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Prem Sudha Dhara: Vijayji

(Page 317)

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

11th June 1972

Dear Vijay,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Got your card plus letter too, and I was relieved to know that you are fine. But brother! Whether one is startled, vigilant, stupefied-benumbed, becomes fickle or remains seriously earnest for Lord Krishna, it is an irresistibly attractive condition, with an attractiveness as mysterious as it is compelling. Everything should revolve around him, assuring his centrality and importance.

I understand that to be watchful, exquisitely desirous and ardently longing for him, is the supreme means of union with the divine. Even if a leaf rustles the ears should be sensing his approach-probably he is on his way. Whichever path we sight, it should seem he is arriving here soon enough. Whoever utters a word,our ears, eyes and mind must be passionately drawn, as if Krishna, seen as the object of longing is expressing himself.

If it is not his adorable vina (a large musical instrument of the type of the lute) like voice modulation then certainly someone is informing us of his arrival. In case eternal melodies are heard, our ears must be glued, probably it is him humming along. He could embrace us in this startled state or cover our eyes silently sneaking in from the back.

The romantic escapade is not going to end here because Krishna whom we seek is the most human of gods. He roams as much as he returns. The distraught, offended or enraptured maiden can easily be interpreted as a symbol of the soul in search of god. Soon after, both the heroine and the expectant god who is the object of her quest, embody a sensuality contending for an all-consuming intimacy with the divine.

Hearing the moving cry of the cuckoo, the ardently longing beauty's distressed heart and she mumbled, pee kahan. All of a sudden the rustling sound in the forest bower overgrown with creepers startled her ...She turned to look behind and saw Krishna smiling in a winsome fashion. The supreme lover affirmed,'Here!' He came real close instantly and hugged her in a passionate embrace. Highly revered Shri Sakhaji had narrated this episode during some divine play of Lord Krishna. You would recollect it too. Brother, this search of a divine and transcendental love can make life rapturous!

Every fiber of our being must become the means of attaining his delights of love. His overpowering memory...his playful dalliance...and only divine Krishna...resides daily in the elusive fields, forests and streams of the heart where God is ultimately found. Perception of Krishna's physical presence affects us with a mysterious and sometimes terrifying rush of love as our body, mind, soul and eyes incessantly experience the heights of elation and ecstasy.

Life should not be an arid stretch as Krishna bursts forth into the hearts of his devotees, filling their lives with inspiration and delight. The god in descent and in disguise, plays out his passionate programmes of salvation; expectant and eagerly desirous for union with the seeker. Manifesting himself, Lord Krishna is able to turn the symbiosis of the searcher and the sought into a quickening relationship in which the intertwining roles of godly love and human love cannot be separated or identified.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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