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Chapter 49: Bobo's Pilgrimage to Goverdhan, Barsana and Nandgaon

Time is constantly in motion and very powerful.Bobo's health improved gradually. It was her practice to go to Shri Giriraj,Vrashbhanupur and Nandgram.Celebrating Krishna Janamashtami in Vrindavan she left for Giriraj.Still weak she reached with Shri Thakurji while Sushila Bahenji, Omi Bhai and Vijay were accompanying her.

Bobo saw, “Radha-Krishna seated on a smooth boulder in the mountain's enchanting lowlands. Appearing in the backdrop Giriraj looked majestic. Swaying with the gust of some fragrant wind, their dark blue and glowing yellow garments got entangled and so did the peacock tail feather with the veni (string of flowers). The sacred couple were adulating each other with intense passion and their glance had an ardent longing. Priyaji mumbled something and the supreme lover exulted, “Say it once again.” A romantic dalliance decked their eyes and the joyous abandon of laughter was apparent. Revered Bobo's was not content with just relishing this amorous frolic and yearned for more.”

She had no inkling as to how her ill health and physical weakness merged in the terrifying rush of love for Priya-Priyatam. Illness could never subjugate Bobo. Her spiritual strength and evolution were so overpowering that she would be filled with inspiration and delight just by the thought of Shyama-Shyam.

Arrival in Vrashbhanupur

Shri Radha Rani

Delighting for some time in the environs of Giriraj,revered Bobo came to Vrashbhanupur to take part in the festivities of Kishoriji's birth celebrations.Her body was definitely frail and it did not seem safe to climb up for darshan of Shriji.Unexpectedly Shri Rahul Nevile (recipient of her grace) came to know of her ailment and came there personally to inquire about her health. Consequently an opportunity to go up by car arose.He insisted to leave the car at her disposal but Bobo did not agree.

Seeing this cooperation of Priya-Priyatam, Bobo's heart was moved. Becoming nostalgic about the affectionate grace of Radha-Krishna she exulted,

Mamta seenv svamini meree,

Prem paraavadhi Nand Kishore ||

(My svamini Shri Radha is the trove of maternal affection and the son of Nanda,Krishna, is the repository of love.)

She was ailing and weakness escalated.It was tough for her to walk around but she did not want any laxity to affect her yearly regime.The very same night on Radha Ashtami, reaching Delhi from Jakarta (Indonesia) when Shantanu reached Barsana at two in the night by scooter she patted his back and said, “Well done! But do not take on this daring danger for any other task.Doing so for the festivities of Shriji is different since she protects us herself.” She insisted that we go up to spend the night explaining,“At least you will come in the view of Shriji.” This time when she had to go for darshan she had the convenience of travelling by Shantanu's car.

Once she wanted to walk through Gahar Van.Slowly she tread through even on being so weak since her resolve had never been left wanting.She was about to reach Saankari Khor when addressing Sushila Bahenji walking along she pointed,

“Sakhi! Have a look at the handsome young Krishna seated on the pure boulders of Saankari Khor.Looking at us he is smiling. He impassions us and we become ecstatic instinctively.Oh have a look sakhi! He has placed the flute on his reddish lips and fills the breath of love in a novel manner.His frivolous eyes are making our hearts throb. A yellow bud adorns Krishna's thick curly hair and his twisted lock plays on the forehead like a capricious black bee bending to make an ardent entreaty to his budding lips. His yellow sash fluttering with gusts of wind gives rise to an ardent longing in his Braj beloveds. Have a look at the supreme lover in front.”

This time Bobo went on foot and climbed the ascending slope of roughly 200 stairs to Shriji's temple. Everyone was delighted. Having absolute trust in Kishoriji, she went least worried and easily had darshan . Later on she disclosed spontaneously, “When the matter was being discussed at home, the compassionate Kishori could be seen standing in the courtyard of her bhavan (wearing a light sky blue saree which shimmered from a distance) asking me to come up. If I look at my body it is certainly not capable of carrying such a load.However the firm support of some sturdy pair of arms can make the impossible easily possible.”

Shri Nandgaon was the third and final stopover of her journey. It is known as the intensely dear village of the son of Nanda and the residence of Nandraiji. Pining for this place, Bobo insisted, “Come let us go to Nandgaon where one finds the captivating Nandlal,” and she came in quest for him.

Krishna with Balram, his elder brother

Waiting eagerly for her arrival, the handsome Shyam stood on the canopy of his bhavan with his Dau bhaiya elder brother. Seeing him beckon her with his waving hand, Bobo went up to Shri Nandgaon for darshan full of self confidence.

Getting such evident love-laden assurances of Shyama-Shyam at every step what can we say about Bobo's disposition. Where every moment of her life was totally engrossed in this temporal world and simultaneously in the constant closeness of Shyama-Shyam-all of which spilt over in her mannerisms, temperament, sermons and writings.How can we possibly bind the constant surge of her life in any constraint?

Recently Bobo saw, “The handsome god come,holding a flowering branch in his hand.Tilting his neck Krishna looked back at times. His hair was dishevelled but moving affectedly and delighting he advanced alone. His joy is apparent on his face-his eyes are intoxicated and his thick eyelashes steal the heart forcefully.

He is wearing a garland of lotuses and the blue-hued flowers pale in comparison to the the dark lustre of Krishna's beauteous form are crestfallen.His eyebrows are certainly crooked but send passionate messages from his eyes-probably indicating some secret bhava.Seeing him, the guardian of our souls, assume the form of a new Kamdev he makes us ardently long for his closeness-Oh!His captivating picture is laden with rasa-propagating his madhuri or sweetness.

Savouring the enchanting sites of Nandgram revered Bobo came to Vrindavan.Her physical weakness was apparent and she looked somewhat frail-but she never gave importance to bodily obligations nor did she feel dejected.Whereas the seva of Thakurji, his shringara, serving of bhoga and talk about him was an inseparable part of her life. One part of her body in the gross mundane form was attainable for everyone and with her divine plus subtle form she constantly relished the divine play of Shyama-Shyam. Along with them she was passionately absorbed in their romantic dalliances.

At one place she saw, “ A dark-hued sakhi come and taking Priyaji's soft hand in her own insisted, “Sakhi! Let us go to the new grove situated to the left of the kadamba tree.The blue god has decked it with soft flower petals by his own hands.” Meanwhile Priyaji looked at her with affection and alarm,laughing she arranged her aanchal.When they interchanged glances a terrifying rush of love gushed forth.Soon enough Kishoriji and handsome Krishna in the guise of the dark sakhi headed towards the nikunja-what ensued later can be seen after going there or imitating some passionately fortunate sakhi.”

From Nandgaon Bobo along with Shri Thakurji,Sushila Bahenj and Viajy arrived at Nirmal Gupta's place in Vrindavan. Pampered by Bobo's affection Nirmal had persisted that she visit her along with Thakurji. On the other hand Vimla Sharma and Nirmala Sharma were close and respectful towards Bobo due to teaching. Granting affection ,Bobo along with Thakurji went to both the sisters for some time.Celebrating Diwali at Govind Ghat, Bobo had come to stay permanently in the divine site of the Radhavallabhans near Raas Mandal where Santosh Narang used to live (Bobo had instructed her in Barsana itself to find a room near Yamuna and fix it.)

That very day she was joyous when she saw, “ The flirtatious Priya-Priyatam seated in a new nikunja.Intoxicated by the slight frargrance of a budding rose in their hands, they were talking passionately. Caressing the tender arm of Priyaji, the supreme lover was rapturous,whispering some spirited words in her ears. Constantly adoring each other, Priyaji was ecstatic and shut her eyes.Krishna could not bear this and blowing on her face made her look up at once.”Adulating this sweetness of form, Bobo began residing there.

She would often sight Priya-Priyatam coming with a smile from the Yamuna's banks and was thrilled on seeing them standing beneath a tree absorbed in some bhava. Sometimes she would watch them constantly teasing each other and the herd of sakhis would throng there with a romantic dalliance gushing forth.

Today's episode showered greater rasa and was really charming.Some sakhis were selecting flowers and arranged them beautifully in platters,keeping them a bit away from Priya-Priyatam.They hung strings of yellow and white blossoms at the entrance door and window and a row of roses in their midst, which looked greatly enchanting.The softly sweet fragrance charged Radha-Krishna emotionally and tugged at their heart strings. Getting up from the bed with impassioned eyes, the two sat up. The enraptured yugal looked at the sakhis who were aroused with that love laden glance.

Revered Bobo remained ill for long time spans with fever ravaging her at times. Undisputedly it would be affecting her physically but her spiritual strength was so well nourished and genuine that it did not have any particular impact on her life.She did like to take rest by nature and illness could never overpower her. Always its hidden form was apparent before everyone.

Bobo's spiritual strength when she was ailing and above all her not being morose due to illnesses and their aftermath was amazing. She talked about Priya-Priyatam and their legends while relishing their divine play with the same enthused fervour.

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