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The Immortal Sayings of Shri Manohar Baba

Jayanti of Shri Manohar Baba
The jayanti or birthday celebrations of most revered Manohar Baba, a lovable saint of Vrindavan, is on 7th May, 2011.

Shri Maharaj ji, the Guru of Manohar Baba

Revered Baba Manohar Das ji had truly religious qualities like knowledge (understanding the identity of the self with the ultimate Brahman),asceticism and discernment.He renounced the world like vomit and sought the refuge of Shri Maharj ji, a truly virtuous guru.

Shri Balkishan Das ji Maharaj Blessing Manohar Baba

By Maharaj ji's grace, Baba crossed over the toughest of spiritual stages and was resolute in his perennial quest for union with the divine.

In his honour we are presenting the immortal sayings of Shri Manohar Das ji which are sure to help us in our spiritual evolution:

Lord Krishna is The Only True Guru

  • A spiritual aspirant is not a free individual and the person who is self-willed is not a devotee.
  • Every moment a spiritual aspirant has to tread cautiously up until he reaches the very last step of his quest. There is a possiblity of his falling from the final rung of the ladder, many a time. Therefore the devotee must walk ahead with total alertness. The mercy of the Supreme Being, the only true guru or spiritual preceptor, will be forever granted to the aspirant and he will be supported for sure. But it is imperative to have implicit faith in the Almighty as we entrust ourselves to Him with absolute dedication.
  • It is very tough to take birth as a human being. If we do not use this time span in thinking, reflecting and meditating upon the Supreme Being, we are sure to wander about aimlessly for many more lives to come. Soon after, we will have to endure being born as animals once again.Therefore tread ahead with caution and instantly start afresh from the moment you awaken spiritually.

Lord Krishna & Balram Serving Cows
  • A person may be virtuous or wicked but if he observes even one regime religiously-it may be serving cows, going for darshan to temples, bathing in the Narmada River, attending to the needs of his parents or rendering service to some helpless destitute, his purpose will be accomplished by adopting any fixed practice with resolve.Shri Thakur or the Supreme Deity will passionately draw such a person towards Himself because he is constantly following a virtuous deed, in particular.
  • This body is merely a pony on hire. One must keep it under strict discipline by giving it just basic food for its existence.
  • If the sadhaka or devotee harbours any ill feeling towards even one person it becomes a stumbling block in his path, and does not let him advance ahead spiritually.

Shri Venu Vinod Bihari, Thakurji of Manohar Baba
  • Thakurji or the Supreme Deity is full of loving tenderness. A heart absolutely similar to His temperament is needed for Him to reside in.
  • Every person should practice listening to the voice of his soul which comes just once before he undertakes any good or evil work and becomes silent after alerting him. It even applauds the person when he does a good deed, which is apparent on his being delighted outwardly.The soul rebukes the doer when he does a wicked act because of which his mind is full of repentance.
  • This place (Venu Vinod Kunj) of revered Shri Maharaj ji is a particular site where one examines one's own self and not anyone else. Here the rugged diamonds which are extracted from the mine are chiselled with love and made shapely so that they can do seva or attend to the needs of Thakurji.

Shri Manohar Baba with Balkishan Das ji Maharaj, his Spiritual Preceptor
  • The mind ought to be moved by the sorrow of mankind. This is the distinctive trait of a benevolent mindset.
  • It is a different matter in the case of siddhas (a semi-divine being of great perfection said to possess eight supernatural faculties or siddhis). Whereas a sadhak or spiritual aspirant must remain vigilant and careful up until he turns to ashes. Even a devotee who has reached the very last step of attaining God can fall from there.
  • A person who has taken the refuge of an accomplished ascetic (endowed with supernatural powers and sanctified as by penance), remains fearless like a child carried in the lap.The holy sage does not let the infant fall and makes him reach the spiritual goal by his innate grace.

Shri Krishna is Lord Vishnu Incarnate
  • The task which can not be accomplished even by the Supreme Being (esp as equated with Vishnu or Krishna) that work is easily done by His adherents (saints) who take the support of His power.
  • All that has been ordained by the Master of this Universe has surely been well organised.The life of a sadhaka or spiritual aspirant who thinks that he will do bhajan (worship and sing devotional songs) according to the circumstances, comes to a futile end with this uncertainty.
  • The clairvoyance or exceptional insight of saints can instantly see the inner essence of a sadhaka or devotee. No one can deceive them by outwardly conduct.
Hungering Devotees in Search of Krishna
  • There is no need to make a quest for Thakurji (a title of the supreme deity, used by members of the Vallabhan Community). It is essential to empty the mind and make it blank.Thakurji fervently searches for such a mindset Himself.
  • No one can claim to have understood saints on seeing their outer bearing.The measuring scale of this mundane world is of no use there.
  • The sadhaka or aspirant must closely observe himself while treading on the path of religious devotion, and ascertain whether he is feeling ecstatic or not? In case he is, then he is certainly on the right track. If he is not then he is being mislead for sure.
We Must do Satsang or Sing Songs of a Devotional Nature
  • One needs worthiness to stay near saints and be safe from offences, and it is not a trivial matter of amusement. Or else by attending satsangs (congregation singing devotional songs)from time to time one must act accordingly, which is extremely meritorious.
  • Merely being virtuous is not sufficient.That goodness must culminate in ardently longing for Thakurji and become the sole purpose of life.This feat is possible only by keeping the company of saints.
  • Resolutely counting one mala (vaishnava rosary) without any uncertainty whatsoever is equivalent to chanting one lakh malas.

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