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Prem Sudha Dhara: Shreeshji

(Page 299)

Shri Hari

Dear Shreesh,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

It is a religious obligation to fulfill our duties willingly, least bothered about what others comment and think. Lord Krishna residing in our heart, is a witness to our deeds. We should be truly genuine in front of him.

29th January 1985

Our physical condition is invariably dependant on past deeds but the mindset is different.The body-mind are subject to and under the shelter of Lord Krishna who constantly absorbs us in his loving tenderness and compassion. He does not let us be dragged by disappointment, sufferings and sorrow, even momentarily; holding us with his softly powerful lotus-hand. The concept of his unfathomable affection can not be bound in a write-up or expressed vocally.

On your birthday I earnestly entreat the lovable Yugal Sarkar (Shri Radha-Krishna,They have two bodies but the soul is identical...Krishna created Radha for the sake of joy) to grant you the attainment of their lotus feet. You may do smarana (meditating) and chintan (reflecting) upon Shri Radha-Krishna for a long time span. True smarana steeps the mind and soul in a delightful dalliance with the divine couple. May Shri Radha-Krishna constantly reside in our hearts; the prime fruition of meditation.

Chintan means abandoning all worries, the body, mind and soul are completely absorbed in the love of Shri Radha-Krishna. One must make whatever effort one can, the child play of a mortal. But for their enthused exultation, to make Shri Radha-Krishna closely intimate in our loving adulation, this is also sufficient. I humbly request them to make you its recipient.

23rd April 1985

Today is Akshay Teej (a Hindu festival observed on the eighteenth day of Vaishakha). Shri Shri Bihariji easily gives darshan or exhibits his protective, softly tender holy feet to his devotees. Repeatedly I entreat these enchanting Shri Charan to bestow escalating loving affection to their dedicated devotees.

May you joyfully engrossed in his chintan-smarana, successfully conclude all your responsiblities considering them his work, free from anxiety because of his powerful support. The lovingly tender Yugal have saved you from terrifying planets (as influencing men's destinies) and bestowed a new lease of life on you. May they bind the mind to the divine with new found enthusiasm, is what I pray for.

30th April 1988

You will be released from the burden of official work as of today. The prime fruition of this freedom is the comforting absorption wherein we fulfill our duties, deeds and responsiblities with calm; the skill which Lord Krishna has revealed in the 'Bhagwad Gita' as the distinguishing characteristic of his dextrous devotee. This ecstatic engrossment is contained in the lotus-tender feet of Shri Yugal Sarkar (Shri Radha-Krishna). One who figures out this supreme objective of his life, is sharp-witted.

You are a traveller of the religious path, whose respite is Shri Bihariji's blue-hued tender lotus feet. May you be steeped in them with a fit body and mind for a long time to come, is my heart's desire and ardent entreaty to the lovingly tender Yugal Shri.

31st January 1990

The trove of joys, Lord Krishna makes us bear the joys and sorrows of life as per our past deeds and props us with his protective lotus hands. May you experience the soothing coolness of his comforting-auspicious hands constantly and attaining his powerful shelter be carefree and delighted forever.

15th April 1990

What should I gift you on the celebration of your birthday, except for a prayer-laden longing that you may fulfill your liabilities for a long time to come with a healthy mindset; constantly calling out to these supremely loving Yugal Sarkar.

Vyakul havai kab terihaun, Nath, Nath, mam Nath.

Suni kai deen pukar, kab,dauri gahoge hath.

Yamuna tath nav kunj mahn, aras-paras batrat.

Kab nirkhaun in drigni te, Gaur-Shyam mridu gaat.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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