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Manohar Bhaiya on 'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Second Shloka

An emotional explanation of the first two shlokas by highly revered Shri Manohar Das ji is being given as a tribute to his holy memory. Urged by divine inspiration Baba has written about the inner emotional state of Shri Billavmangal ji. 

 Shri Manohar Das ji

 asti svastaruni-karagra-vigalat-kalpa-prasuna-plutam
vastu prastuta-venu-nada-lahar-inirvana-nirvyakulam  |
hasta-nyasta-natapavargam akhilodaram kisorakriti  ||2||

Dark-hued Krishna

 In a state of frenzied madness Shri Billavmangalji is progressing on the way to Vrindavan. Initially inspired by Chintamani, thereafter getting diksha by siddh (spiritually realized) saint Shri Somagiri, then acquiring spiritually instruction from shiksha-gurush ca bhagavan shikhi-pishcha-maulih Krishna, as well as the madhurya of having attained Krishna’s darshan, Billavmangalji raves about all these experiences. A new lila or divine play is pouring out from his heart every second. He has lost consciousness of his mind and body.

Beauteous Krishna is Addressed as Vastu by Billavmangal ji

 Billavmangalji is not walking on the path leading to the holy city but having assumed the sakhi bhava he is already in Vrindavan. Lila cannot manifest outside Vrindavan therefore asti or does it actually exist is initially uttered from his mouth. He sees Krishna’s svarupa in Shri Vrindavan and says that vastu, an unparalleled miraculous divine entity is present here. Someone asks where is it? He answers can’t you see it is right here in front. Why did he say entity and not person? Reason being he is dazzled the moment he beholds Krishna-he does not know what to say. Because he has seen Krishna the first time- never has he had such an experience. A completely divine-forever new entity, this is what he  feels. He is conscious of a new svarupa, a new beauteous form, all the shringara is fresh…everything is fresh and new…therefore some inexpressible object -and that too not far away but very close, right in front-these words pour out from his mouth. The melodious sound of the flute play is flowing from His mouth-that sound is not some musical note of a particular raga-it is an object which has attained the state of purna nirvana [1](brahma anand)

 The flute play is making his heart restless, making it ardently long for Krishna. That which is sthai or indelible and nitya or eternal has been called vastu in the Shrimad Bhagwat. Therefore the word vastu must have been spontaneously uttered from highly learned Billavmangal ji’s mouth.

Passionately Drawn by Lord Krishna's Flute Play   

The emanating flute sound has made even rishis-munis who have attained the state of nirvana, self-realized souls who have attained the state of brahma anand[2] and yogis of fulfilled desires[3] ardently long for dark-hued Krishna. nirvana-nirvyakulam-it is not as if the sound of the flute play reached out to just these people but penetrating through the entire Brahmand[4]  and all the fourteen bhuvanas or cosmological regions, it reached right up to Shiv Loka and Brahma Loka. Shiva forgot about His samadhi [5]. Not being able to refrain himself, he left Shiv Loka, headed towards Vrindavan and got immersed in raas and rasa.

Lord Krishna's Flute Play Mesmerizes the Cosmos

 When Krishna’s melodious flute play reached the ears of Indra and other devas, the devangnas, apsaras, kinnars ardently longed for Him along with the devas. Supreme Lover Krishna began to manifest in front of them.Devas sat on their vimanas and following the flute play, flooded the vault of the sky. Penetrating the sky, they were mesmerized on seeing blue-hued Krishna. The devangnas swooned on inhaling the body fragrance of Krishna. The flowers they had plucked from Nandanvan fell from their hands and began to be showered on Krishna because their limbs had relaxed. Dark-hued Krishna accepted these flowers as per their respective bhavas. They began to experience the joy of Krishna in this bhava dasha or state of love flowing towards the Lord (bhavgrahi janardhan). Sound of the flute play overturned the fourteen bhuvanas but this was just its outward effect it had. Let us hear this from the mouth of Shri Billavmangal ji about how it affected the gopis for whom it was played.

 Gopis' Love for Krishna

 On seeing the gopis’ love, the purest emotion a soul may have for its divine source, Lord Krishna, the embodiment of sampurna prema [6] could not stop Himself. He became restive to drink the prema rasa. Picking up the flute from which rasa flows, He began sending the loveladen message to His beloveds from His lips. The flute sound entered their ear cavities, and the gopis’ love surged forth with burning eagerness. The gush of love swiftly escalated from the flute at this end-and the gopis’s love escalated with double speed at the other end and they were passionately drawn towards Krishna. Generally the gushing flow of rivers heads towards the ocean and merges in them but in this case the ocean’s flow surged towards the rivers…which was so astonishing!

Sunat chalin brajvadhu, geet dhuni kau marag gahi,
Bhavan bhiti,drum-kunj-punj,kithun atki nahin|
Naad-amrit kau panth rangeelo, suchham bharee,
Tihi vrajtiya bhale chaleen, aan kou nahin adhikari |
(Nand Das)

 Acquiring the Gopi Rupa,Shri Lilashukh  Resides in Vrindavan

 The path of the gopis is beyond mundane lust, pure prema laden with rasa is all that exists. It is even beyond the heart-so how could the gopis know  the state of their bodies-nothing could stop them. Shri Lilashuk is himself steeped in the gopi deha and gopi bhava. Having acquired the gopi rupa, the form of a Braja milkmaid, he resides in Vrindavan and gives a description:

Gopis Passionately Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

venu-nada-lahar-inirvana-nirvyakulam  |

When gopis heard the flute sound they headed towards the flute play in infinite numbers-every limb of the gopis’ loosened, but they continued running in delicious anguish. The drawstrings of their dhotis became loose due to the speedy gush of prema, the ecstasy of hearing Krishna’s flute play. Their hands moved to hold up their dhotis but they were helpless-theirs minds were not working. Their hearts had been passionately drawn and had reached the Supreme Lover. Therefore Lilashuk is describing the sensuousness of their slipping drawstrings, which depicts their state of ardent longing. Immersed in religious rapture, he is drowning in the ocean of love. Just imagine! What a state?

Supreme Lover Krishna Surrounded by Thousands of Gopis

-gopi-sahasravritam Billavmangalji says further on- Lord Krishna is surrounded by thousands of gopis steeped in this ecstatic state. The eternal Brajendra Nandan[7] is holding their dhotis’ drawstrings with the front portion of his hands whereas they are bound in the embrace of Krishna’s folded arms. The beauty and youth of the gopis is further enhanced because of the drawstrings becoming loose over and over again. With a nirvikar [8]bhava, the darling son of Nanda is becoming absorbed in the madhurya bhava, the sentiment of sweet romance. Who can possibly describe this youthful madhurya-only a rasika immersed in the gopi bhava can know about it. The joy of relishing the beauty of this gopi prema is known only to Braj Nandan and the gopis, they are the sole enjoyers and benefactors of this rasa. The unprecedented joy of their mutual union is Maharasa-the Maharas, a moment of grace when the god and the gopis are in unison. There is neither Lord Krishna nor the gopis beyond this moment of eternity-which Supreme Lover and which beloved?

The Maha Rasa

 The Maha rasa, whose svarupa is rasa, whose beauty is rasa, whose lila is rasa- everything is just rasa, the highest taste.

Lilashuk now sums up the situation:

Every Youthful Krishna Grants Moksha

 hasta-nyasta-natapavargam akhilodaram kisorakriti

Ever youthful Lord Krishna in whose hands it is to grant moksha to those who seek refuge in him, is the storehouse of such generosity.

[1] Purna nirvana: state of eternal bliss, in reunion with the Ultimate Being
[2] Brahma anand: [2]( anand or pure bliss is an eternal aspect of Brahman which we experience when we unite with Him), purnakam (of fulfilled desires)
[3] Purnakama: yogis of fulfilled desires
[4] Brahamanda: One of the earliest ideas of an "egg-shaped cosmos" comes from some of the Sanskrit scriptures. The  term for is derived from two words- 'Brahm' (ब्रह्म) meaning 'cosmos' or 'expanding' and 'anda' (अण्ड) meanind 'egg'. Certain Puranas such as the Brahmanda Purana speak of this in detail.
[5] Samadhi: profound meditation
[6] Sampoorna prema: He is full of love
[7] Brajendra Nandan: the son of the King of Braj
[8] Nirvikar: blemishless

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