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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixty-fourth Shloka

Text 64
madhuram adhara-bimbe mashjulam manda-hase
amrita-nade shitalam drishti-pate |
vipulam aruna-netre vishrutam venu-nade ,
balam alokaye nu ||6

Simple Meaning:

Sapphire Blue Krishna with Red Lips Like the Bimba Fruit

When will I be able to see that young boy Krishna, who has a complexion as deep blue as a sapphire and whose lips are so very sweet like the bimba fruit. Whose mild smile is very charming, nectarean voice is so very cooling, dawn-red eyes are large and whose flute-song is renowned the world over?

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 Gopis are Drawn Like Bees to a Smiling Krishna
Shri Billavmangalji is asking for such a sweet, joyus and beautiful wish. Oh handsome, youthful darling son of Nanda! When will you appear in front of these eyes of ours and get coolness looted? When will you cool our hearts and souls? Ah! You are so ineffably beautiful, so charming, so tender, lovely and enchanting! A slight, tender laughter is sprinkling on Your sweet lips. With this very laughter you have enchanted the Braj beauties' minds which are capricious like black bees.They have been smitten by the pollen of laughter scattered on your lotus face.

Braj Maidens Drawn by Krishna

shishiram amrita-nade: Your voice is so sweet, is so juicy, it seems to be dipped in nectar, truly only the one who has heard your talk soaked in nectar knows about it. Just look at what the Braj maidens do to listen to more and more of this nectarean talk of Yours:

'batras lalach laal ki murli dai lukay |

sauh karain bhaunhani hanse, den kahain nat jayan ||

 Braj Beauties Hide Krishna's Flute

 The rasa or flavour of blue-hued beautiful Krishna is such that on getting a chance Braj beauties hide His flute. Krishna, the connoisseur of rasa, understands what they are upto. He begins entreating cringingly and asks for His flute. Now the sakhis got a chance to hear His savorous sweet talks.

At times they  say, “We haven't hidden the flute”

Sometimes they incite Him,” It is certainly with us” but refuse to give to Him when He asks for it. In this manner the beautiful gopis are always eager and desirous to listen to Krishna's sweet voice. Not only Krishna's voice but everything about Him is enchanting.

The Cool Glance of Lord Krishna

shitalam drishti-pate:Ah! His glance is cool and so very beautiful and leads to such a flow of rasa. Putting a balm of cool nectar on our agonised lives it frees us from the sufferings of the past so many lives.Compassion, affection, love,friendliness, passionate love, loving affection and what not is laden in these large fawn-red eyes of His? May that glance surge forth like an unrestrained source and all those who come in the course of its flow...even if they don't but see His nectarean gaze cascading on someone else something quite different happens, and then one's joy and good fortune have no limit. It is a glance laden with sweetness. Ah! Such beautiful , charming, juicy, ardent, intoxicating and tapering eyes are His.

 Drowning in Lord Krishna's Nectarean Flute Play

vishrutam venu-nade: Morever, the dazzling flute play of Krishna! He loves to dally with His flute; drowning the animate and inanimate beings in the nectar of His flute sound, dark-hued Krishna makes one forget one's own selfwhen will this Natwar who plays such a flute song appear before us.

 The Ineffably Beautiful Krishna

 Let us also mingle our feeble voice with the voice of Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj and ask, “When will the One who has a complexion as deep blue as a sapphire, whose lips are so very sweet like bimba fruit, whose mild smile is so charming, nectarean voice is so very cooling, dawn-red eyes are so large and whose flute-song is renowned the world over become perceptible to us?” My eyes are longing to relish that beauteous form of His. Ah! Where should I go? What should I do?

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