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45th & 46th Dohas of Sunderkand

sådara tehi åge° kari bånara,cale jahå° raghupati karunåkara||
durihi te dekhe dvau bhråtå,nayanånamda dåna ke dåtå||1||
bahuri råma chabidhåma biloki,raheu thatuki ekataka pala roki||
bhuja pralamba kamjåruna locana,syåmala gåta pranata bhaya mocana||2||
simgha kamdha åyata ura sohå,ånana amita madana mana mohå||
nayana nira pulakita ati gåtå,mana dhari dhira kahi mrdu båtå||3||
nåtha dasånana kara mai bhråtå,nisicara bamsa janama suratråtå||
sahaja påpapriya tåmasa dehå,jathå ulukahi tama para nehå||4||

Vibhishana Sees Lord Rama & Lakshmana

Respectfully positing Vibhishana in front, the monkeys proceeded again to where the all-compassionate Lord of the Raghus was.Vibhishana sighted the two brothers who were delightful to the eyes (giving happiness) from a distance.Soon after, he beheld Lord Rama, the abode of graceful beauty. Spellbound, he stopped blinking and gazed fixedly at the Lord.

Lord Rama, the Supreme Being

The Supreme Being had exceptionally long arms, eyes resembling the red lotus and he had a dark-hued body to destroy the fear of refugees. His shoulders were like a lion's and he had a broad chest which exuded great charm. He had a face which could infatuate countless Kamdevs (Cupid, god of love)

Seeing the svarupa of God, tears of love flooded Vibhishana's eyes and his body was ecstatic.Thereafter mustering courage, he spoke gentle words, “Oh Lord! I am the brother of the ten-headed Ravana.Oh protector of the gods, I have taken birth in the race of demons!I have a body characterised by the trait of tamas (malevolence and ignorance) and I have a natural liking for sins just as an owl is fond of darkness. "

sravana sujasu suni åyau°prabhu bhamjana bhava bhira|
tråhi tråhi årati harana sarana sukhada raghubira||45||

"I have come on hearing of your great renown with my own ears, that You my Lord are the annihilator of the fear of rebirth (cycle of birth and death) in this world.Save me, do save me! Oh Hero of the Raghus, who dispels the sorrows of the distressed and grants delight to those who take refuge in you!" (45)
asa kahi karata damdavata dekhå,turata uthe prabhu harasa biseså||
dina bacana suni prabhu mana bhåvå,bhuja bisåla gahi hrdaya° lagåvå||1||
anuja sahita mili dhiga baithåri,bole bacana bhagata bhayahåri||
kahu lamkesa sahita parivårå,kusala kuthahara båsa tumhårå||2||
khala mamdali ° basahu dinu råti,sakhå dharama nibahai kehi bhå°ti||
mai jånau° tumhåri saba riti,ati naya nipuna na bhåva aniti||3||
baru bhala båsa naraka kara tåtå,dusta samga jani dei bidhåtå||
aba pada dekhi kusala raghuråyå, jau° tumha kinhi jåni jana dåyå||4||

Lord Rama & Lakshmana

When the Lord saw him prostrating after uttering these words, He got up joyously in an instant.The Lord was very pleased to hear the humble words of Vibhishana. Holding him with his long arms, He hugged him to his heart.Meeting him along with Lakshmana, his younger brother, and making him sit by his side,Lord Rama spoke words which dispel the fear of His devotees.

“Tell me, Oh Lankesh, if all is well with you and your family since you reside in such vicious surroundings. Day in and day out you live amidst factions of evil people. (In such a state) My friend how do you manage your religious obligations? I very well know of all your ways (virtuous conduct). You are extremely adept in ethics and do not approve of any injustice. Oh dear, it is far better to live in hell but may the Creator never give us company of the wicked!"

Vibhishana Falls At Lord Rama's Feet

(Vibhishana clarified) “ Oh Lord of the Raghus! I am fine now after having had darshan (seeing) of your feet. You have had mercy on me on knowing me to be your servant. "
Doha: 46
taba lagi kusala na jiva kahu° sapanehu° mana bisråma|
jaba lagi bhajata na råma kahu° soka dhåma taji kåma||46||

Lord Rama

"There can be no happiness for a living being and neither can his mind be at peace even in his dreams unless he renounces lust (sensual enjoyment) which is the abode of sorrow, and worships Lord Rama."

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