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Chapter 14: The Revolutionaries' Change of Heart- Salvation of a Horse

Shri Madhavacharya's Philosphy of Shudh Dwait or Pure Dualism

In the theory of dualism happiness is linked with sorrow and the forces of good and evil are balanced in this mundane world. Where hope and longing are harbingers of joy, adverse conditions do not seem delightful.In case everyone becomes modest, wealthy and noble, the entire play of the world's creator would be futile.

Violence & Nonviolence

Violence and non-violence are two ends of a constant cycle according to the principle of evolution. Those who are vulnerable and unknowingly head towards evil, repent on becoming conscious of this fact(Most people are of this disposition).

Shri Usha Bahenji's Loving Tenderness

Elders believing in highly restrictive conventional norms, the youth influenced by modern perspectives, spirited boys stepping into adolescence, young children and even infants were irresistibly drawn towards Usha Bahenji's magnetic persona. Each felt that Bobo's affection was reserved exclusively for him. Usha Bahenji distributed Krishna's loving tenderness with a generous hand. Eminent men would certainly be impressed by her simplicity, sentimentality, good-hearted, calm and compassionate nature, which exuded a sense of affinity.

Lord Vishnu Resides in our Heart

Once a learned brahman of the Sanatan Dharam Mandir in Ambala Cantonment saw her horoscope and foretold, "Lali! Society will throng to you even if you are secluded in a forest." Having implicit belief in Radha-Krishna and completely relying on them-she expressed the in-dwelling Vishnu by ecstatic and evocative expressions of love towards all.

She strongly advocated non-violence but during her tenure as a principal she had to punish children. Thrashing was not in her nature and she would make them stand up at times. On doing so, she entreated," God,I have taken this step merely for proper functioning of the school and the student's improvement." On some pretext she continued to stand for that time span.

A Donkey Blocked Their Way

Her gentle disposition was apparent in every act. Once while journeying a donkey blocked their path obstinately and would not budge. The writer pelted a small pebble which the donkey hardly felt since he was so used to being beaten. Bobo was furious and said that Vijay had hurt her in the process. Affirming that she would not drink water for the day,she wept and had to be placated.

Returning from Delhi by Train

Once it so happened, that she was returning from Delhi with her father by train. Some young men shared the compartment and bragged about tales of their courage.This event occurred after India's independence when people fumed with indignation against the British Rule and insurgency surfaced off and on.

She listened and when they calmed down, managed to make them her own with logical reasoning. The unruly elements were indeed ashamed of their deeds.

Meanwhile they arrived at Ambala Station and revered Bobo got ready to get down. One of the young men offered her a dagger and resolved," Bahen it is a matter of great pride to have great personalities of the likes of you in our nation. We will never err from today onwards. Kindly accept our token which you will probably need sometime."

Presented a Dagger

Seeing the weapon, she explained," Bhaiya I am never going to use this. One should be such a powerful upholder of non-violence that people are influenced; voicing your opinion comes much later."

The youth insisted," You must accept it as a symbol of the turning point in your brothers' lives." People saw the dagger safely stashed with her later on. The question of bringing it into use did not arise.

Deliverance of a Horse's Soul

A Tonga

The matter dates back to around 1975. Revered Bobo was returning from Krishna Nagar in a tonga. Sushila Bahenji, Darshan and Vijay accompanied her. When the carriage drove a bit further than Birla Mandir, the horse's soul earnestly entreated her for its salvation.The tonga rider drove with joyous abandon with the horse's soul facing Ushaji alongside.Bobo was moved by loving compassion. Everyone got down and headed home on reaching Vrindavan. Bobo sent Vijay to find out about the black horse's condition.

The Robust Horse Attained Deliverance

They had come to know earlier that the tonga belonged to Mathura. The robust horse was well nourished and the spirited driver was a denizen of Braj.The very next day when Vijay inquired, its driver revealed that the horse was very costly and the owner would religiously attend to his needs. Not having the slightest inkling of how the sturdy horse gave up its life with no earlier illness, they were in a state of shock and its owner was deeply grieved.

When Vijay narrated this scene to Bobo she revealed the entire incident to Sushila Bahenji, Darshan and Uma.

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