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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixty-first Shloka

cikuram bahulam viralam bhramaram
vacanam vipulam nayanam |
madhuram vadanam madhuram
caritam ca kada nu vibhoh ||61||

Simple Meaning:

The Ineffable Beauty of Lord Krishna

 When will I have the great good fortune to relish the rasa of [fastening into a top knot] my Lord's thick locks, lying like separate rows of bees [on His shoulders]? When [shall I hear] His soft words,[see] His large eyes,[kiss] His sweet lips, [adulate] His sweetly beautiful face and [experience] His pastimes loaded with fickleness?

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna's Hair Tied into a Top Knot

 Assuming the sakhi bhava Shri Bilavmangalji asks, “ When will I tie Lord Krishna's dense locks of hair into a top knot? When will I arrange the separate strands of hair lying dishevelled like capricious black bees on His forehead? When will I hear His gentle words and see His large eyes? When will I able to taste the nectar of His sweet lips? When I be able to behold His lotus face? When will I relish dark-hued Krishna's capricious nature and His playful dalliances?

You are the Supreme Being, a treasure trove of sweet beauty, and are capable of removing all sorrows. When will I get a chance of serving You? When will my ardent longing be fulfilled?

When will I be able to make a top knot of Your glossy dense locks of hair and embellish it with a peacock feather and a cluster of flowers? When will I arrange the locks of hair flying around your lotus face like a horde of black bees? “

The composer is adulating the beauteous form of Lord Krishna but is not being satisfied.

Curly Locks Frame Lord Krishna's Face 

viralam bhramaram: This top knot has been decorated with fragrant flower ornaments, the sakhis have made it fragrant.The forest is scented with the fragrance of His face, the black bees greedy for nectar have been passionately drawn by the transcendental scent of Krishna's body. This beautiful dense mop of hair is a unique black bee by itself. The strands of hair keep encompassing His lotus face to drink its sweetness, sometimes frolicking on His forehead and at times covering His smooth pair of cheeks. Assuming the sakhi bhava Bilavmanagalji is watching, getting enchanted and drinking that necatrine form.

Sweet Words Cascade from Krishna's Lips

 mrdulam vacanam: There is infinite joy in just talking about Him. Moreover, if Krishna happens to talk Himself such delight would be showered. Tallking about Him may get transformed into talking with Him. These cowherdesses drink the same sweet words constantly cascading from His nectareous lips-
phool jharat janu, jab hansi bolat |
('Madhur Ras Nirjhar')
which means:
' It seems as if flowers are cascading in showers from His nectareous lips.'

The gopis say in the 'Raas Panchadhyayi:'
'valguvakyaya, budh manogya, vidhikaririma veer muhayati |'
which means:
'Irrigated with the nectar of love, whom will His voice not charm.'

Long and Shapely Eyes of Krishna

vipulam nayanam: His eyes are long and shapely and are spreading extreme fickleness. Well, what is the reason for this? Ah! Look there is a horde of gopis in front. Hearing the tinkling anklets of these Braj beauties as they balance their water pots, the eyes of this amorous prankster are raised all of a sudden...yes, the lowered eyes open and these large eyes are locked in those countless eyes and loaded with fickleness:

' yuvati jan man phandna, ambuj nayan vishal ho '
(Chaturbhuj Das)
which means:
' Truly these large lotus eye are like a steadfast noose for the minds and hearts of young maidens. “

Huge eyes and a streak of collyrium applied to them. Who will not get infatuated? Having thick curved eyelashes, These huge eyes triumph over the charm, loveliness and full bloom of lotus clusters. They are the peak of fickleness and capriciousness, these pair of eyes. The Braj beauties are caught in the whirl of this capriciousness.

Red Lips & Sweet Smile of Krishna

 adharam madhuram :How is the sweetness of these lips. The smile playing on Krishna's lips is so very sweet. The red lustre of His budding lips! Who will the gleaming rows of teeth, peeping between His lips not infatuate.

lakhi jin lal ki muskan |
so to bhayo sawan ko aandhro, soojhat nahin aan |

Ths Braj beauties are sold out an smitten by this smile.The life and soul of Bilavamangalji Maharaj who has assumed the sakhi bhava is coloured by this sweet smile.

Tilak on Krishna's forehead

 vadanam madhuram:
The tilak or sectarian mark on Krishna's forehead is giving itself airs on its beauty. A handsome nose, round smooth cheeks, laughing aloud this lovely moonlike face, is the zenith of the Braj maidens' good fortune. They constantly keep plunging into this unique rasa or flavour of divine love.

The sweetness of Krishna's limbs is driving the hearts and souls crazy and then his 'mischievous nature' on top of it. His nature to be involved in spirited antics captivates what ever resoluteness is left in us.

Mother Yashoda Dotes over Krishna

 Darling Krishna persistently asks His affectionate mother Yashoda,” maiya mai to chandra khilauna laiho' (Mother I will take the moon as my toy) and 'nai dulhaniya laiho' ( I will take a new bride) and enchants us by the rasa or flavour of these playfull dalliances.

Krishna has gone and reached amidst the sakhis. Sometimes He throws up the pitcher filled with water, at times he breaks the pitcher on the pretext of dadhidaan (or tribute of dahi or yoghurt as paid by the herdgirls to Krishna), because of which he gets drenched or soaked in yoghurt.

Krishna Guised as a Woman

 At times guised as a woman dark-hued Krishna goes and sits amidst sakhis and takes part in their various plans Himself.Regarding the episode of makhan chori or stealing of butter Krishna says,” While stealing milk and yoghurt you will catch hold of Him, but why don't you catch Him when He robs and runs away with your hearts and souls.?” Hearing this the gopis were taken aback as to who was this new sakhi. And soon after the secret of her Krishna dressed as a identity is revealed.

Krishna's Spirited Antics

 In this way there is no count of mischievous Krishna's spirited antics. It is a unique disposition which makes one lose consciousnes of one's body, mind and soul, it is a supremely sweet nature of His.
Adulating every limb of dark-hued Krishna Shri Bilavmangalji, infatuated by His ineffable beauty is praying that when will he be able to see this beauteous form very closely with his heart and soul, “ When will my heart be immersed in thess sweet playful manners or ways of Krishna? much longer will it take?

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