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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Forty-first Shloka

amuny adhanyani dinantarani ,
hare tvad-alokanam antarena  |
anartha-bandho karunaika-sindho  !
ha hanta ha hanta katham nayami  |

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna, the Friend of Destitutes

O Friend of destitutes! O only Ocean of mercy! O my Lord! Alas! Alas! You only tell me how  to pass these ill-fated moments and worthless days and nights without seeing you?

The Rasa-Laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna, the Ocean of Mercy

O Friend of the helpless! I am an orphan and You are my only Friend. O Ocean of mercy! You are the unfathomable Ocean of mercy.O Hari1! Alleviator of sorrow,  Reliever of pain. Without a glimpse of You how shall I pass these worthless days.

 The Flute Play of Lord Krishna

In the previous shloka Shri Bilavmangal ji was hearing Lord Krishna's flute play and tinkling anklets, and he assumed that the Lord was coming close to him. Not seeing dark-hued Krishna near him, he is extremely distressed. Eagerly desirous to catch a glimpse of Him, he is in a very dejected state. Not tolerating the delay, he ardently longs to meet Lord Krishna.

Dark-hued Krishna Resides in the Hearts of His Devotees

He says, “O Hare2! It is Your very nature to alleviate the pain of those who seek shelter in You. How should I pass my time without seeing You. Without which even a moment seems like a yuga or age. Those rasikas3 are truly fortunate in whose hearts You dally forever and whom Your lotus feet always ornament. I pray to these supremely tender feet that they forever sport in this empty heart and make this life fruitful.

Shri Bilavmangal ji's Sole Refuge, Lord Krishna

You are the sole refuge of destitutes like us! O Ocean of mercy! Kindly manifest in front of my eyes and cool these anguished eyes. Alas! Whom should I tell about the ache in my heart.? Who is my well-wisher who will carefully listen to what I have to say? Who is there to recognize the wound of my heart? And who will  believe the agony which is afflicting my heart.

Surrounded by Sakhis is Lord Krishna

Sakhi ! mere man ki ko jane !
kasan kahun jo chit dai, hit ki baat bakhanai ||
aeso ko hai antaryami, turat peer pahichane |
'narayan' jo beet rahi hai, kab koi sach mane ||
(Narayan Das)

O Supreme Lover! Have some mercy on my plight. How much longer do I have to wait?

1.Hari: Lord Krishna 

2. Hare: Lord Krishna 

3. Rasika: a person moved by passionate religious devotion esp. for Krishna

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