the sweet forms of Priya-Priyatam resplendent amongst the sakhis and their amorous frolic.”

Revered Bobo saw the impassioned condition of this enraptured yugal and her heart flowed in this sudden rush of love.

Soon after Bobo wanted to visit Chandra Sarovar.Addressing a friend she expressed her desire, “Sakhi, come let us go to the auspicious banks of the Chandra Sarovar and catch a glimpse of the handsome Shyam. I have heard that the supreme lover is in the nikunja on its banks. Priyaji and other sakhis also happen to be there.” The two left with an ardent longing to take part in the new dalliance.

And they soon saw right ahead, “Krishna with a mukut (diadem) studded with precious stones and the end of a peacock tail adorning his forehead,with bracelets around his smooth wrists giving a passionate message with their sweet sound.A flute is tucked into his waistband. His ineffable beauty is adorned with all the possible ornaments and looks majestic. And he is creating an uproad on the banks with his wanton gait.

At times he jumps into the water, splashes water at times, and at times exchanging a sidelong glance with his beloveds, is fickle. He charms the gopis by these winsome manners and caresses their love lorn state.”The whole scene captivates revered Bobo.

After relishing the playful dalliances of Giriraj, Bobo came to Vrasbhanpur as per her earlier schedule.

Shri Lalita Sakhi

On the birthday of Shri Lalitaji she saw,“Priya-Priytam constantly joking with her. Granting closeness to their intimate Lalitaji who is their replication, Priyaji wishes that Krishna flirts with her whereas Lalitaji is embarrassed.She is wearing a blue kanchuki (blouse) with a yellow saree. With both hands Priyaji is making her wear blue-hued ornaments in her ears.

Savouring this scene, the dark god sings in joyous abandon.The god puts a vendi (string of flowers) on her forehead and charms her. Lalitaji is drawn together in shyness. Meanwhile Priyaji showering fond affection, steeps her in joy.Celebrating their sakhi's birth festivities the sacred couple are delighted and thrilled.”Bobo is engrossed in adoring these love escapades.

Sankhri Khor

The next day Bobo was merrily walking along the secluded site of Gahar Van. When she saw Sankhri Khor, the narrow lane proud of being loaded with reminiscences of daan-maan lilas (Krishna's exaction of tribute from the herdgirls of Braj as they go to sell milk-curd).Several times this maiden's foot gets stuck in her own lehenga (a voluminous skirt), on the pretext of stopping her.

Roaming joyfully Bobo's was taken aback and halted, leaning against a tree.Getting a message from above she was startled and on raising her eyes saw, “Playing a new role, the dark god planned to loot the maidens carrying milk-curd and crossing this path. It is here that the cowherdesses' ardent longing to adulate the dark god is fulfilled.

Well nature is strutting around flirtatiously as the cool breeze blows making the trees and creepers sway.The blue-hued god is standing on a boulder right on top. The wind plays with his fickle lock bringing it to his smooth forehead and tickles him by flirting with his yellow sash. When he lifts his right hand to settle the sash his golden ring shines and attracts. The vanamala thrilled with passion absorbs the crazed maiden in rasa.” What ensues later is marked on this auspicious site, its trees plus creepers and forest birds.


Along with her associates revered Bobo came to Nandgaon;the village which is sacred for the devotees of Krishna and worth serving. She had been visiting this place intermittently and residing here earlier but this time it was centred around a certain attraction.

She sang about its glory, “ Sakhi! Blessed is this village of Nandji, where one can meet the supreme lover daily."

Nandgaon is the handsome god's own site where Nandraiji resided and draws the Vaishnava world even as of today.

Yashoda Kunda

The beauty of Yashoda Kund, Panihari Kund,

Pavan Sarovar

Pavan Sarovar, Lalita Kund and so on is unprecedented. Seeming very much alive Puranmasi Gufa,

Shri Sanatanji and Shri Roop Goswami Paad

the sites where Sanatanji and Shri Roop Goswami Paad did worship, and

Aaseshwar Mahadev

Aaseshwar Mahadev are repeating their glorious history.

These places connected to the playful dalliances of the dark god are visible today because of belonging to Krishna's nitya parikar.(eternal circle). Priya-Priyatam sporting here are steeped in romantic dalliances and various spirited antics with their sakhas.On the basis of Bobo's voice, poems and hand-written letters we get a chance to peep into her divine mindset otherwise she was extremely secretive and remained aloof.

She saw, “Krishna,the colour of the condensed sky, in dense groves of the forest. Eyes full of intoxication, he seemed to be humming. Striking a high note at times, his roving eyes seek someone. His turban is slightly tilted due to the whole days' fatigue and has peacock feathers tucked in. Decked with a bunch of tender forest flowers he captivates everyone while the flute tucked in his waistband, is proud of her good fortune. He flings up a ball with his lotus hands and his style of doing so steals everyone's heart.” And soon after Bobo loses her composure!

Ter Kadamba

The next day along with her associates she went for darshan of 'Ter Kadamba' where handsome Shyam would call out to his cows by their individual names and the bhajan site of Shri Roop Goswamiji. While going with the others Bobo saw a dense nikunja which looked dark.Covered with creepers all over, its silence added to the seclusion. At times a parrot and mynah would break the monotony. The sweet sound of a peacock echoed till a great distance.Bejewelled lamps were placed at short intervals in this grove and glimmering in the pitch dark they looked enchanting.

The daughter of Vrashbhanu and the dark-hued son of Nanda were present in that grove with eyes intoxicated due to which their large eyes were slanting. Krishna's kundals (huge earrrings) got entangled with Radha's flower earings and so did their garlands. Bobo was adoring this scene.

Becoming somewhat conscious of their impassioned state when Priya-Priyatam looked up they saw her relishing their dalliance. And what they did soon after has been sung by Bobo, “ Lovingly they beckoned her and who can say what they did later. Countless passionate overtures and terrifying rushes of love were showered, as all three of them reached the heights of elation and ecstasy."

Revered Bobo was residing in Nandgaon as of now. Admiring dense forests, creepers and chiriping sakhis decked in colourful finery walking on the isolated path amidst bent trees,Bobo was absorbed. Today she saw an incident on the path right in front and was spellbound.

“She saw the handsome Krishna standing beneath a dense tree in the tribhang mudra (with bent legs, hips and neck),adjusting his yellow sash with one hand and holding a flute in the other, smiling flirtatiously at her. His mysterious laughter indicated his intoxication and his sidelong glance abducted her consciousness. The arrows of his glance pierced her heart.These arrows laced with poisonous nectar impassion us along with making us ardently long for the dark god.

His secret love is apparent in Krishna's dancing limbs and swinging gait. Looking at Bobo the dark god laughed yet again and striking a note, sang a melody.The terrifying rush of love surged forth in his song and Bobo was thrilled.

The Shrimad Bhagavad was organised in 1990. Therefore staying for some days in Nandgaon revered Bobo came to Vrindavan along with Shri Thakur.

The festival of Raas Purnima was celebrated in 'Barhi Kunj' situated on banks of the Yamuna. Moonlight resting on its huge banks was startled on listening to the tinkling anklets of Priya-Priyatam and their intimate Braj gopis.Becoming vigilant it had a discussion with the shrubs and creepers. A slight breeze began to blow and this site steeped in enthused passion absorbed everyone in a particular bhava.

The moon shining in the distant sky could not compete with Krishna, the blue-hued moon, and stood far away in shame. In such a touching scene Bobo saw the intimacy of Priya-Priyatam bathed in the silver moonlight enjoying the imagined pleasures of an impassioned man and enraptured woman.

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