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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita': Sixth Shloka

mukulaya-mana-nayanambujam vibho-
murali-ninada-makaranda-nirbharam  |
mukha-pankajam manasi me vijrimbhitam  ||6||

May the Lotus Face of Krishna Blossom in the Lake of My Heart

May the lotus face of the Supreme Being (Lord Krishna) blossom in the lake of my Heart and keep blooming forever. The lotus eyes on that lotus face seem to resemble two lotus buds. The sound of the flute is the nectarous honey of this lotus. The soft orbs of its cheeks are likened to a mirror.

The Rasa-Laden Commentary:

Shri Lilashukh says that may the lotus face of my Supreme Being perfected with  an abundance of madhurya (sweetness) and mischief and other virtues, always radiantly bloom in the lake of my heart. The sound of the flute is the particular nectarous pollen of this lotus. The lotus face of this Supreme Being who is a paragon of sweetness, is forever loaded with this pollen rasa. Relishing this pollen is very unique.

 Lord Krishna's Flute is the Wealth of Braj

The flute madhuri of Lord Krishna is a call to eternity . The sweetness of his flute is the uniquely abundant wealth of Braj. The mantras of Vedas are sounded in the openings of the flute.

The flute is a beloved of Lord Krishna's heart. It is tough to live without her. Not just difficult but virtually impossible.

Sakhis Hide Lord Krishna's Flute

Once the sakhis happened to hide the flute. Shyam Sundar was very distressed and frantically searched for the vanshi, but it was all in vain. The sakhis teased Him, 'What is the matter Kanhaiya? Let it be. We will get a new one if it is lost.' Agitated You said,' I will get a new one for each one of you if that is the case. You must return the old flute to me.” Its surrender is no less. The flute has made itself empty or hollow for all times to come and has no sound of its own(The Lord does whatever He wants with her, whenever he wants with her and however he wants with her.)

The mellifluous nectar of Krishna's lips is its sanjivini (a herb that infuses life) and  its ringing sound. It says what Krishna wants to...and delivers solely His message to Krishna's beloved gopis.

The slightly budding pair of lotus eyes are blooming on the lotus face of beautiful Krishna. As if freshly blooming buds are posited on a fully blossomed lotus.

 Shri Radha-Krishna

Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj says,'I saw a unique lotus face on which two lotus eyes are blooming, they are half-closed because the fair complexioned moon(the moonlike face of Shri Radha) is nestled close to it.
Some sakhi pierced by His smile and glance told one of her friends...Today, I do not even remember when those rippling waves of elation and ectasy bathed me-but the religious rapture experienced at that point of time, is still the same. Ever since, sleep seems to have gone somewhere...forcing me to keep awake all the time, it has gone and slept somewhere is the truth sakhi.

Dark-hued Krishna's Sidelong glance

 Bahin! I do not know what has come over me. The messages of His glance, its intoxicating light sounds, are resounding in my heart beats till now. Neither can I  sleep nor can I be alert and keep awake. The body is kind of fatigued, the mind and heart are uneasy and restless, the core of my heart continues to be startled.
Another one such sakhi responded on hearing of her love struck state,”Ah! What can I comment on that beautiful gaze. So many countless rippling waves gush forth from there in quick succession and constantly drown us.

All our social constraints become useless.Our heart like the surging flow of that river, unknowingly or knowingly frantically gushes forth towards that ocean (of Krishna), consciously or unconsciously. A third sakhis intervenes, “ The lotus eyes radiantly bloom with the rasa of His kripa or grace.' All three of them are dumbstruck at the mention of kripa rasa.

The Gleaming Cheeks of Lord Krishna's Lotus Face

 mukurayamana-mridu-ganda-mandalam: There are cheeks gleaming like a mirror on that lotus face. The reflection of kundals (large earrings) is fallling on these smooth, blue-hued, pair of ineffably beautifull cheeks. If Krishna wears golden kundals than there is a yellow-hued sheen on these gleaming case he wears petalled flowers then another kind of lustre cascades from these cheeks. This lustre creates a delicious anguish deep within the gopis' hearts. These beauties relish the nectarous lustre with the cups of their eyes and are immersed in them but their ardent longing is not pacified. The budding cheeks and moreover the shimmering lustre of kundals, arouses them to such an extent that they are forced to say, saundarya sindhu na seem rahi ree.

How beautifully a poet has said:
indraneelmani mukur jyon, gandmridul jhalkaat  |
paanip taral tarang mein, nain meen bahi jaat  ||

 A Lock of Hair Frolics on Krishna's Lotus Face

Or: the gopis' fish like eyes can not stay put in the gushing flow of those frivolous capricious eyes-they drown and sink steadily. Both the tender cheeks are illuminated by the gleam of kundals; when all of sudden a spirited lock of hair breaks free from Krishna's hair noose and begins frolicking on His cheek. The touch of the glossy cheek makes it more greedy to savour the rasa. Seeing this play some enraptured crazy milkmaid was passionately aroused to relish Krishna's love play. The supreme lover laughed on seeing her state, and guess what; the radiance of laughter reigned over His cheeks, creating yet another romantic dallliance. Soon after, a discussion ensued amongs the horde of Krishna's beloveds as to how should they describe the majestic beauty of His lotus face-

Shri Lilashukh ji Longs for Krishna to Bloom in His Heart

Therefor Shri Lilashukh ji says-may the lotus face equipped with a new lustre and madhuri  (sweetness) radiantly bloom in the lake of my heart, for all times to come.

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