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Vinay Patrika: Shri Ram Stuti [45]

Raag Gauri

Shri Ram's Pitambar Flashes Like Lightning on His Dark-Hued Body

shriramchandra kripaalu bhaju man harann bhavbhay darunnam |

navkanj-lochan, kanj-mukh, kar-kanj, pad kanjaarunnam ||1||

kandarp agnnit amit chhavi, navneel neerad sundaram |

pat peet maanhu tadhit ruchi shuchi naaumi janak sutaavaram ||2||

bhaju deenbandhu dinesh daanav-daaitya-vansh nikandanam |

raghunand aanandkand koshalchand dashrath-nandanam ||3||

sir mukut kundal tilak chaaru udaaru ang vibhooshannam |

aajaanubhuj shar-chaap-dhar, sangraam-jit-khardooshannam ||4||

iti vadati tulseedaas shankar-shesh-muni-man-ranjanam |

mam hriday kanj nivaas kuru, kaamaadi khal-dal-ganjnam ||5||

The Merciful Shri Ramchandra ji

O heart of mine! Sing devotional hymns for the merciful Shri Ramchandra ji. He is the one who dispels the terrifying fear of the worldly cycle of birth and death, His eyes are like freshly budding lotuses;

Shri Ram is Likened to a Red Lotus

His face, hands and feet are similar to a red lotus||1||

Shri Ram, the Husband of Janaki

The lustre of His beauty surpasses innumerable Kamdevs put together. His body is lovely-hued like a fresh, blue water-laden cloud,the pitambar or yellow sash seems to flash like lightning on His body which is like the condensed cloud. I respectfully salute such an embodiment of purity, Shri Ram ji who is the husband of Janaki||2||

Shri Ram, the Darling Son of Dashratha

O heart of mine! Worship Shri Ram, the darling son of Dashratha. A friend of the poor, brilliant like the sun, the one who destroys the races of demons and fiends by their very roots, is a source of bliss and is so like the pristine moon in the sky of the Kosal Kingdom ||3||

Shri Ram Decked in Finery

The one on whose head rests the bejewelled crown, kundals (large ear-rings) adorn his ears, a beautiful tilak (sectarian mark) is made on His forehead, and lovely ornaments decki every limb of His; whose long arms extend upto His knees, who bears a bow and arrow; and has triumphed over *Khar-Dushan in battle ||4||

Shri Ram Makes Lord Shiva Joyous

Tulsidas prays that the same Shri Raghunath ji who delights the minds of Lord Shiva, *Adishesha and sages, and annihilates foes like lust,anger and greed, should forever dwell in the lotus of his heart||5||

Shri Ram Kills Khar-Dushan

*Khar-Dushan: In their 14th year of exile, demoness Surpanakha, widowed sister of Ravana, came to Panchavati. She was infatuated by Ram and asked him to marry her. Ram refused since he was married to Sita and asked her to approach Laxman instead. When Lakshmana also refused, enraged Surpanaka rushed to kill Sita. Lakshama intervened and cut off her nose. Bleeding, Surpanaka ran to her brother, Khar-Dushan and narrated the incident. Khar-Dushan headed towards Panchavati and attacked Ram but was killed in the battle.

Lord Vishnu Resting on Adisesha

*Adisesha: In Hindu Vedic tradition, Adishesha (Sheshanaag) is the king of all nagas and one of the primal beings of creation. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all planets of the Universe on his hoods and constantly sing the glories of Vishnu from his mouths. It is said that when Adi-Shesha uncoils the time moves and creation takes place. When he coils back, the universe ceases to exist.

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