Friday, August 26, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Tenth Shloka

Vrindavan is Marked by the Lotus Feet of Krishna

vrindavan sakhi ! bhuvo vitanoti
kirtim yad devaki-suta-padambuja-labdha-laksim
govind-venum anu matta-mayur-nrityam
(SB 10.21.10)

Shri Krishna, the Darling Son of Yashoda

Meaning: O Sakhi! The fame of Sri Vrindavan is attaining greater glory than Vaikunth (where the dark god forever dwells.) Because this place is marked by the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, the darling son of Yashoda,and is beautified by (Krishna's dhvaja [banner], vajra [thunderbolt], lotus and other symbols.)
Sri Lakshmi Pressing Vishnu's Feet 

These feet which are the wealth of Sri Lakshmi wear padukas and roam in Vaikunth-but Shri Krishna freely wanders about in Vrindavan, marking the ground of this earthly forest with His footsteps-even Vaikunth and other such lokas are not blessed by this great good fortune.

Peacocks Dance in Ecstasy

Intoxicated by the flute play of Shri Govind the peacocks dance-and assuming dark-hued Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky, to be a cloud, they are busy dancing. Or they think that the play of Krishna's flute is the rumbling *clouds and dance in ecstasy.
Krishna Playing the Flute on Goverdhan

Just have a look! On seeing the peacocks dance, living beings of Shri Govardhan Hill stand still, entranced to hear the melodious notes of the dark-god's flute.

Krishna Spreads His Love & Joy in the Forest of Vrindavan

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Shri Pad Vishwanath Chakravarthy says-In this manner the madhurya or sweet love of Shri Krishna is joyously being expressed in earthly Vrindavan which is more glorious than even Vaikunth. The reason being, that this site is marked by Krishna's dhvaja [banner], vajra [thunderbolt], lotus and so many other signs-therefore it is superior to Vaikunth and other such abodes.
The Sakhis Flock to Krishna in Vrindavan

There is no offense in going to the forest of Vrindavan, such a virtuous site where the delights of Paradise are reflected as by a cosmic mirror onto the plains of the earth. Clusters of sakhis think that there is nothing shameful in going to such a vana. Hence let us venture to Vrindavana which is so sacred and attain spiritual evolution, is what they conclude.

Rumbling clouds: actually it is their mating season and the male peacock tries to attract the female. Peacocks like to dance on hearing the rumbling clouds and this happens during the rainy season.

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