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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita' : Twelfth Shloka

nikhila-bhuvana-lakshmi-nitya-lilaspadabhyam ,
kamala-vipina-vithi-garva-sarvam kashabhyam  |
pranamad-abhaya-dana-praudhi-gadhadritabhyam ,
kim api vahatu cetah krishna-padambujabhyam  ||12||

Simple Meaning:

Lakshmi Resides in Lord Krishna's Lotus Feet

Those lotus feet of Lord Krishna are the refuge (splendour) of the *Lakshmi of fourteen *bhuvans or cosmological regions. They defeat lotus clusters who take pride in their beauty; are honoured (must be worshipped) because of being  distinctly capable of giving shelter to humble devotees. May the lotus feet of such a Krishna make the inexpressible joy of madhurya or sweetness constantly gush forth in my mind- or in other words may my mind continue to forever relish the unutterable ecstasy of religious rapture.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 May Krishna's Lotus Feet Reside in My Heart

In the shloka being presented, Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj is describing the majestic grandeur of Lord Krishna's holy feet and wishes that these lotus feet forever dally in his heart-may the rush of madhurya rasa (sentiment of sweet love) always drench his heart-making it sentimental. The pair of Lord Krishna's lotus feet are the refuge of Lakshmi who resides in fourteen cosmological regions, and are the site of her splendour. They are the abode of the aishwarya or divine majesty and saundarya or ineffable beauty of this world. All of the (Sri) beauty and all of the virtue of the world comingle in their character and form. 

Devotees Seek Refuge in Lord Krishna's Lotus Feet

Goddess Laksmi is also forever steeped in these holy  feet and they are the site of her playful dalliance. These feet totally uproot the arrogance of the lotus forests' coolness, their tenderness, their heart-stealing charm, beauty and fragrance. These lotus feet are worthy of great respect because of assuring protection to hordes of bhaktas who seek refuge in them.They are famed famed for making those who bow their heads before them, their very own.

Vibhishan Takes Shelter of  Lord Rama's Lotus Feet

The same feet on seeing Shri Vibhishan come to seek their shelter, smiled and said:

jo sabheet aavaa sharnnai | raakhaun taahi praan ki naain  |

May my heart carry the lotus feet of such a youthful blue-hued Kishore. May these lovingly tender lotus feet forever be contained in my heart.

 Mirabai Sings the Glories of Krishna's Feet

Bhaktimati Mirabai, the bhakti poet, sang the glories of Krishna's lotus feet in her song compositions:

man! re paras hari ke charan |
subhag sheetal kamal-komal, trividh jvala harann  ||

How lovingly tender, comforting, the granter of boons and auspicious are these lotus feet. The innate virtue of a lotus is to distribute coolness therefore these lotus feet instantly relieve the threefold suffering. These blue-hued lotus feet  douse the searing pain of  daihik (physical) daivik (spiritual) and bhautik (materialistic) and all other kinds of sorrows.

Gopis Welcome Krishna when He Returns after Grazing Cows

The gopis of Braja have given such a moving account of the loving tenderness of these lotus feet. The milkmaids themselves have fondly flirted with them in various ways. They have caressed them with their braided hair; given rest to the feet's fatigue when they returned from  grazing the cows, by lovingly positing them on their heart.

Gopis Beg Krishna to Come Back in the 'Gopi Geet'

The milkmaids complained to Krishna in the Gopi Geet, “ Alas! How hard-hearted are you. If you do not have mercy on us it does not matter but oh, you do not pity  the delicacy and softness of these tender pair of  feet! This pain is tormenting us. Beloved, we can not bear this torture! You come back now. Do not roam in the absolute silence of this earth scattered with thorns. Your tender butter like feet may not be hurt or struck by our hard body-the gopis are apprehensive and overpowered by these bhavas. But, “O hard-hearted One! You are wandering with those same reddish soft feet on the earth mushrooming with thorns-now just let it be, and come back.”

 May the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna Forever Swing in Our Hearts

Let us also combine our voice with the voice of Shri Bilavmangal ji and cry out genuinely in unison that these pair of tender lotus feet keep swinging  in our heart.

*Lakshmi: wife of Vishnu and goddess of good fortune and wealth

bhuvans: cosmological regions

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