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Vinay Patrika: Shri Nar-Narayan Stuti [60]

Raag Ramkali

Shri *Nara-Narayana at Badrikashram


naumi naaraayan naran karunnaayaanam, dhyaan-paaraayannam, gyaan-moolam|

akhil sansaar-upkaar-kaarann,sadayhriday, tapnirat, pranntaanukoolam ||1||

shyaam nav taamras-daamdhyuti vapush, chhhavi koti madnaark agnnit prakaasham |

tarunn ramnneeya raajeev-lochan lalit, vadan raakesh, kar-nikar-haasam ||2||

sakal saaundarya-nidhi, vipul gunndhaam, vidhi-ved-budh-shambhu-sevit, amaanam |

arunn padkanj-makrand mandaakinee madhup-munivrind kurvanti paanam ||3||

shakra-prerit ghor madan mad-bhangkrit, krodhgat, bodhrat, brahmachaaree ||4||

punya van shaailsari badrikaashram sadaaseen padmaasanam, ek roopam |

siddh-yogeendra-vrindaarkaanandprad, bhadradaayak daras ati anoopam ||5||

maan manbhang, chitbhang mad, krodh lobhaadi parvatdurg, bhuvan-bhartaa |

dvesh-matsar-raag prabal pratyooh prati, bhoori nirday, kroor karm kartaa ||6||

vikattar vakra kshurdhaar pramdaa, teevra darp kandarp khar khadagdhaaraa |

dheer-gambheer-man-peer-kaarak, tatra ke varaakaa vayam vigatsaaraa ||7||

param durghat patham khal-asangat saath, naath ! nahin haath var virti-yashtee ||8||

daastulsee deen dharm-sambalheen, shramit ati, khed, mati moh naashee |

dehi avlamb na vilamb ambhoj-kar, chakradhar-tejbal sharmraashee ||9||

Shri Nara-Naryana and Rishi Durvasa

I make obeisance to that Shri *Nara-Narayana who are the repository of compassion and the source of knowledge. The one who work for the beneficence of the entire world,are kind-hearted, absorbed in penance and are merciful to bhaktas who have taken their refuge||1||

Shri Nara-Narayana are an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

The lustre of whose body is equivalent to a garland of freshly budding blue lotuses. Whose beauty is similar to crores of Kamdevs and radiance is like countless suns.The one whose enchanting eyes are like newly blooming lovely lotuses, whose beautiful face is like the moon and gentle smile is like the moonbeams||2||

The Mandakini Flows from Vishnu's Lotus Feet

The one who is a reservoir of all the beauty in this world, the site of several divine virtues and who is not proud even on being served by Brahma, the Vedas, learned scholars and Lord Shiva.The black bees of sages forever relish the pollen of Mandakini (sacred Ganges) which originates from His bright red lotus feet ||3||

Kamadeva, the god of Love

The one who crushes the fearsome passion of *Kamadeva sent by Indra,is devoid of anger, is an embodiment of good sense and practices brahmacharya.

Markandya Muni Glimpses Baby Krishna

The one who effortlessly performed the lila of *pralaya kaal for Markandya Muni, at the end of a kalpa||4||

Temple of Badrikashram or Badrinath

The one who in a single fixed lotus posture, is constantly resplendent in Badrikashram (Badrinath) abounding with pristine forests, mountains and rivers.The one whose supreme darshan grants delight and is conducive to the well-being of siddhas, sages of the highest order and gods||5||

Towering Mountains on Way to Badrinath

O *Vishvambar ! En route to your Badrikashram is a Mount named 'Manbhang'(seeing which people are intimidated) and here in my heart is the manbhang of arrogance;(which breaks the fervour of long standing devotion or sadhana); there we have the Chitbhan Mountain whereas here intoxication does the task of distracting the mind; just as we have tough towering mountains there we have the harsh mounts of lust and greed here. (Exactly like we have grave impediments like carnivorous animals there) we have great obstacles like love and hatred, and envy here, with each one of them being absolutely merciless in doing devious karmas or actions ||6||

Goswami Tulsidas

Here the sharp sidelong glance of an attractive woman is the fearsome sharp blade of a dagger, and the poison of lust is the sharp edge of a sword, which inflicts pain on several persevering and sincere men. In that case, what bleak chance do weak-minded people like me have? ||7||

Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the World

O Nath ! Primarily this path of your darshan is very tough,and moreover I have fallen into the company of wicked and base people. And I even do not have the stick of renunciation in my hand, for support.This devotee is anxious to have catch a glimpse of You and is grieved because of being trapped in a noose. O Nath! Alleviating the difficulty of your daas protect him, give him shelter ||8||

Lotus Hands of Lord Vishnu

Me, poor Tulsidas, does not even have the (kaleva or light morning meal) of religion which shows the spiritual path, fatigued I am very grieved and delusion has ruined my wisdom, as well.Therefore O Chakradhaaree !(discus-holder) You are the repository of brilliance, power and joy. Without any further delay give me the support of your lotus-hands ||9||

Nara-Narayana: is a Hindu deity pair and the twin-brother incarnation of the preserver-god Vishnu on earth. They work for the preservation of dharma or righteousness. In this concept Nara is the human soul and eternal companion of the divine Narayana. Hindus believe that the pair resides at Badrinath which has their most important temple. Krishna and Arjuna are often referred to as Nara-Narayana in the Mahabharata are considered part incarnation of Naryana and Nara as per the Bhagavata Purana.

Narayana took birth as the saint Swaminarayan due to a curse by Durvasa. After Krishna passed away, Uddhava proceeded to Badarikashram the aboe of Nara-Narayana. He joined the divine saints absorbed in listening to Narayan's discourse when Durvasa arrived from Mount Kailash but no one noticed him.Soon after he cursed the assembly to be born as humans. On being pacified he said that Narayana (represented here as the Supreme Being) would be born as Dharma and Bhakti's son and relieve them from the clutches of evil. Saying so, Durvasa went back to Mount Kailash.

*Kamadeva: Kamadeva is the Hindu deity of human love and at the service of Indra.The Bhagavata Purana tells the story of the birth of Urvashi from the sages Nara-Narayana. Once, sages Nara-Narayana were meditating in the holy shrine of Badrinath situated in the Himalayas. Their penances and austerities alarmed the gods, so Indra, the King of Devas, sent Kamadeva to inspire them with passion and disturb their devotions

Sage Markandeya: Muni Mrikantu, as a boon for his rigorous penance, got a son and named him Markandeya. But Markandeya had only 12 years of life. So he did Shiva Pooja and at the end of twelve years when he was hounded by Yama he went to the Shiva Lingam and surrendered. Shiva saved the boy from the god of death and gave the boon that Markandeya would always be 12 years old.

Markandeya then became an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna who appeared before him as Nara Narayana. When Krishna asked him what he wanted, Markandeya wished to see the Maya Shakthi (his power of illusion) of the Lord. Then came the thundering heavy rains and the whole world was under pralay whereas Markandeya swam alone in this Pralaya Jalam for several years.

Then one day he saw infant Krishna on a banyan leaf sucking His toe and the Muni wanted to touch the Lord. But when he came close, the Muni went into baby Krishna's stomach and saw the whole Universe functioning there. Before he knew it, he was out of Krishna's body and instantly the scene of Balakrishna floating on the leaf disappeared. Markandeya found himself where he was before the illusion of Pralaya. And he knew that Krishna had granted his wish of sighting the Lord's Maya Shakti.

Vishambhar: all-supporting supreme being of the entire world

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