Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Fourteenth Shloka

Great Rishis Adopt the Form of Birds & Adulate Krishna

prayo batamba vihaga munayo vane 'smin

krshneksitam tad-uditam kala-venu-gitam

aaruhya ye druma-bhujan ruchira-pravaalaan

srnvanti milita-drso vigataanya-vachah |

(SB 10.21.14)

Eminent Sages Perched as Birds on the Trees of Vrindavan

Meaning: O Sakhi! Leave aside raving about the cows and calves and just have a look at the birds of Vrindavana-it would be a mistake to call them birds. Truly speaking most of them are great rishis and munis who quietly perch on the freshly enchanting branches of the beautiful trees of Vrindavana, budding with new leaves.

Birds Listen to Krishna's Flute Play in Absolute Silence

They do not shut their eyes and constantly gaze at the sweetness of Krishna's form and His love laden sidelong glances, and are delighted. Discarding all other sounds, they listen to His heavenly, enchanting flute-song in rapt attention, forgetting to chirp on such lofty branches of trees, they adopt a vow of silence and sitting in a meditation posture, fail to blink their eyes.

Lords Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Shri Pad Vishwanath Chakravarty says that as per the munis Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Narada, Indra and others are not such adept singers and not so accomplished in the art of singing.

Munis Forget To Sing the Glories of the Vedas

When they catch a glimpse of Krishna's beauteous form and hear the divine flute song sung by Him, such munis forget to rave about the knowledge of their vedas.

Sages Are Ecstatic on Listening to Krishna's Flute Song

In the guise of birds, they reach the heights of religious rapture which surpasses the delight of uniting with Brahma. Steeped in the ecstasy of Krishna, glimpsing His ineffable beauty, and revelling in the sweetness of His flute song, they are perched on the high branches of Vrindavan's trees in absolute silence.

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