Sunday, May 25, 2008

June 2008 Calendar: Ganga-Dussehra, Nirjala Ekadasi

Festivals like clockwork work very much on time. Milestones in our life, they turn the year’s arid stretch into a recognisable landscape. An overwhelming response to the May, 2008 Calendar, prompts me to share the important June 2008 Calendar with you.

i) On 13th June, Friday is GANGA DUSSEHRA or the day Holy Ganges appeared on earth. If convenient , take a bath in a holy river on this auspicious day.

ii) 14th June, Saturday is NIRJALA EKADASI when most people keep a fast without water or just have fruits
if unable to do so. It's acclaimed as the most important Ekadasi of the year.

I want to quote a pearl from the Holy Scripture ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ X canto, chapterr28, verse 1. Nandbaba keeps the Ekadasi fast and is therefore rescued from Varunlok by Lord Krishna. The incidence reflects the importance of this religious observance coupled with the moral that we should not bathe in a river at night. The Lord preaches to us by citing His father's example!

Therefore let us not miss this once in a year opportunity of total abstinence from food with no intake of cereals. Only ailing or old individuals can take fruits and milk.

iii) During these days in the famous temples of Bihariji and Radhavallabhji the water-fountain is on nearly every day resulting in a mini-Jalvihar in the evening. Regarding other temples, the dates for the grand function of ‘Jal- Vihar’ are announced independently so that devotees may plan their journey accordingly. For instance the time schedule at Radharamanji's temple is available at . Jal- Vihar means Jal-keli or water-sport. This is a summer festival when the heat is scorching and is often celebrated by:

  • Lord Krishna with His Devotees in Ma Yamunaji or Nikunjs and Kunjs.
  • In Braj-Vrindavan ..
  • At Saint Ushaji's Thakurji residence in Sri Banke Bihari Colony, Vrindavan, it was revelled on 6th June, 2007. For the year 2008, the date shall be announced shortly.

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