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Chapter 5: Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash

Shri Dwarkadeesh, Mathura

Shri Maharajji came straight away to Mathura after completing the pilgrimage to Nepal. Bathing in river Yamuna and having darshan of Dwarkadeesh he did bhiksha. Soon after, he rested on the banks of the Yamuna. Thereafter, he came to Shri Dham Vrindavan by the evening train.  

Vrindaban Station

He rested at Vrindavan Station. One can't say what transpired in his mind that next morning he went to Mathura by train from the station itself. On arriving in Mathura he wished to go on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash.

 Mount Kailash

He left as he was for Kailash, by boarding a train without a ticket. Wherever there was no facility to travel by train he walked the distance. Shri Maharajji was so intoxicated by worldly detachment and love for God that he never experienced hunger or thirst, the exhaustion of travel or any sort of hardship en route. Finally he reached a spot from where one has to ascend the mountain for Kailash. It is a very impassable path. The road has been repaired now and facility for having food is also available at some places but fifty years back it was almost impossible to undertake the journey. 

The Jungle Track

Furthermore, he did not take the usual path but ventured on the jungle track wishing to reach the destination of his isht[1] , quickly. He carried nothing but a blanket along with him. It was bitterly cold and snow was falling constantly. He was advancing ahead speedily with a fast gait. There was just no possibility of meeting any person on the way but  Maharajji was least scared of confronting wild dangerous animals.  

Man From a Wild Tribe

He had no inkling whatsoever of the fearsome cruel disposition of the junglee people living there.

  Evening Had Set In

Evening set in as Maharajji walked on. No village could be spotted ahead. He had come so far away on the wild track that it was not possible to turn back. The evening was gradually transforming into night and the impact of the bitter cold was terrible. However, neither was he scared nor alarmed in any way. Meditating upon the Supreme Being, he went and sat down beneath a tree with the aim of spending the night there.

Man with His Wild Yak

Just a few moments must have passed when he saw a savage man seated on a wild yak, coming from the front. That man also chanced to look at Maharajji and came and stood near him who was least frightened of that figure. That barbarous man asked something in his own dialect.

Why have you come here?Even on not understanding the  language, Maharajji could guess from his gesture that this is what he was asking.

Shri Maharajji also answered in sign language. His hands and feet had become numb due to the extreme cold. That wild man got down from his beast and motioned Maharajji to sit on his yak. Maharajji got up somehow and did as he was told without any hesitation.

 Cannibalistic Tribes

Some wild tribes of Tibet are cannibalistic: Could this savage be taking him for this purpose? A slight streak of suspicion rose in Maharajji's mind but disappeared in no time. Holding the beast's halter that man walked ahead.  

The Man's Hut

They must have trudged about one to one and a half miles, when the man reached close to his hut. A small earthen lamp was glimmering within the dwelling. He indicated that Maharajji should get down. He said something again and his wife and children came out of the hut on hearing him.

A Fire is Lit

The woman quickly lit a fire and motioned Maharajji to sit near it. His hands and feet had frozen stiff with the cold. Shifting slowly he went and sat close to the fire and began warming his hands and feet. He got some relief as his frozen limbs thawed out and the numbness was cured. The man took two leather pieces in both his hands and heating them on the fire began to foment Maharajji's body. Making salty tea without any milk or sugar, it was given to Maharajji to drink, a couple of times in the night. As the day dawned, his pain had been completely cured.

  Path to Be Taken

After sunrise, the savage man readied his yak again and made Shri Maharajji sit on it. Taking him a few miles further, the man made him get down on a path.

Go on this path. Do not come to this site, ever again. Here cannibals kill a man and devour him,” he implied by sign language.

Gesturing in this way he sat on his yak and rode off in another direction. After walking for some distance, Maharajji reached the common route. The basti was quite close from this spot. He descended from the mountain. Without completing the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, he left  and came back to Vrindavan again after roaming about.  

Shridham Vrindavan

One gets proof of how God looks after the well-being of His devotees in this pilgrimage undertaken by Maharajji to Kailash. Maharajji had arrived in Shridham Vrindavan for the third time.

[1] Isht: favoured deity

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