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Chapter 14: The Motiram Couple & Loknath Mayawati Seek Refuge in Maharaj ji's Feet

Shri Rang ji Temple, Vrindavan

In the month of Asadh[1] ,1943, a Brahmin couple was sitting near the western gate of Shri Rangji Temple with a small box of belongings. Wrapped in the same black blanket, Shri Maharajji was speedily walking past the couple in his carefree gait from that gate when the couple's attention was naturally drawn to him.

 Dark-hued Krishna, The Darling Son of Nanda

Raising both his hands in salutation the brahmin said in a loud voice,Convey my respectful greetings to that darling son of Nanda.

Shriji was startled on hearing these words and stopped suddenly. Saying,Radhe Shyamin response, he asked to be introduced. After getting the brahmin's introduction, he instructed them to stay at the 'Shri Ahilyabai Holkar's Kunja' of  Indore State and to meet him off and on, and then left. The line 'Convey my respectful greetings to the darling son of Nanda' had left an indelible mark on Maharajji's heart.

The Mahamantra

Motiram was the name of this brahmin. He was a Narmadiya[2] Brahmin of village Maud located in district Nimar, Madhya Pradesh. Though a patwari[3] by profession he had always been a  failure in it. The reason being that he was very simple- hearted and innocent since childhood and had an inborn attachment to saints. Not caring for any material work, not even his job, Motiram would invariably go to hear a katha, kirtan and satsang. He had been dismissed from service several times on account of this nature of his. His family members,particularly his elder brother, were displeased with him. Once he had filled an important government document by writing the 'Mahamantra' on it. When that document went to the tahsildar for signature, he was taken aback. Called to give an explanation, Motiram was embarrassed and begged to be forgiven.

Attacked by tuberculosis after sometime Motiram became very distressed. He had heard about the glory of Vrindavan.  A wish arose in his ailing disappointed heart to give up his body in the sea at Jagannath Puri after visiting Vrindavan. The couple left for pilgrimage after mutual consultation. Call it his earlier good deeds, or a saint's grace, the grace of God or the grace of Shri Vrindavan Dham, that he got the unfailing benefit of Shri Maharajji's darshan at the gate of Shri Rangji Mandir, on coming to Vrindavan.

By adopting the mode of bhiksha[4] Shri Motiram started living as a pauper in Shri Dham. He served the saints and lived on whatever alms he got during the day. His devoted wife fully co-operated with him in this attitude of his. At times, Shriji had to go to Motiram's residence for some time because of his humility and insistence. Maharajji would readily accept anything which was offered to him there with great love, simplicity and open heartedness.

Shri Balkrishna Das ji Maharaj

Whenever Maharajji would leave Vrindavan for Mathura, Goverdhan or Nandgaon and spend many days there, Motiram would become restless for his sight and step out in search of him. As per his bhava or love flowing towards Maharajji, Motiramji would meet him somewhere or the other, and on seeing his immense love and the effort he had made, Maharajji would return with him to Vrindavan. Otherwise Shri Maharajji would not stay with any householder but after my coming to Shri Vrindavan Dham, he would sometimes take me along to stay at Motiramji's place. Surrendering completely to Maharajji, this couple attended to his needs and served him lifelong.  
The Rasa Lila

After a year of Motiram's coming to Vrindavan a Vaishya couple 'Loknath and Mayawati,' came to visit Shri Dham from Rewa. Shri Rameswarji, an affluent businessman who passionately loved Krishna, had inspired them to come to Vrindavan. Everyday the couple had darshan of Shri Bihariji and saw enactment of the Rasa Lila.

One day they happened to meet Motiramji. He got this sentimental couple home with the objective of seeing Shriji. Seeing their sentimentality Shriji kindly gave a small spiritual discourse and ordered them to put up at Shri Vrindavan Dham. They were affluent people so they rented a small house in the Bhatt Lane as per his orders and happily began living a life of religious devotion. They had parents at home so both the younger brothers began looking after the business. The couple would visit their home in Rewa for a few days at times and return to Shri Dham.

Kishor Van 

Loknath was a simple-hearted person who loved God but could skillfully deal with practicability too. His wife Mayawati  was two steps ahead of him in the field of sadhana While living in Vrindavan she would chant the Name of God three lakh times as ordered by Maharajji, sometimes in Kishore Van and at times sitting beneath the creepers of Rasik Bihariji. She would follow this regime with a firm resolve whenever she went to Rewa. 

Satna Junction

Once Shriji went to Rewa at their insistence. An incident took place at the Satna Station when he started for Rewa. He was not getting a ticket because of the huge crowd.

Suddenly a person offering him a ticket for Rewa urged,You need a ticket for Rewa, don't you! So take it. I had to go there but I am not going now.

Taking the ticket, Maharajji boarded the train. The couple's joy knew no bounds when he reached Rewa. These people did not fully know Shri Maharajji's nature and his essential needs of food and drink because he had been known to them for a short while. The whole family welcomed him very hospitably and with great enthusiasm. Since it was summer they got a fresh and tasty water melon from the market and served it to Shriji.

A Water Melon
On asking what he ate for meals Shri answered jovially,I live only on water melon these days.

The simple-hearted couple believed this statement of his. Water melon began to be served instead of meals on a regual basis. They had this notion that saints and ascetics have an independent daily regime, and they take only a sattvic diet. Maharajji also went on eating the water melon without saying a word. Fifteen to twenty days passed by in this fashion. Missing him particularly, Motiramji happened to reach Rewa to meet him. He was very disturbed to see him eating just water melon at meal time. He spoke some harsh words to Loknath for this treatment of his but seeing the simple nature of the couple what more could he do. Food was cooked instantly and served to Shriji.

After about three to four days, Shriji left for Shri Vrindavan Dham along with Motiram. Loknath gifted five hundred rupees and sufficient cloth to Maharajji when he was leaving. Motiramji thought that Shri Maharajji's needs could be looked after for many days on reaching Vrindavan but by the time they reached Mathura merely twenty rupees were left. Shriji had got all the money and cloth distributed by then.

Allahabad Junction

A thorn had pricked Shriji's toe many day ago. The  toe had suppurated and swollen because care had not been taken and this caused unbearable pain. Motiramji took Maharajji to a railway dispensary near the waiting room at Allahabad Station. After incision, the doctor bandaged the toe. Motiramji made him sit in a tonga with great difficulty and brought him to the travellers' lodge. Shriji stayed here for three days. As there was money given by Loknath, Motiram had no problem in getting him treated. People would even get attracted by Maharajji at the lodge and gather around him. In spite of his sick condition Shriji obliged them by talking about satsang or spiritual discourse.

On the fourth day, Shri Maharajji wanted to go to Shri Dham but he was still unable to move about. Motiramji faced the problem of how to escort him to the railway platform. Getting tickets was also tough because of thronging crowds. Leaving everything on God's will Maharajji was sitting peacefully and happily.
Ivory Idol of Krishna

A young sanyasi named Shri Nirvikarananda was staying close to where they were putting up. On seeing a beautiful ivory idol of Lord Krishna with him, Maharajji's attention was drawn to him. He sent Motiramji to get an introduction of the sanyasi. Shri Nirvikarananda was engrossed in worship. On enquiring it was known that he was also going to Vrindavan. Motiramji gave him Shri Maharajji's introduction and told him that they too were going to the same place. Completing his service and worship of the deity, the young sanyasi came to Shriji. After prostrating before him and getting to know of Maharajji's ill health plus his intention of proceeding to Vrindavan, he went to the railway station at once, arranged for a wheel chair after meeting the station master and even brought the tickets.

  The Train Refused to Budge

They were still trying to make Shriji board the train after reaching the platform when it whistled. Everyone was perturbed.The train was whistling again and again but it was not moving. Some European officers and guards got down. They were wondering why the train was not moving despite frantic efforts of the driver. Suddenly their gaze fell on Shri Maharajji. Seeing his radiant face it did not take them long to grasp that the train was waiting for this Mahatma to board it.( Several such incidents had taken place in Maharajji's life, earlier as well.)

Shri Hari Baba

All of them made a joint effort, respectfully made Shriji sit in the train, and the train chugged off. Shri Nirvikaranandaji was  accompanying Maharajji. The sanyasi was very delighted and impressed by his spiritual discourse. Motiramji took Shri Maharajji to his own house in Vrindavan and the couple attended to his needs with heart and soul. The toe had quite a deep wound. Motiramji got Dr. Hotichand home for Shriji's treatment.This doctor had been living in Vrindavan for some time with his family. He was fond of serving saints. It will be appropriate to give some information about him at this juncture. People would even call him the Sindhi doctor because he hailed from the province of Sindh. He worked for merely four hours in his dispensary to earn a living and spent rest of the time in attending satsang[5] and seeing the Rasa Lila. He was a recipient of Shri Hari Baba's grace. Motiramji had a general acquaintance with him and wanted him to have darshan of Maharajji. However, he did not pay much attention to it, taking Motiram to be a simple brahman.

Shri Balkrishna Das ji Maharaj

It is tough to guess when and how a saint's grace is showered on someone. One day wrapping the same black blanket around himself, ShrI Maharajji was speedily walking in front of the doctor's dispensary when Motiramji sitting there, quickly said, “Look, look Doctor sahab! He is the same Mahatma I often talk to you about.”

Spellbound, Hotichand went on gazing at him. The brahmin's wish was fulfilled. Shri Maharajji's grace drew Hotichand. He began to come daily for bandaging the toe and derived some benefit of Maharajji's satsang. The doctor arranged for Shriji's milk and needful diet on his own. Gradually, Shri Maharajji's health began to improve. Doctor Sahab began having implicit faith in Shri Maharajji and came everyday to see him.


During those days a retired station master (Shri Ram Ram Maharaj) came with his wife to Vrindavan from Ahmedabad. Motiram got them to see Shriji. They too began living in Vrindavan due to this saintly association. Rampyari (Meeraji), a disciple of Shri Narayan Swamiji, the sack-wearing high court justice, began coming to listen to Shriji's spiritual discourse. Shri Banke Bihari, a lawyer of Allahabad High Court, also came to live in Vrindavan in those days. He was greatly influenced by the spiritual intensity and detachment of Shri Maharajiji and began attending his discourse daily. Maharajji had fully recovered by now. Though he roamed around freely but Maharajji generally stayed in Vrindavan now. He would visit the houses of Motiram or Lokanth & Mayawati at times. Whenever he came Motiram would run and inform everyone about his arrrival. Everyone would leave the important tasks which they would be doing and come to see him. The  satsang or devotional meet would go on for hours together.

One night Shriji was sitting in a peaceful mood at Loknathji's house. All the people gathered there, one by one. The satsang or spiritual discourse began. In a seriously emotional state Shri Maharajji was describing the madhurya or sweetness of Lord Krishna's ineffably beauteous form. Everyone was sitting stock still, deeply absorbed and listening to him with an intent mind. Suddenly doctor sahab stood up, ran, and banged into the front wall. His spectacles broke. Thereafter, he  relaxed himself and sat down quietly at one side, on the ground.

Ineffably Beautiful Krishna

Becoming somewhat normal, Dr. Hotichand revealed on Shriji's asking, “Lord Krishna flashed before me in the same beauteous form which you were describing. When I ran eagerly to catch Him, He vanished. On colliding I came to know that there was a wall here. “

After this incident, doctor sahab's faith enhanced even more. He began to  understand Shriji's true svarupa.

A Gopi Wearing a Heavy Nose Ring

Satsang would take place every day as per Shri Maharajji's adoption of the gopi bhava. One day Shri Maharajji was talking about the gopi bhava[6] with great absorption whereas Loknath, Mayawati and all those present were listening to him whole-heartedly. Soon after, Mayawati saw half of Maharajji's face in the form of a gopi with his nose wearing a heavy nose ring.

Once all these associates of the satsang had accompanied Shri Maharajji to Barsana. After darshan of  Ladliji (Shri Radha Rani) all of them rested in the front verandah of the mandir and were in deep sleep.

Shri Radha Rani's Sakhi

At about 1 PM in the night, a female voice was heard at the back door of the mandir, “ Open the door, open the door.”

On hearing this voice Mayawati woke up from sleep and got up to open the door. Soon after, she saw a divine 'gopi' was standing at the door. As the door opened, the gopi entered the temple right in front of Mayawati's eyes despite all doors of the inner portion being closed. Mayawati's astonishment knew no bounds.
Hearing that incident from her in the morning Maharajji clarified, “ You have had the divine darshan[7] of Shri Ladliji's sakhi.”

It has been said earlier that the level of Mayawati's sadhan was much higher than that of her husband, Loknath. She was forever detached from worldliness and intensely yearned to attain God. She dedicatedly carried out the smallest command of Maharajji. Mayawati followed the routine of chanting three lakh Naam Japas [8] throughout her life. She would weep at the feet of Shri Maharajji for a vision of Lord Krishna.

A heart-rending incident brought a drastic tragic turn in Mayawati's life. The husband and wife had a tiff over something and the quarrel stretched out too far. Overpowered by compunction Loknath abandoned his home, never to return again. Loknath's nephew was staying with them during these days. Thinking that she was the sole cause of this happening Mayawati was grieved and wanted to give up her body. Shri Maharajji tried to console her through satsang.

Seeing her very depressed one day, Shri Maharajji got into an emotionally charged state and gave a discourse. Apart from Mayawati there were other people present on that day; including Nageshwar Baba, a spiritual practitioner of Dhargaon, Madhya Pradesh. His body began trembling and he suddenly got up and left. It was getting difficult for everyone to bear the surge of the satsang's spiritual emotions. Intoxication was afloat in the atmosphere and it seemed that Lord Krishna was just about to manifest in the satsang. This incident is related to the Ganga Mandir. I had come into the refuge of Shriji's feet in those days.

Eventually,  Mayawati's heart could be pacified after three days of constant efforts put in by the satsang. Shriji gave her his own chanting beads for japa and persuadad her to go back to Rewa with Loknath's nephew. Mayawati began living in her paternal house and became all the more intensely steeped in spiritual practice.

After Mayawati reached Rewa, Loknath's elder brother came to Shri Dham in search of Loknath. He suspected that Maharajji knew about Loknath's whereabouts. Threatening Shriji, he used some indecent words whereas Shriji calmly listened to this outburst of his. Well, a saint may neutrally bear honour and insult as per his innate nature but God can not tolerate the disrespect shown to His own devotees.

 Maa Bhawani

' sadhu avagya turat bhavani karikalyan akhil kee haani  | '
(Sunderkand,doha 41)
 'O Bhawani, disrespect to a sadhu, harms one's welfare instantly.'

Loknath's brother became insane as soon as he reached Rewa, his house caught fire, his son had a truck accident and broke his leg.

“See, this is the consequence of sinning against a siddh[9] soul," Mayawati cautioned her family.

She firmly told the members of her husband's family and paternal family that if they wanted her to stay at home they must apologise to Maharajji for their false accusati. If they misbehaved with Maharajji they would lose her the way they had lost Loknath. Shri Maharajji was invited in all humility to Rewa, and falling at his feet, Loknath's elder brother asked for pardon. I was also accompanying Maharajji on this visit to Rewa.

Three griefs would torment Mayawati all the time. Firstly, she felt that she had been the cause of her husband's going away for good, secondly, she was deprived of staying at Shri Vrindavan Dham and thirdly the divine company of this great saint (Maharajji) was not easily available now.These sorrows acquired the form of tuberculosis and attacked her. Her body began to deteriorate in degrees but paying no heed to her failing health she was steeped in sadhana with an ardent longing to realize her treasured wish.


Shri Maharajji stayed in Rewa for a week. Satsang would take place daily for pacifying and consoling Mayawati. Spellbound, her family members would listen to the spiritual discourse and all their malice towards Maharajji would be washed away. They began serving him with great love and respect. When Maharajji was leaving, Mayawati wept at his feet and requested him in all humility to call her to Shri Dham. Accepting her prayer Shriji asked her to be strongly absorbed in spiritual practice and returned to Vrindavan. Mayawati never left chanting God's Name three lakh times, under any circumstances. She had several divine experiences during this time span. When  bhava or love flowing towards the Lord was awakened, she would sweat profusely. Once, she saw Lord Krishna sucking on sugar cane.


A few months had passed since Shri Maharajji's return to Shri Dham Vrindavan from Rewa. Shri Deviji  had taken refuge in the feet of Maharajji by then (1947). Shriji and I had gone  to Mandleshwar from Shri Dham. Suddenly the thought of going to Rewa, struck Maharajji. Besides me, Shri Mangilalji, Nageshwar Baba and a motherly woman (Mataji) of that place were accompanying Shriji. Not staying at Mayawati's house this time round we all stayed at the dharamshala[10] of Rameshwarji. We would go to Mayawati's house every day and satsang or spiritual talk would go on for hours together. When Maharajji was leaving after an eight-day stay, there was no way to stop Mayawati's dam of tears from breaking and  gushing forth. Washing the feet of Shriji with her sacred tears she humbly prayed to be called to the Dham. I was present there with Shriji at that time. He consoled her with reassuring spiritual talk. Probably she had this intuition that she was seeing Shriji for the last time.

Shri Vrindavan

A few months after returning to Shri Dham, Shriji and I were sleeping on the roof of Ganga Mandir. It must be midnight when Shri Maharajji got up with a start.

Waking me up he asked, “Did you touch my toe just now?”

On my denial he lay down again. The same thing happened next day.

On the third day Shri Maharajji was startled and got up again. Waking me up he said, “ A divine soul came and stood before me. She was saying, ' Get me settled in Vrindavan.' Who could it be? Is it possible that Mayawati has passed away. You write a letter to Rewa and find out.”

I wrote a letter at once. Soon after, a reply was received from that end that Mayawati had given up her body eight days ago while remembering Vrindavan.

Pleased, Shri Maharajji remarked, “ Well, I am not worried now. Her soul has come to Shri Vrindavan Dham and merged into the parikar  or inner circle of sakhis here.”

Eternal Abode of Krishna

Mayawati was the first of the recipients of Maharajji's grace. She became the  foremost in literally carrying out the orders of Shriji. Eventually, attaining the perfect goal  of her life, she reached the eternal abode where Lord Krishna forever dwells.

[1]    Asadh:June to July
[2]    Narmadiya:Narmdiya Brahmins, are descendants of the priests of the Somnath temple who were forced to migrate from Gujarat to Madhyapradesh and are settled along the bank of the Narmada River.
[3]    Patwari: registrar of a village's land account
[4]    Bhiksha: begging for alms
[5]    Satsang: In Indian philosophy it means  company of the "highest truth,,  the company of a guru, or  company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into ones daily life.
[6]    Gopi bhava: of madhurya, the sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna
[7]    Darshan: behold
[8]    Naam Japa: chanting God'Name
[9]    Siddha: perfected and sanctified by penance
[10]  Dharamshala: free public lodge