Monday, August 16, 2010

7th and 8th Verses of Shri Rudrashtakam

Verse 7

Na yaavad umaanaatha-paadaaravindam |
Bhajantiha loke parevaa naraanam ||
Na taavat-sukham shaanti-santaapa-naasham |
Praslda prabho sarva bhutaa-dhivaasam ||
7 ||

Unless humans worship the lotus feet of Parvati's husband neither do they get happiness and peace in this mundane world and the next, and nor is their suffering alleviated. Therefore oh Lord, who dwells within the hearts of all living sentient beings, kindly be pleased.

Verse 8

Na janaami yogam japam naiva pujam |
Nato ham sadaa sarvadaa sambhu tubhyam ||
Jaraa janma-duhkhaugha taatapya maanam |
Prabho paahi apan-namaamisha shambho ||
8 ||

I have no inkling of yoga (abstract meditation undertaken to bring the soul into union with the Supreme Spirit), incantations or religious observances. Oh Shambhu I respectfully salute you in particular at all times. Oh Lord, protect me from the many miseries of birth, old age and death which I am afflicted with. I make salutations to you oh God! Oh Shambhu!


Rudrastakam idam proktam viprena haratosaye |
Ye pathanti nara bhaktya tesam sambhuh prasidati ||

This octet which is a eulogy for Lord Rudra was recited by the Brahman to placate him. Lord Shambhu is pleased with the person who religiously chants this hymn of praise.

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