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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-ninth Shloka

citram tad etac caranaravindam, citram tad etan nayanaravindam |
tad etad vadanaravindam,citram tad etad vapurasya citram||89

Simple Meaning:

The Wondrous Body of Lord Krishna

 Truly wondrous are the lotus feet of that Krishna!How wondrous are His lotus eyes! How wondrous is this lotus face of His. Oh, how very wondrous is His entire body!

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Lotus Feet of Krishna

 Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj is saying-Ah,Ah! What an amazing body is His. A mass of ineffable beauty! Such sweet form! Ah! His lotus feet are wondrous! A lotus withers away and closes at night-but these feet remain luxuriant and charmingly beautiful forever. Every single day they keep charming the Braj Bhoomi, the sap that animates the creepers and leaves, rows of trees and kunjas-nikunjas with their fliratatious acts. Krishna keeps His beloveds forever fragrant and cool with these fickle, sweet and beautiful lotus feet.

Truly! These lotus feet are wondrous-blue-hued tender feet.

The Lotus Eyes of Krishna

 Of course, the lotus feet are wondrous but these lotus eyes are unique as well. A gush of rasa forever cascades from them and keeps drenching the inner core of the hearts of His beloveds. Their bee like eyes keep hovering over His lotus eyes. When from this pair of lotus eyes the sweet gush of a loving sweet glance keeps spilling over then these bee like eyes of gopi get fixed on His lotus eyes and are smitten, just like when a bees' wings are soaked in nectarous pollen and it gets stuck there, neither wanting to fly nor having the capacity to do so.

Krishna Drinks the Nectar of Sri Radha's Eyes

Yes there is something very unusual about these lotus eyes. It has never been seen or heard that lotuses are black bees themselves, but here these lotus eyes are intoxicated black bees as well.The lotus eyes of Krishna are capricious black bees eager to drink the nectar of the lotus face of Shri Radha and Her horde of sakhis.

The Lotus Face of Krishna

The lotus face of this handsome Youth is also wondrous. A budding lotus in a lotus. A pearl in the lotus, a parrot in the lotus and a lake in the lotus, in which a pair of crocodiles are playing. The blooming eyes in Krishna's lotus face are the lotus,the nose is a parrot's beak, the pearl is worn on tip of His nose is also lotus like. His gleaming cheeks are like a lake, the rippling reflection of kundals worn by Krishna seem like two crocodiles playing in the nectarous lake. A row of white pearl like teeth shine amidst tender red-hued lotus petal like lips...truly His countenance is wondrous. Radiant, fragrant, new and blooming every single day.

The Whole of Braja is Smitten by Krishna

  Billavmangalji is astonished and amazed himself. Everything of Krishna's is so wondrous. How can he count the Supreme Lover's lovely features. His beautiful, dark hued tender body is unique. So wondrous is He that on gazing at Krishna and relishing the nectar cascading from His beateous form not only Braj beautes but the young cowherds of Braj, so much so that even animals and birds, living and non-living beings are dazed and are stupefied like a picture. They just can not utter a word.

Billavmangalji Raves About Krishna

 In another shloka Billavmangalji has said:
chitran chitram-aho vichitram-aha-aho chitram vichitram mahah || 59||
which means:
'This brilliance is amazing, very very amazing, extremely amazing!'

Sri Radha-Krishna, Adored by Rasikas

 If only we could get absorbed in the sweetness of Krishna's form we would succeed. May this Yugal Sarkar who are adored and worshipped by the rasikas shower their mercy on us in the same fashion.

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