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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXII

Revered Manohar Baba & Usha Bahenji
Once revered Usha Bahenji, a devout saint, having done an aachman (sipping water from the palm of the right hand as a ritual purification) of river Yamuna was passing from the front of Manohar Baba's kutiya. She thought of respectfully greeting Bhaiya (she considered Manohar Baba as her elder brother) on the way before proceeding. Soon after, she contemplated that it would be of no use since the door of his hut would be closed. However when she lifted her eyes to look at Baba's kutiya she was astonished.The door of the hut was wide open and standing on the terrace, Baba was beckoning her to come over.

Lord Krishna Peeping In

Later on Baba revealed, “All of a sudden while doing bhajan (worshipping God with devotional songs) I saw Thakurji (living svarupa of Lord Krishna) peeping in from the window of my hut.With the hint of a smile he mishievously asked me,' Is my entry also banned?' The instant I stepped out of my kutiya after listening to this teasing interlude, I saw you.” Hearing this episode, Usha Bahenji was ecstatic.

Baba had implicit faith in Shri Hanuman ji ever since his childhood. Once it so happened that he was lying down in his hut in a semi-conscious state.

Shri Narsingh Bhagvan

Suddenly he felt that he was sitting in the verandah in front of the puja-room of Shri Narsingh Bhagvan, his family diety, in his house situated in Maheshwar. The idols of Ganesh ji, Gopal ji,Hanuman ji and other gods were resplendent in the puja chamber apart from Bhagvan Narsingh.

Hanuman ji, a Great Devotee of Shri Ram

Hanuman ji leaped and came out from there and sat in a heroic posture towards his right ear. The instant Hanuman ji bent his face towards Baba's ear, Baba was apprehensive that he would give Baba the Ram Mantra. But amazingly Hanuman ji whispered Krishna, Krishna, Krishna three times in his ear and vanished.

Shri Krishna

In this amazing manner Hanuman ji who is a staunch bhakta of Shri Ram gave Baba the name of his isht or favoured diety and nourished his dedicated devotion to Shri Krishna.

Once Manohar Baba went to meet saint Shri Usha Bahenji at ' Vedant Niketan (Anant Bhavan) where she stayed. The two of them sang glories of the Divine for quite some time. When he was about to come back from there, Usha Bahen ji urged him, “ Stay on for some more time.” The instant she said so, the footsteps of Baba stopped right there and he gained entry into a unique lila or divine play of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna's Divine Play

This temporal world vanished before him for some time and he was steeped in relishing the Lord's playful dalliance. When he laughed on looking at revered Usha ji she also burst out laughing. After standing in this manner for a while Baba spiritedly returned to his kutiya in joyous abandon.

This incident dates back to the time when Shri Usha Bahen ji used to stay at Lalit Bahenji's house. Manohar Baba dropped in once in the evening. Dense clouds gathered all of a sudden and it began to rain heavily. (page 372 of 'Smriti Kaumudi,' the memoirs of Shri Manohar Das ji)

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