Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 213

Raag Kedara

Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi

hari-sam aapdaa-haran |

nahi kou sahaj kripaalu dusah dukh-saagar-taran ||1||

gaj nij bal avloki kamal gahi gayo saran |

deen bachan suni chale garudh taji sunaabh-dharan ||2||

drupadsutaako lagyo dusaasan nagan karan |

'haa hari paahi' kahat poore pat bibidh baran ||3||

ihaai jaani sur-nar-muni-kobid sevat charan |

tulsidaas prabhu ko na abhay kiyo nrig-udharan ||4||

Shri Hari Alleviates Sorrow

There is none else like Shri Hari who can annihilate adversities, instinctively shower his grace and enable us to cross over the ocean of unbearable sorrow ||1||

Gajraj Offers a Lotus to Lord Vishnu

When Gajraj saw his power (was diminishing) and sought your refuge by offering a lotus flower, then listening to his humble request, you instantly came there (running on your feet) with the sudarshan chakra, after abandoning the *garuda . ||2||

Lord Krishna Saves Draupadi's Honour

When Dushasana began to strip *Draupadi off her clothes in (a crowded assembly), then just by her crying out, “Oh God! Protect me!” You made a heap of mult-hued sarees ||3||

King Nriga Attains Deliverance by Lord Krishna

(Very well knowing this loving tenderness of Yours towards the needy), gods, humans,sages and scholars serve your feet. Whom did the Supreme Lord who gave deliverance to *King Nriga, not make fearless? (whosoever sought His refuge, the Lord assured him of his safety) ||4||

Garuda: Vishnu's vehicle is Garuda, the eagle, and he is commonly depicted as riding on his shoulders. Garuda is a lesser Hindu divinity and is depicted as having the golden body of a strong man with a white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak and with a crown on his head. This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun.

Draupadi: Yudhishthira and his four brothers were the rulers of Indraprastha. Dhritarashtra’s son Duryodhana was always jealous of his cousins. To take revenge he conspired to call the Pandavas at Hastinapura and win their kingdoms in gambling. As the game proceeded, Yudhishthira lost all his wealth and kingdom and went on to put his brothers at stake one by one and lost them. Ultimately he put himself at stake, and lost again. But for the Shakuni, the humiliation of Pandavas was not complete and Yudhishthira has to put Draupadi at stake. Shakuni wins. Duryodhana orders Dushasana to forcefully bring her into the forum. Dushasana grabs her by the hair and brings her into the court dragging her by the hair.

To the horror of everybody present, Dushasana tries to strip Draupadi off her sari. Seeing her husbands unable to help her, Draupadi prays to Krishna. A miracle occurs, which is popularly attributed to Krishna. As Dushasana unwraps layers and layers of her sari, her sari keeps getting extended.Finally, a tired Dushasana backs off without being able to strip Draupadi.

King Nriga: gave a cow as charity to a brahman. Unfortunately this cow returned to the king's herd, and so he gave it as charity to another brahman. A quarrel started, which resulted in Nriga being cursed to take the form of a lizard and live in a well. But due to his piety Krishna personally delivered him from this condition and thus Nriga was elevated to the heavenly planet.

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