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Vinay Patrika: Shri Ram Naam Japa [69]

Raag Bhairav

Do Smarana of Shri Ram

sumiru sanehson too naam ramraayako |

sambal nisambalko, sakhaa asahaayako ||1||

bhaag haai abhaagehooko, gun gunheenko |

gaahak gareebko, dayaalu daani deenko ||2||

kul akuleenko, sunyo haai baid saakhi haai |

pangureko haath-paanya, aandhareko aankhi haai ||3||

maaya-baap bhookheko, adhaar niraadhaarko |

setu bhav-saagarko, hetu sukhsaarko ||4||

patitpaavan ram-naam so na doosro |

sumiri subhoomi bhayo tulsee so oosro ||5||

Lord Ram, the Great King of Kings

O living being! You lovingly do *smarana of the name of Lord Ram, the great king of kings. Chanting his name is the resource (kaleva or a light midday meal) for those travellers who are bereft of any provisions. It is the patron of a person who has no rescuer||1||

Shri Ram with *Shabari

This name of Ram is the good fortune of one who is unfortunate, and the virtue of another who is lacking in good qualities,(those who are unfortunate and not virtuous also become supremely fortunate, and are endowed with all the gunas when they repeatedly do japa of Ram Naam). It is the appraiser which honours the poor, and is a compassionate benefactor of the needy||2||

The Vedas Confirm that the Name of Shri Ram is a Support for the Crippled & the Blind

The name of Ram is the family prestige of those hailing from a disgraceful tribe (even *chandals who do japa of the name of Ram are considered most superior), and this chant becomes the limbs of the crippled and serves as eyes for the blind (those who repeatedly recite the name of Ram, easily cross over the path of this mundane world). The *Vedas endorse this doctrine||3||

Ram Naam Helps us Cross Over the Ocean of this Material World

That Ram Naam turns into parents for the hungry, and a supporter of those who are helpless. It is a bridge to cross over the ocean of this material world and the prime reason for attaining the Supreme Being (esp as equated with Vishnu) ||4||

Reciting the Name of Ram Purifies the Sinful

Who else is as patit-paavan (one who purifies the sinful) as the name of Ram, by doing smarana of which even a barren (person) like Tulsi has transformed into a beautiful fertile patch of land (abounding with the paddy of loving bhakti or religious devotion)||5||

smarana: a concentrated internal practice of imaginative recollecting or meditating upon the Supreme Being

chandals: the lowest of the original mixed Aryan communities

Shabari: was a hunter's daughter belonging to the Bhil tribal community. Just before marriage she renounced the world and met sage Matanga who blessed her, confirming that Lord Ram would give her darshan. On Rama's arrival she tasted the berries before feeding him. When Lakshmana was concerned Lord Ram answered, "Whomsoever offers a fruit, leaf, flower or some water with love, I partake it with great joy."

Vedas: any of the four early Indian scriptures

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