Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pearl 13


A revealing account of Lord Krishna's Sudharma Sabha at Dwarka and Lord Krishna' s great respect for Naradji.

Pearl no. 13 from Srimad Bhagavatam in continuation of Chapter 71, verse 9 where Lord Krishna's beloved devotee Udhavji remembers four salvation acts of the Lord:

  • The gopis of Vrindavan are saved from the demon Shankhchoor.
  • Salvation of elephant king Gajendra when the Lord kills his enemy in Srimad Bhagwatam:
  • Saving Sitaji from the clutches of Ravana in the Lord’s Ram incarnation.
  • Protection of the residents of Mathura from the demon Kansa.

Udhavaji assures Lord Krishna that the killing of Jarasandha which is certainly a reaction of his past sins will bring immense benefit. It will make possible the Rajasuya Yagna which the lord so desires. Being convinced, Lord Krishna proceeds to Indraprastha where the Pandavas reside. Yudhishtara is delighted to hear that the Lord had arrived and came out to meet Him.

Before this in chapter 70, following pearls can also be spotted:

Chapter 70, verse 17: Whenever Lord Vishnu is incarnated as Lord Krishna, His glory also accompanies Him. Just like Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu, is devoid of all vices, so is Lord Krishna's divine Sudharma Sabha at Dwarka. “The Lord, attended by all the Vrsnis, would enter the Sudharmā assembly hall, which protects those who enter it from the six waves of material life, dear King.”

Verse 21: “Some brāhmaṇas sitting in that assembly hall would fluently chant Vedic mantras, while others recounted stories of past kings of pious renown.”

Verse 33 : Though sage Naradji is a great devotee of Lord Krishna but in his human incarnation, Lord Krishna greatly respects him and bows before him, “As soon as He saw that Nārada Muni had arrived, He joyfully stood up along with His ministers and secretaries to receive the great sage and offer His respectful obeisance by bowing His head.”

Verses 42-44
Naradji is all praises for His Lord Krishna, pointing out that His Glory purifies the entire Universe, “Your are the symbol of everything auspicious”. He affirms that the Lord’s name and fame can be likened to a, “canopy all over the universe including the higher, middle and lower planetary systems.” Just like the water of His lotus feet, called the Ganges is rejuvenating the earth, Naradji confirms, “The transcendental water that washes Your lotus feet is known in the higher planetary systems as the
Mandākinī River, in the lower planetary systems as the Bhagavatī and in this earthly planetary system as the Ganges. This sacred, transcendental water flows throughout the entire universe, purifying wherever it goes.”

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