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Vinay Patrika: Hymn 94

Raag Dhanaashree

The Idols of Shri Ram & Sita at Kanak Bhavan in Ayodhya

kahe te hari mohin bisaaro |

jaanat nij mahimaa mere agh, tadapi na naath sanbhaaro ||1||

patit-puneet, deenhit, asaran-saran kahat shruti chaaro |

haaun nahin adham, sabheet, deen? kidhaaun bedan mrishaa pukaaro ?

khag-ganikaa-gaj-byaadh-paanti jahan tahan haaunhoon baaithhaaro |

ab kehi laaj kripaanidhaan ! parsat panvaaro phaaro ||3||

jo kalikaal prabal ati hoto, tuv nidesaten nyaaro |

taau hari rosh bharos dosh gun tehi bhajate taji gaaro ||4||

masak biranchi, biranchi masak sam, karahu prabhau tumhaaro |

yah saamrath acchat mohin tyaaghu, naath tahaan kacchu chaaro ||5||

naahin narak parat mokahan dar, jadyapi haaun ati haaro |

yah baddhi traas daastulsee prabhu, naamhu paap na jaaro ||6||

Shri Ram with Lakshman & Sita ji, Raghunath Temple in Jammu

O *Hare ! Why have you forgotten me? O *Nath! You are well aware of both your glory and my sins, even then why don't you support me ?||1||

The Vedas

You are the one who purifies the sinful, are a benefactor of the downtrodden and grant refuge to those who are without shelter, all the four Vedas endorse this fact. Then am I not servile, frightened or needy? Or else ,is this proclamation of the Vedas, false? ||21||

Jatayu Attains Salvation by Shri Ram & Lakshman

You (initially) seated me in the row of a bird *(Jatayu, a vulture), a ganika or prostitute (Jivanti) an *elephant and piercer *(Valmiki), that is accepted me as a *sinner. O treasury of compassion, now ! Ashamed at whom, are you tearing the leaf-full (of religious devotion) which has been served to me||3||

Kaliyuga, the Age of Spiritual Darkness

If Kaliyuga ( the age of spiritual darkness) was more powerful than you and did not agree to your command, then O Hare! Abandoning our implicit faith in you and singing your glories, plus discarding the trouble of being furious at Kaliyuga and accusing him, we would worship him, instead||4||

Brahma, the Creator

(But) you can transform an ordinary mosquito into *Brahma and make Brahma equivalent to a mosquito, such is your majestic energy. Even on having such immense capacity, you are renouncing me. In that case, O Nath! What is in my control?||5||

Goswami Tulsidas Seeking Shri Ram's Blessings

Although I have lost in every possible way and I am not even scared of falling into hell. But for Tulsidas that is me, this is the greatest grief, that even the name of God did not reduce my sins to ashes||6||

Hare: refers to Harati, or He who unties the knot of material desires in the hearts of living entities.

Naath: Lord or protector

Jatayu: In the Ramayan Jatayu is the son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda. A demi-god who has the form of a vulture, he was an old friend of Dasharath. Jatayu fought valiantly with Ravana when he was abducting Sita As Ram and Lakshman chance upon the dying Jatayu in their search for Sita, he informs them of his fight with Ravan and the direction in which he has gone (south).

Jivanti: Ajamil was a brahmin who led a righteous life in Kanya Kubja. But one day while collecting flowers to worship the Lord he saw a drunken shudra and Jivanti, a ganika or prostitute engaged in a sexual embrace. He took the ganika home as a maid servant and begot several children from her, after abandoning his family.

Elephant: Gajendra Moksha

Valmiki:The Uttara Khanda of the Ramayan tells the story of Valmiki's early life. He was a highway robber named Valya Koli, born as a Dalit who used to rob people after killing them.

Sinner: all these sinners attained salvation by the grace of Shri Ram

Brahma: the Supreme Being regarded as personal and especially in his capacity as creator of the world.

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