Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diary 8 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji: 8pm to 9.30pm

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Now I strive to make a note of Great Saint Ushaji's activities after 8 pm daily at the holy Dham of Vrindaban.

The time slot from 8pm to 8.30 pm was comparatively free. Soon after evening kirtan or songs of a devotional nature would begin and then from 9 pm onwards Saint Ushaji initiated the Shyan or sleeping program of Thakurji. So during this brief half an hour She lay down for a few minutes in case she was fatigued due to visitors dropping in during the day. At times She discussed personal matters with a guest if any; as this was a golden opportunity for him to discuss spiritual progress or individual issues.

Often, Saint Ushaji used this precious time to read a new book She had received. Poojya Bahinji offered to be the kathakar in class with Sootji of the 'Bhagwatam' ! To exemplify, in 1986, Saint Ushaji was reading the Gospel of Swami Ramakrishan Paramhans (1836-1886). Another of her favourite books was 'Chaitanya Charitavali'.. 'Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Lord Gauranga.' Once I saw Her going through the XIIth Chapter of the 'Gita'.

"Our beloved Saint Ushaji, of 18th Feb, 2008 is jayanti of Swami Ramkrishan Paramhansa fame, often used to sing its verses from number 13 to 20 day in and day out ! ."

I must point out that even though Saint Ushaji was a divine personality of the highest order, She staunchly believed in the study and manan of scriptures as part of the daily routine in a devotee's life. Let us bow to the lotus feet of the 'Gita', 'Ramayana' and 'Bhagwatam' most humbly.

By now it was 8.30 pm and the evening kirtan began. Her nishta or commitment in Hari-Naam was very much like Namdevji Maharaj .Sometimes Saint Ushaji but more often than not revered Sheela Bahinji initiated it. Or if there was a visitor, he would be encouraged in this fashion, " Aaj to aaphi kirtan karao ". It was a perfect way to involve the person in this divine process. Let me explain if I was present, Saint Ushaji asked me to do kirtan :--


By heart She remembered your favorite devotional song and asked you to repeat it between 8.30 to 9 pm. It was an ideal method of individual coaching on Her part. Therefore whether it was kids, adults or elders all of us vividly remember Saint Ushaji because She made spirituality, often a puzzle for households, a mere cakewalk for us. Ek easy Rajpath taiyar kar diya, koi bhi chale without any thorns or impediments. Perhaps I am at a loss of words to express our deep gratitude to Her on behalf of the whole of humanity. Saint Ushaji sacrificed every minute She had at the cost of Her personal comfort, rest, sleep and bore physical pain so that everyone associated with Her could aspire to become Swami Vivekananda .

And if She did not succeed, She would remark in a humble fashion, "You are Swami Vivekananda but alas no Swami Ramakrishan Paramhans (1836-1886) could meet you ! "

Such level of humility ( TRANADAPI SUNIHEN ....Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Lord Gauranga) , I have not witnessed anywhere and thus I reiterate that Saint Ushaji was truly a unique, unparalleled Saint I have ever come across in my life .....

Coming back to my narration, we were at kirtan upto 9 pm. On Ekadasi , additional " ADHRAM MADHURAM ".... "MADHURSHTAK", the credit goes to Adi Shankaracharyaji, used to be chanted which is most enchanting really. ......"ARTI KIJE NAVNGAR KI" ,that is sung daily at the famous Banke Bihariji temple of Vrindavan .

After the kirtan-arti was over with , Vijayji would gently hand over the shaiya to Saint Ushaji for the most beautiful Shayan of Yugalsarkar. At around 9.20 pm , milk-bhog was served . Around 9.30 pm Saint Ushaji and all of us would drink it . Often an Auntie sang a Shyan Pad from one of the Rasiks , say , Saint Meera Bai or ancient Acharya Vallabhachryaji on the 'Gita' .

Instantly I rose to wash Her glass, rushed to place it in the kitchen and fell fast asleep, since Goswami Tulsidassji wrote in Sri Ramcharitmanas TAB RAHAUN ACHET ! For me the world was off and only at 3.30 am would I wake up. Now my conscious was awake. So I don't know for how many hours, Saint Ushaji used to get sleep ! Perhaps a wee bit since if I got up sometimes at 1 or 2 pm , I always found Her awake, fanning Thakurji , just sitting silently before Him. She had complete control over Her sleep and food exactly like a Yogi does ...Swami Sivanandaji of Divine Life Society , Rishikesh.

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the narration in all the entries is akin to wandering thoughts expressed in words....this breaks the flow for a netizen.I am sure though, your thoughts/blog is for evolved souls steeped in 'brajbhoomi' stories.