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Chapter 50: Boboji Gains Entry Into The Eternal Nikunja (Passes Away) - 5

Sensitive Perception by Shri Lalit Bahenji in Delhi

On 14th or 15th February, 1992 Lalit Bahen had to go to Delhi unexpectedly. Having to arrange for strips to check diabetes she rang up Chetan Bhai in London and he had them parcelled.

Before dawn,she saw in her dream on 20th February, the lovely face of Bobo quivering in a blue mass of cosmic energy.There seemed some shadow alongside.Ever since Bahenji was absorbed in a transcendental delight and had never experienced such unprecedented joy earlier. Off and on tears of delight would stream down her cheeks and she was touched.

Shri Radha-Krishna and The Sakhis

Therein she saw the handsome Krishna, Kishori Shri Radha and the sakhis, her replications, engrossed in preparing for some grand festival with enthused fervour.All of them were beautifully decked, and delightedly attending to the work around.A little later she heard a voice which asserted that all these elaborate arrangements were being made to welcome their inseparable sakhi.

Getting to know of Bobo's ill health it did not take her much time to figure out the underlying message of this scene. Her perception became an additional link in the chain indicative of revered Bobo's entry into the eternal nikunja.

Revered Bobo certainly felt uneasy while breathing on the night of 19th February. Today it was 20th February and a certain numbness paralysed nature; the enthusiasm of birds was confined to their nests and a particular dampness affected dawn.The cycle of destiny was in motion. Precisely at ten o' clock Shri Balkrishan Dasji Maharaj arrived with Ghanshyamji accompanying him.Manohar Dasji,Rama Deviji,Bahen Kusum, Manorma and others who formed the parikar (circle) of Maharaj ji were already present. Revered Bobo respectfully greeted him and after sitting for some time he left. After a while the others did the same.

Taking very little milk at 12 o' clock, Bobo lay down.Vijay kept sitting by her side.At one o' clock she insisted that her cot be shifted to the left of Shri Thakurji, where she would be brought everyday at 3 o' clock. They clarified several times that it was not time yet but she was adamant because

Bobo' Yugal or Radha-Krishna

the Yugal or Radha-Krishna, she attended to, were closer from that angle. The bed was arranged as per her wishes.Around two o' clock Sushila Bahenji left with Kaaki for a dip in the Yamuna.And as was the practice, Bobo drank the Yamuna Water brought by them.

Bobo was appearing absolutely alert today. In the middle of the day at 2 o' clock revered she drank the minimal possible milk or liquid and lay down. Her gaze was constantly fixed on Priya-Priyatam. In between she would reply in monosyllables when questioned but her mind was focused on the divine. Relishing the beauteous forms of Radha-Krishna and reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy, she would wipe her tears of joy off and on.

It was four o' clock as of now. Manohar Dasji (revered Bhaiya) came and wanted to check her pulse. Again he strived to feel it very carefully but what was this? Either he was having a misapprehension or his mental faculties were deceiving him. He gave her medicine but there was no improvement seen in the pulse rate. Vijay sitting next to her checked the sugar level and it was very low. She was given glucose and sugar to drink while Brajesh Bhai went and got a doctor from Mathura.

An effort to check the blood pressure was made. It was so strange that the pressure shown by the instrument was zero but revered Bobo was absolutely alert and told us to serve tea to the doctor.Meanwhile she asked Mahantji to move from the side of her feet and sit elsewhere, advocating that he be given tea or milk.She was fully conscious.

Revered Bobo

Her persona was soaked in the gushing love of Shyama-Shyam, which was spilling over from her eyes, her face, her bearing and steeping everyone present.

Dr.Raj Kumar Saxena, Arunima and several other well-wishers who gave full support during her illness and served her by making themselves available at times, were present and eager to know the doctor's opinion.

The doctor had left and Bobo had sent the others to their respective homes for attending to their Shri Thakurji's needs. She was very particular about Thakurji's seva even at such a crucial moment and could not tolerate any kind of negligence. Time ticked away and the sound of 'Shri Radha', and 'Shri Krishna' would charm the calm scene intermittently.

Revered Bobo asked the time and Vijay sitting next to her, confirmed that it was six o' clock.She looked at the handsome Krishna. Her heart was flooded with love and peace along with movement of the pupils in closed eyes. Full of joyous abandon, her mind was tranquil and chanting God's name her tongue was delighted. It all pointed to the natural reactions and instinctive attachment of her life absolutely surrendered to the refuge of Shyama-Shyam, which

Krishna, the Supreme Lover

was getting a constantly charming assurance from the supreme lover.

After a while she asked the time again. Replying, “Six-thirty” Vijay was quiet. Soon after, she raised her hand and pointed towards Shri Thakurji.Undoubtedly she was greeting the invitation received from Shyama-Shyam for gaining entry into the eternal nikunja. Assuming that the bhoga was ready, Vijay took her to the adjacent room with Sushila Bahenji trailing behind them.There revered Bobo wrapped her arms around Sushila Bahen and Vijay, and hugged them.Steeping them in the terrifying rush of her love, she signalled that they should forever live in harmony.

Picking her up in his arms, Vijay got her in front of Shri Thakurji. Her body was in Vijay's hands while Omi and Mudit were caressing her feet.Revered Shri Manohar Dasji, Shri Ghanshyamji, Shri Sushila Bahenji, Dr.Saxena, Bahen Uma,Vimla Kapoor, Santosh Narang, Nirmala Sharma, Deepa and so on were present.Some other bahens were standing outside.

In everyone's presence the pupils of her eyes naturally turned towards Shri Thakurji, as if she wanted to look at him to her heart's content and was conversing with him.The sinhasan or Thakurji's seat was pushed towards her.Once again the eyes' pupils turned around fully from left to right towards Thakurji, and the rare treasure of temporal Braj went into the proximity of Krishna,the treasure trove of eternal Braj.

In her last lines she had described the same perception.Attaining their objective Priya-Priyatam came smiling and took her to their abode today.

Priya larhile Shyam ghan

Laal larhaitee baal |

Hansat hansat aavat chale,

Mand manohar chaal ||

Govind Ghat in Vrindavan

By their loving grace Radha-Krishna had given her the boon of their joyous closeness at Govind Ghat.This nikunja site near Raas Mandal had also intensely witnessed the union of Shri Dhruvdasji, Shri Sevakji and Shri Narvahanji with Priya-Priyatam. Bobo became immortal by making a mark of her remembrance by dissolving into the Absolute here.

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