Wednesday, June 30, 2010

43rd & 44th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 43rd Verse

Sitapati saaheb sahaay Hanuman nit,

Hit updesko mahes maano gurukaai,

Maanas bachan kaay saran tihaare paany

Tumhare bharose sur maain na jaane surkaai ||

Byaadhi bhootjanit upaadhi kaahoo khalkee,

Samaadhi keeje Tulseeko jaani jan phurkaai |

Kapinaath Raghunaath bholaanaath Bhootnaath,

Rogsindhu kyon na daariyat gaay khurkaai ||

Oh Hanumanji! Svami Sitanathji (husband of Sita) is your perpetual rescuer and Mahesh (Shiva) is your guru or spiritual guide as far as profitable advice is concerned. I have the refuge of your feet, physically,mentally and vocally. Having implicit faith in you I did not consider the gods as deities.

Bearing in mind that Tulsi is your true devotee, get rid of the pain arising due to illness, maybe an evil spirit, or the conspiracy of some wicked person and calm this ache. Oh Kapinath (lord of the monkeys), Raghunath (a title of Rama), Bholanath and Bhootnath (titles of Shiva)! Who don't you transform the deep ocean of ill health into a cow's hoof?

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 44th Verse

Kahon Hanumanson sujaan Raamraayson,

Kripanidhaan sankarson saavdhaan suniye |

Harash vishaad raag rosh gun doshmaee,

Birchee biranchi sab dekhiyat duniye |

Maya jeev kaalke karamke subhaayke,

Karaaiya Raam baid kahaain saanchee man guniye |

Tumhaten kahaa na hoy haahaa so bujhaaiye mohi,

Haaun hoon rahon maaun hee bayo so jaani luniye ||

Listen attentively to what I have to say to Hanumanji,the discerning king Rama, and Shankarji who is the trove of mercy. It has been seen that the creator has made the entire world, delightful, dejected, loving and raging, virtuous and sinful. The Vedas affirm that Ramchandraji is the preserver of the illusory world, mankind, kaal (eventual fate), karmas (actions) and temperament. Mentally I have acknowledged this fact to be the truth.

I beg that you make me understand what is it that can not be done by you. Thereafter I will keep quiet on knowing that I reap what has been sown by me.

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