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1st & 2nd Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk & Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 1st Verse

Sindhu-taran, Siya-soch-haran, Rabi-baalbaran-tanu |

Bhuj bisaal, moorti karaal, kaalhuko kaal janu ||

Gahan-dahan-nirdahan-lank nihsank, bank-bhuv |

Jaatudhaan-balvaan-maan-mad-davan pavansuv ||

Kah Tulsidas sevat sulabh, sevak hit santat nikat |

Gunganat, namat, sumirat, japat, saman sakal-sankat-bikat ||

The one whose body hue is like the colour of the rising sun, who crossed the ocean and dispelled the grief of Shri Jankiji (a title of Sita, the daughter of Janaka), whose hands are long enough to reach the knee(sign of great warriors), the one with an intimidating face, who seems the eventual destiny of kaal (time of death) itself.

Tulsidasji says that by attending to the needs of Pawan Kumar (a title of Hanumanji, the son of wind), the one who defiantly torched the dense forest of Lanka which was not worth burning, who has slanting eyebrows and shatters the proud arrogance of powerful demons, the god becomes easily accessible, always staying close to be good to those who serve him. And he annihilates terrifying disasters when we sing his glories, propitiate him, meditate upon him and chant his name.

Ramraksha Stotra: 1st Verse

Charitam Raghunaathasya shut koti pravistaram |

Ekaikam aksharam punsaam mahaa paatak naashanam ||

The life history of Lord Raghunath (title of Ram) is very extensive, and its every word destroys the worst sins of mankind.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 2nd Verse

Svaran-saail-sankas koti-rabi-tarun-tej-ghan |

Ur bisaal, bhujdandh chand nakh bajra bajratan ||

Ping nayan, bhrikutee karaal rasnaa dasnaanan |

Kapis kes, karkas langoor, khal-dal bal bhaanan ||

Kah Tulsidas bas jaasu ur maarutsut moorti bikat |

Santaap paap tehi purush panhi sapnehun nahin aavat nikat ||

The one whose physique is like SuMeru, the sacred mountain made of gold, who is eternally brilliant like crores of midday suns, is magnanimous, has extremely strong arms, is endowed with a body and nails which can be equated to the hardness of a diamond. His eyes are yellow whereas the eyebrows, tongue, teeth and face are dreadful, hair are brown in colour, the tail is unrelenting and destroys the force of the wicked.

Tulsidasji says that grief and sins do not dare to pester a person even in his dreams if the fearsome form of Hanumanji resides in his heart.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 2nd Verse

Dhyaatvaa nilotpal shyaamam Ramam rajeev lochanam |

Jaanaki lakshmanopetam jataa mukut manditam || 2 ||

Come let us meditate on the one who is blue-hued like the indigo plant, has lotus eyes and is adorned with a crown of matted hair. Let us do smarana or concentrated imaginative recollection of that unborn and omnipresent Lord Rama along with Janki (title of Sita, daughter of Janaka) and Laxmanji.

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