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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita': Eighth Shloka

mada-shikhandi-shikhanda-vibhushanam ,
madana-manthara-mugdha-mukhambujam |
vraja-vadhu-nayanashjana-rashjitam ,
vijayatam mama vanmaya-jivitam  ||8||   

Simple Meaning:

Dark-hued Krishna, Languid with Love

I respectfully salute Krishna, the very life of my words! The One who is adorned with an intoxicated peacock feather and whose lotus face is languid with Madana(the god of love); the One who is decorated with collyrium from the brides of Braj.
The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Capriciousness of Krishna's Lotus Face Vanishes

What does madana-manthara lotus face mean? Being languid implies sluggishness and how could it be concerned with Krishna's lovely face? Probably, due to the intoxication and overpowering languor of love, the  fickleness which always frolics on Krishna's face, has vanished. Burdened with the ardour of love, the capriciousnesness constantly peeping from His glance has merged with some fixed gaze.

Interpersonal Romantic Exchange between Shri Radha-Krishna

The pulsating lips must have been engrossed in the silent demand of some mute interpersonal romantic exchange. They have just relished the rasa of a romatic dalliance but ardently long for more. The collyrium of the eyes of Braj beauties has left its sweet mark on those tender red lips and given a detailed account of how that romantic escapade was savoured. With a terrifying rush of love, this romantic exchange, its mark and sweet bodily postures have made the mischievous supreme lover Krishna languid, which is the natural after effect of passionate love play . Its is being reflected on His lotus face.

Union of The Descending God & Ascending Soul

mukhambujam: the lotus face is not merely languid but enchanted as well; the glowing sluggish state which arises after the consummation of love( where the descending god and the ascending soul become one) is being pointed at. And this laziness has also pervaded all the limbs because of the joyful fervor of youth. This languid state has ravaged our love struck hearts.

mukhambujam: the expressions and blandishments which flit across the lotus face and are generally reflected on the supreme lover's face when He comes in front of His beloveds in Braj, are not that forceful. At present there is a mark of languor on the fickle bhavas and expressions crossing the face, after enjoying the imagined pleasures which an impassioned man and enraptured woman may enjoy.(all men and women in the world are spiritually women and Lord Krishna alone is male. We can acquire such great love for Krishna by imagining ourselves as women and love Him as the gopis did. Because a woman's love for her Lord or husband is the only greatest possible love.)

Lord Krishna Relishes the Rasa of Shri Radha

madana-manthara-mugdha-mukhambujam: has another bhava. After sweetly relishing the nectarous rasa of Shri Radha's lotus face, handsome Lord Krishna has assumed an enchanting languid image laden with emotional softness which is usual after love play. Or we can say the intoxicating eyes of Madan Mohan have been caught in the muddy pond of rasa in some infinte ocean of ineffable beauty, and become sluggish. 
It is tough to come out, one just can not step out or in fact one does not want to.

The Gopis Long for Union with Krishna

vraja-vadhu-nayanashjana-rashjitam : Means the One whose eyes have been stained by the collyrium of Shri Radha and the gopis of Braj. As a matter of chance, the collyrium of the gopis' eyes is also Shyam or dark blue. Not only the collyrium their ornaments,clothing and shringar are all distinctly blue-hued. Above all,  impassioned by the colour of Shyam the gopis themselves long for union with their teasing, elusive and insistent paramour. 

Shri Lilashukji Wants Krishna to Shine in His Heart

vijayatam mama vanmaya-jivitam: While meditating upon the deliciouslly sweet image of Lord Krishna Shri Lilashuk ardently longs to see His madhurya in person, “I respectfully salute the very life of my voice. May Krishna visibly manifest in all those forms which my words describe, when He dallies with the gopis and in His many virtuous acts. May He brilliantly shine in my heart just like a person who has been invited. Because He is the true svarupa of my soul; indeed my very life. His romantic dalliances, winsome antics and songs of His glories are the actual energies of my sanjivini (life-giving herb.)

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