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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-fourth Shloka

pushnanam etat punarukta-shobham , 
 ushnetaramshor udayan mukhendoh  |
trishnamburashim dviguni-karoti  ,
krishnahvayam kishcana jivitam me  ||84||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna's Moonlike Face

 This certain person known as Krishna is my very life and is present in front of me. With the rising of His moonlike face He dulls the nourished lustre of the cooling moon and doubles the ocean of my thirst to behold Him.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna's Madhurya or Sweet Love

 The madhurya or sweet love of Lord Krishna is fresh and new every moment like the water in a coursing river. This the very nature of Krishna's madhurya or utmost sweetness.

With the rising of His moonlike face the lustre of the dull moon is further dulled.

Lord Krishna Illuminates The Entire Universe 

The entire brahmand or universe is illuminated with the bright light of Lord Krishna then why won't the moon of this loka be lighted? On beholding such an auspiciously endowed moonlike face Billavmangalji's ardent longing to behold him is further escalated.

Waxing & Waning Moon

 The moon is endowed with nectar, lustre, bestows coolness, and constantly augments rasa but it waxes and wanes therefore it can not be equated to the moonlike face of Krishna.This dark-hued face is the repository of madhurya or sweetness. 

Firewood Becomes Moist on Hearing Krishna's Flute Play

Krishna's flute play circulates nectar that is why the gopikas say:

'murhar! randhan samye ma karu murliravan madhuram  |' ( Shrimad Bhagwat)

'Even our dry firewood becomes moist with the melodious sound of your flute and it becomes difficult for us to cook food.'

Ocean Waves Swell on Seeing the Full Moon

 Although prema is full in itself but a constant longing to taste more of it is its very nature. The more His loving devotees relish Krishna's nectareous form the more their ardent longing to see Him escalates just as the ocean waves swell on seeing the full moon.

Chatak or Pied Cuckoo

 Nand Dasji says:
'chatak ki chonchput sab ghan kaise samat |'
How can a chatak1 or loving devotee's mind be satisfied on gazing at that repository of ineffable beauty. An ardent longing to see more and more of Krishna escalates. This very thirst is what gives us life.

This is a unique nectarean form by drinking which one's thirst is not quenched but rather increases all the more.

Krishna's Ineffable Beauty

 Shri Billavmangalji says:

prati-pada-laitabhyam pratyaham nutanabhyam |

'Oh Krishna. Should I praise your charming beatuesous form or else be grateful to my eyes?This ineffable beauty of Yours is extraordinary.'

The Romantic Dalliance of Shri Radha-Krishna

 Because of being newly majestic every second the romantic dalliances of Shri Radha, the Beloved, and Krishna, the Supreme Lover, are also becoming fresh and new.

aadi na ant vilas karain dou,
lal priya mein bhai na chinhari |
nai-nai bhanti, nai chhavi paan,
nai navala, nav neh bihari |

This is a distinctive feature of saundarya madhurya.

Rasikas relish the nectarine rasa of the ocean of Krishna's madhurya or sweet love according to their respective bhavas. On relishing the interpersonal romantic exchange of Shri Radha-Krishna, their beauty and rasa, the devotee's longing escalates and he wants to savour more of such experiences.

This longing bestows life on us and is the energy of our life. Lord Krishna and His longing are one.

Longing to Behold Krishna Escalates

 ae madhurya amrit paan sada jei kare,
trishna shanti nahe trishna badhe nirantare ||

Chaitanya Charitramrita)

Krishna's is a strange nectarean form, by drinking which one's longing is not pacified but escalates.Shri Billavmangal says that by the rising of Your moonlike fact the lustre of the moon in the sky is dulled. However it increases my longing to behold Lord Krishna to the fullest.

1chatak: the pied cuckoo supposed to live only on raindrips esp those falling in the autumn asterism

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