Monday, October 29, 2012

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Nineteenth Shloka

amugdham ardha-nayanambuja-cumbyamana ,
arabdha-venu-ravam arta-kishora-murter-
avirbhavantu mama cetasi ke 'pi bhavah 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Kisses Gopis with His Half-closed Eyes

 With His charming half-closed lotus eyes, the One who is kissing the sweet moonlike faces of the impassioned brides of Braja, the One whose youthful form is evident as soon as His flute begins to sound. May  some of the ecstatic bhavas of that same icon of youthfullness, who  enchants and churns hundreds of minds, appear in my  mind.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 May the Rasa of Krishna's Flute Play Irrigate my Heart

Shri Bilavmangal ji wishes: O Rasika Shekhar! May the same bhava repeatedly awaken in my mind. Awaken some of the bhavas from your sweet divine play, in the heart of this unfortunate wretch. O, Ocean of love! Will not even a drop of rasa rain from the melodious sound of your charming flute and your freshly adolescent  ineffable beauty, on the shrivelled and anguished heart of this wretch.

amugdham ardha-nayanambuja-cumbyamana:  

 Krishna Plays the Flute which Draws His Beloveds

The one who is kissing the sweet moon like faces of ecstatic Braj maidens with His absolutely beautiful, half-closed lotus eyes. Lord Krishna reaches the heights of religious rapture because of this and that is why His lotus eyes are half-closed (slightly opened). Secondly at the onset of His flute play, He ardently drinks the nectar of His beloveds' moonlike faces, just like a chakor (a type of partridge supposed to live on moonbeams). Clusters of gopis are passionately drawn to  Krishna when His flute play begins to play.Therefore He is surrounded by hordes of gopis and Lord Krishna's lotus eyes can not open fully due to the brightness of their moonlike faces. They are not even fully closed because of delight, being steeped in the affection of their beloveds. Morever, a desire  for romantically dallying with the gopis has not let them shut completely.

 The Rasa Lila in Sharad Ritu

Gazing at the etheral lovely night coloured by the autumnal full moon (the rasa lila celebrates nature in her most glorious state on that magical night which comes with Sharad Ritu, a moment of grace when the god and the gopis are in unison)Lord Krishna has agreed to dally with the Braj beauties. He is not merely adoring the Braj maidens with His lotus eyes but rather kissing them too. Since the sensory organs of Lord Krishna have nothing to do with the mundane world, every sense of His is bound by transcendence. His budding lips have become one with the eyes. A glimpse of the Braj gopis has aroused such a longing in Krishna that the essential divinity of all senses, has been contained in just His eyes.

Krishna's Youthfulness & Flute Play Passionately Draws the Gopis

God is the cloud of delight, His mind is also an emobidment of joy, His disposition is also joyous; moon, the deity of that mind, is delightful too. The savorous Rasik Shekhar arouses amorous love in the hearts of His beloved devotees and relishes it Himself. The two helpers of this gushing love are  His sweet flute and unprecedented youthfulness.Krishna's Natvar form of adolescence and His flute play stimulate rasa in all living beings-but there is virtually a terrifying flood of rasa in the circle of His beloveds.

The Interpersonal Romantic Exchange of Krishna & the Gopis

Thus passionately drawing hordes of gopis by His melodious flute play, Krishna steeps them in the ocean of rasa. That Youtfhful icon Krishna, is enchanting in every way and eternally lustruous since He is in the prime of Youth. He looks ineffably beautiful amidst the circle of gopis. This young supreme lover reigns over the minds of His beloved brides of Braj. With infatuated eyes, He savours passionate love flowing from their eyes and they also gaze at him with adulating eyes. An interpersonal romantic exchange takes place all the time.

Shri Lilashuk Prays that Krishna May Play in his Heart

Hence Shri Lilashuk prays that may Lord Krishna, the icon of youthfulness, manifest in his heart. May his mind also become a site of Krishna's playfull dalliance and may the heap of dark-hued Krishna's sportive bhavas awaken in his mind.

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Today "Sharad Poornima" is the day of His beloved Rasikjans. You made this day special by introducing so many beautiful depictions of Lord Krishna with His gopijans in this shloka.