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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World (The Biography of Revered Shri Baba)-I

Lord Vishnu

The svarupa or form of bhakti or religious devotion is truly worth savouring and of paramount importance. Even the Supreme Being (esp as equated with Vishnu-Krishna) coming under the control of religious devotion,becomes dependent on his bhakta. His very name is Bhaktibhavan (founder or creator of religious devotion) and Bhaktivashya or in the power of bhakti.

Sri Hari

Religious devotion makes the Supreme Being and devotee fuse with each other and become one.God ultimately dwells in the bhakta's heart and the devotee in turn resides in the heart of the divine.It is the bhakta who bestows godliness, sweetness,compassion, loving tenderness and other virtues on the svarupa or bearing of the Supreme Being.Whereas God grants religious devotion, love and divine traits to the bhakta and enhances his glory. While describing the majesty of the Ultimate Being it has been mentioned in the Skanda Purana:-

The Skanda Purana

Sakal bhuvan madhye nirdhanaastepi dhanyaa

Yasya hridi nivshati harerbhaktirekaa |

Harirapi nijloka sarvthaato vihaay

Pravishati hridi teshaan bhaktisutropanddh |

Lord Krishna

Even on being a destitute only that living being is blessed in all the lokas (cosmological regions)in whose heart the bhakti of Sri Hari (Vishnu or Krishna) resides solely. Lord Vishnu invariably abandons Vaikunth , His own loka cum supreme abode, and bound in the bond of bhakti, gains entry into the heart of the fortunate bhakta, dwelling there forever.

Endowed with these virtues of religious devotion, the bhakta takes birth anywhere and is least affected by maya or illusion, delusion (esp as to the supposed reality of the world) and infatuation of this mundane world. Even on staying in the marshy land of a family he does not love the lotus like mire and its water. Surprisingly he loves the sun his lover, on the contrary.

Shri Krishna and Devotee

In the same manner even after staying in the ocean of this temporal world, the bhakta becomes disconnected, is not apprehensive and is fearless of this world, as he resolutely begins loving Sri Hari, his very life and soul.Thereafter on finding time and being summoned by his supremely favoured deity, the devotee renounces the worthlessness of this world and ardently longing to meet Him, meets up with the loved ones of his deity.

The Black Cuckoo

The black cuckoo safely stashes its egg in the nest of the crow while laying its egg. The crow assuming the egg to be its own, lovingly brings it up with fond affection. On growing up, the young one of the black cuckoo mingles with its family and reaches his parents. Precisely in the same fashion the bhakta renounces this mundane world and unites with his family consisting of his personal guru or spiritual preceptor and devotees of Sri Hari. In their company, he becomes firm and eagerly desirous for bhakti or religious devotion and works in that direction to attain his favoured deity.

Baba Manohar Das Ji

Revered Baba Manohar Das ji, the protagonist of our biography was endowed with such religious qualities like knowledge (understanding the identity of the self with the ultimate Brahman),asceticism and discernment.He renounced the world like vomit and sought the refuge of Shri Maharj ji, a truly virtuous guru.

Shri Balkrishna Das ji Maharaj

By Maharaj ji's grace, he crossed over the toughest of spiritual stages and became resolute in his supreme and perennial quest for union with the divine.(Page 351 of 'Smriti Kaumudi', the memoirs of Revered Baba Shri Manohar Das ji and his self composed padas)

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