Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 11th shloka

Anantkotivishnuloknamra padmjaarchite,



Kadaa karishyaseeh maan kripakatakshabhaajnam.

The composer of the stotra entreats,' The one eternally worshipped by Goddess Laxmi residing in Vaikunth, Oh Svamini! bestowing boons to Bhagwati Parvati, Indrani (wife of the god Indra) and goddess Saraswati; the granter of infinite sidhi to devotees reflecting on her toe nail! Oh Shri Radhike,the compassionate one! When will you chose me, wretched and distraught at present, as the worthy recipient of your favourable side long glance.'

Shri Laxmi the beloved of Lord Vishnu is also eagerly desirous for Shri Radhika's grace. She does penance at Bilav Van which has her temple...so say the folk of Vrindavan. Goddess Laxmi is a feminine manifestation of Shri Radha who is the source of all shaktis or divine feminine energies.

Shri Radhika,the Godhead in female form, resides in Braja to adorn herself with the dust of the gopis' lotus feet. Though Shri Laxmiji is also present but it is not easy for her to relish Krishna's love play. She is the consort of Lord Narayana, burdened with the task of preserving the world.Krishna's spirited romantic dalliance can only be savoured by Shri Radhika, and the gopis her kayavyuhas or replications in Vrindavan.

Kamla Devi (goddess Laxmi) whose abode is Viakunth, prays to Shri Radha for this amorous frolic. Bhagwati Parwati's adores Shri Radha too...Indrani requests her grace and goddess Saraswati eternally offers her entire gamut of learning and singing at Radha's lotus feet. Our sakhi svamini Shri Radha grants boons to all these great goddesses. With her grace, they incarnate as gopis to savour Krishna's love-sports.

Fully meditating on Shri Radha is not possible...Even the supreme lover, darling son of Nanda enchanted by her, loses his sanity...Captivated he exalts,'Dhehi mein padpallavmudaram' so where do the others stand a chance? Very few fortunate devotees can do chintan or meditate on her lotus feet...By dhyana or reflecting on her toe nail, the infinite realm of sidhi falls at their feet, escalating day by day.

What is sidhi? Offering ourselves totally to Krishna, the supreme lover...becoming his solely his. Or rather enchanting our entire being, Krishna invades us with his secret or sudden rush of love; making us instrumental in his playful dalliance, he lets us lovingly attending to his needs...Krishna bursts forth into our hearts, filling our lives with inspiration and delight.

Melting and softening our mind-souls, steeped in the flame of his love is sidhi. Chintan or meditating on Shri Radhika's toe nail bestows this supreme blessing. That is why all rasikas ( a person moved by passionate religious devotion esp for Krishna) ardently long for Shri Radhika's grace.

The writer of Shri Radha Kripakatasha Stotra has clearly affirmed several times...'He Svamini! May I attain the good fortune of serving your needs, enchanted by which the handsome Krishna, the supreme lover hugs me to his heart.'

Eagerly desirous, the composer expectantly waits for the compassionate svamini's graceful side long glance,' Oh Svamini! When will you accept us as the worthy recipients of your graceful side-long glace...and delight our bodies-minds-souls, making us reach the heights of elation and ecstasy by showering your favour? How much longer shall we wait? Oh Goddess, now please be moved! '

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