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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Seventh Shloka

kamaniya-kishora-mugdha-murteh ,
kala-venu-kvanitadritananendoh  |
mama vaci vijrimbhitam murarer ,
madhurimnah kani-kapi kapi kapi  ||7||

Simple Meaning:

The Beauteous Form of Krishna Murari

May a particle even if is the smallest particle of *Murari , who is a luscious young adolescent, having the darshan of whose beauteous form the *three worlds are enchanted, from whose moonlike face the melodiously soft nectarous sound of the flute cascades, may the same Krishna's madhurya be fervently expressed in my words and my tongue. Such is the heart-felt desire of Shri Bilavmangal ji.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Lilting Sound of Krishna's Flute Play

Well! How is this lovely youth's enchanting form! It is endowed with an extremely tender charm and the smooth-bodied Kishore is indeed enchanted by Himself. Hundreds of  assembled gopis are captivated by Him. The lilting sound of His flute play constantly flows forth, flirtatiously with joyous abandon from Krishna's moonlike face. Just like nectarous rasa continuously cascades from the moon.

 Gopis Ardently Long for Krishna

A lustrous glow keeps emanating from every single limb of the lovely Brajraj Kishore. Hundreds of lotus clusters offer themselves to His loving tenderness. Groups of lovely cowherdesses ardently long to plunge into the fragrant flow cascading from the eight petalled lotus of His blue-hued form.

 A Gopi & Living Beings Enchanted by Krishna

Lord Krishna is the ocean of madhurya or sweetness. It is possible to relish His madhurya only through love. One is capable of savouring the sweetness of Krishna as per the intensity of love one develops for Him. One can intensely relish the madhuri of Lord Krishna, the supreme lover who is an icon of shringar rasa, with the gopibhava (of sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna.)Lord Krishna is not only lovingly tender but is also personified as an enchanter, which means living beings, animate and animate are all enchanted by his beauteous form. So if the innocent milkmaids of Braj are passionately drawn by His ineffable beauty, what is so astonishing in that!

madhav! chumbak roop tum, lauh pootri naar  |
sang lagi dolain sabai, ghar ban, yamuna paar  ||

The state of a gopi who is drawn like a magnet to the beauteous form of that *Manmohan has been described in a poet's words

baurani si phirat kunjan mein

The Delicious Anguish of a Gopi Smitten by Krishna
Crazed, she loses her presence of mind and keeps moving in a delicious anguish at home, in the forest and on the banks of the Yamuna- good sense just does not prevail.

The beauty of Lord Krishna is so enchanting that the three worlds are fascinated -there is no need to be surprised at this truth. But if Lord Krishna is Himself enchanted by His lovely form, it is certainly astonishing. Listen to the episode of a lila or divine play in this context:

 Dark-hued Krishna is Enamoured by His Own Beauty
One fine day it so happened that at the time of godhuli or the hour of cowdust, the darling son of Nanda wearing dishevelled clothes and ornaments, with cows in front and cowherds behind, returned to Braj. Straightaway, He reached the chamber of His bhavan. A huge mirror had been hung right in front. Seeing the reflection of His lovely form, Krishna was enamoured Himself. As soon as He moved ahead to wrap His arms around the image in that mirror, dark-hued Krishna was taken aback.  “Oh! This is my  beauteous form!He exclaimed. What an unusual happening.

kala-venu-kvanitadritananendoh : There is another dinstinctive feature in the form of that 'Murari,' He is endowed with the sound of the flute. The lovely flute adorns His face-or that form is worshipped by the melodious sound of the flute play.

The Flute is Lord Krishna's Constant Companion

The great good fortune of the flute is inexpressible. One does not know what sort of magic is there in this instrument made of bamboo joints, that the nayaka of the three worlds, the darling son of Nanda who is a repository of delight, has also become a slave( to it's charm). It is no ordinary bamboo instrument. One does not know how may births of tapa or much of abstinence this flute would have gone through. In reality, it is the eternal companion of Lord Krishna. Its glories are sung in celestial Golok as well. Just have a look at its supreme good fortune that day and night it is attached to the limbs of the youthful son of Nanda, through out the eight *yaams and sixty four *gharis-who can say that it is lifeless. Rather it is the nectarous sanjivini which keeps living sentient beings also constantly conscious.

Shri Bilav Mangal ji Longs for Krishna, the Flute Player

With an ardent longing Shri Bilav Mangal ji Maharaj says that I will be grateful if the lotus face of this flute player Murari, springs up in my voice. If a small, extremely small fragment of His sweetness lights up my voice, my life will be blessed. And I will reach the heights of religious rapture after describing that picturesque form.

*Murari (a title of Krishna, enemy of the demon Mura)
*three worlds( heaven, earth and the lower regions)
Manmohan (a title of Krishna who enchants the heart)
*yaams (period of three hours)
gharis (a short period of time)
godhuli or the hour of cowdust (when cows usually return home form grazing before sunset),

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