Monday, August 9, 2010

13 and 14th Verses of Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram

Verse 13

Kada nilampa nirjhari nikunjakotare vasan
Vimuktadurmatih sada shirastha manjali vahan |
Vilola lolaochano lalambhalla lagnakah:
Shiveti mantramuccharan kada sukhi bhavamyaham ||13||

Chanting the Mantra of Lord Shiva

On which day will I stripped of wrongful desires, reside in seclusion on the supremely holy banks of the river Ganga,with hollowed hands placed together and raised to the forehead in salutation. When I will be forever ecstatic by chanting this mantra of

Lord Shiva & Capricious-eyed Parvati

Lord Shiva who was attained by the capricious-eyed Parvati, the Supreme Goddess and a gem among women, by great good fortune.

Verse 14

Imam hi nitya meva mottamam stvam
Pathansmaranbru vannaro vishudhameti santatam
Hare gurau subhaktimashu, yatinanyatha gatim
Vimohanam hi dchinam Sushankarasya chintanam ||14||

Lord Shiva, the Supreme Guru

The person who religiously reads the Shiv Tandava Stotram recited above and worships Lord Shiva everyday, will become absolutely pure and attain dedicated devotion for Shiva, the highest form of a Guru or spiritual preceptor, and he will never have to face any misfortune. Meditating upon Lord Shankar in this manner releases us from illusion or works for the good and well-being of living beings in every possible way.

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